is wtfskins com legit?
CS:GO Betting Review – Claim Our Code For a Free Bonus!

csgo crash dice skins betting siteThe design of follows all other CS:GO gambling sites. And that is usually a black or a dark background with colorful text and boxes up in front to provide color contrast. The layout of this platform, however, looks like it was made in a rush. The other thing that I hate about the design is that the Live Tracker they have for Crash heavily takes a toll on your PC or mobile phone’s resources since it refreshes almost every 5 seconds with a lot of users logging in. There is also no way of turning that tracker off.

is wtfskins com legit?This place is 100% legit. This business is either affiliated or owned by CSGOLive(check our review), which makes it a good thing since CSGO Live is one of the most reputable and long standing case opening businesses out there. Because of that affiliation, the user count who are playing here is very high. That speaks a lot about a business since no one would gamble in a place where people think it is a scam.

I did more digging using Google and I have found a lot more forum topics in Steam and Reddit testifying that this place does pay out. I also do have personal experience regarding this when I tried to withdraw a skin, it took them less than 10 minutes to send the trade offer.

csgo skins betting games siteThey only have three games here, and the first one is Crash. Crash is where you have to make a guess on when to cash out, something like a real stock market ticker. There are not a lot of unique features here, however, and regarding the Live Tracker, I hate how they implement it in this site.

Another game is called Upgrade. This emulates the gambling mode inside CS:GO where you try to trade up to a skin that is of a much higher value. The only difference with WTFSkins and CS:GO is that you can use one type of item here instead of 10 when you are doing a trade up contract in CS:GO. The last game is a classic Roulette.

One good feature that you have is the withdrawal tracker. Once you have selected the item you will be withdrawing from your WTFSkins account, you will be able to see when they bought the item from OPSkins (ninja honest review), the process of sending the trade offer to your account and the completion of it. This feature should be included in all gambling sites in my opinion as this is a very good thing to have.

wtfskins com oddsThe odds heavily favor the house on this site. Especially in Crash. If you are not quick enough to cash out, you will instantly lose all your bets. Most of the times, the odds multiplier does not even reach 1x before crashing out so it means you have to be quick to hit the cash out button.

The odds in Upgrade is a little tolerable. This is where you actually set your own multiplier and hope for the best.

wtfskins com bonuses promocodes free skinsThey have multitudes of ways to get bonuses here. First off, using the code csgoninja will give you .40 Diamonds, which is equivalent to $0.40. That is free money for you that you can use in betting, or if you see a skin that you like for that price, purchase it outright.

wtfskins com bonus promo code free coins

If you link your Twitter account with them, you get an automatic bonus of .10 Diamonds, and every time people who used your Twitter invite to play, you gain 0.50% of the Diamond cost they used to bet.

Another bonus is if you put the URL in your Steam profile, you can actually activate a bonus giving you more money if you win the Upgrade game.

wtfskins com deposits skinsThey only have one way of depositing money here, and that is thru skin deposits. They do have a high value for your items here compared to other sites. The only drawback for that is if you do not have any skins in your CS:GO account, you will not be able to make deposits here since they do not have any other modes of depositing unless you buy items from places like OPSkins for example.

cs go skins bets serviceThey only have one method of contact displayed on the site, and that is thru the ticket system. Their ticket system is responsive, however. The usual turn around time for ticket systems commonly is 24 to 48 hours, but they answered my question in under 8 hours.

You can also try contacting them on Twitter through DM if you want a fast response as they reply there quicker, but for major issues, it is best to contact them using the ticket system as you would be able to track it much easier.

csgo skins bets guide siteThe mobile design is much more better than their web design. There are no overlapping boxes, the chatbox is minimized and the font size on top is sized decently unlike the web page. The only thing that is not mobile friendly here is the Live Tracker refresh rate, which is equally bad even with the web page. If you are going to be playing on this site, I do recommend using mobile devices instead of going to the desktop version as it is much more smoother running than its web counterpart.

wtfskins com pros consOverall, I am very happy with this This is the only gambling site that I have encountered so far that has no withdrawal restrictions. You do not need to make an initial deposit, and you do not need to gamble with your free money bonuses to be able to withdraw a skin. The customer service I experienced is also good, but I do prefer that they have a live chat support added in the site for faster resolution.

I also have talked about the Live Tracker that they have on the page. Although this is not bad per se, if they can just tinker a little bit with the refresh system, then all will be good. Aside from that, I have no complaints regarding this gambling site.


  • No deposit required for withdrawals
  • Very fast withdrawal times
  • Withdrawal tracker provided by the site
  • Excellent mobile design
  • Very active community in the chat box
  • Affiliated with CSGO Live
  • Higher buy out value when depositing skins compared to other places


  • Live Tracker refresh rate is horrible
  • Only one method of depositing funds, which is item deposit
  • No live chat support
  • Odds on all games heavily favor the house
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6 years ago

trash & SCAM

6 years ago

I see 1 comment on this, and it says that the website is “Trash and a scam” the thing is, i cant tell you what you think is trash and whats not, but this website is not a scam, im using the website, and i have kept 3$ going for about an hour while playing on upgrade 0.50$ at a time, and then i withdraw, no scam. But beware, the bots are slow (To be able to withstand pressure) and when you deposit a skin you dont get gems, you get the actual skin on the website.
Best regards