Rocket League Betting – How can you bet on Rocket League?

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RL is a growing e-sport that is quite popular because it appeals to most boy’s two favorite things: soccer and cars! Who wouldn’t like a game where you play soccer with futuristic cars, which you can use to speed around the field? Because of the growing popularity, many pro matches are being played these days. Today, we will go over the Rocket League betting options you have for these matches. The exciting games are quite fun to watch and the markets for bets in this guide will help you place a wager on them to make it even more interesting!

rocket league best bets

Overall Winner

The first option we have to go over is the most obvious one. This market is, of course, plain old moneyline bets. Here you place a bet on which team/player you think will win and the odds will reflect the odds makers chances of those teams winning.

For example, let’s say Flipsid3 was playing Titans. Flipsid3 is a better team (at least in this example), and have a moneyline of either 1.5 or -200 depending on what sort of odds you use. The opposing team, Titans will probably have a line of about +170 or 2.7 to give the house some profit. This type of betting is good if you want to root for one squad, have the time to watch the entire game, and don’t want to use the other more complicated options.


The next market we have is the over/under. Here you bet on how many total goals will be scored by both teams combined on a particular map. These Rocket League bets can be good if you don’t want to root for a particular team or if you think you know whether it will be a defensive or offensive match.

Let’s take the example from the previous paragraph. Flipsid3 and Titan’s map one over/under is four. That means if the final score adds up to be more than four that the over hits, but if it is less than four, the under hits. If the goals add up to four exactly, then all bets push. Odds for these outcomes are usually somewhere around 1.9 or -110. These are some of my favorite RL bets and I would definitely recommend you try this out!

Goal Handicap

Our third option is kind of rare to find but a very fun one to use if you find it for a major tournament. This market is called goal handicap, giving the better team a goal handicap proportional to their skill level over the other team.

For example, let’s take Flipsid3 versus Titan again. On map one, Flipside would probably have a handicap of -1.5 goals. This means if Flipsid3 wins by two or more goals this bet would hit. If they lose or win by only one goal, Titan +1.5 would hit. These odds have to be adjusted very often based on how crews did on a map to map basis, so they are rare outside of major events. If you are going watch a big tourney though, I would give this market a huge shout out and recommendation for you to try.


Our fourth and final Rocket League betting market on this list is the map handicap. On these wagers, players bet on the round score instead of the game score or just the winner. This option is often used by more sophisticated bettors who make value bets based on these odds.

We will use Flipsid3 vs Titan again for an example. Flipsid3 is a considerably better team, but not so good as if to be on a different tier. The map handicap for this match would probably be +1.5 Titan, with Titan winning the bet if they win two or more rounds, and Flipsid3 winning if they win less than that. If you want to find value RL bets and are willing to put in time and effort, these options might be able to make you money and are recommended for bettors who research their picks.

Rocket League bets are very fun, and I do hope you decide to give them a try!

Rocket League Championship Series

The Biggest RL Tournaments

With so much interest, there are many Rocket League tournaments by many sponsors, with tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. With so many events out there, it can be confusing for many beginners. Here we will be going over the biggest RL competitions!


Our first contest on this list is the Rocket League Championship Series, with many good quality teams attending it. With over one hundred thousand dollars in the prize pool, and a seventy-five thousand dollar grand prize, this contest sponsored by Twitch and developer Psyonix is a huge hit!

With two seasons in the book and an ever-increasing prize pool, this series looks to have a very bright future! In fact, season two’s prize pool was a huge two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, considerably larger than the first season. The tournament holds qualifiers so anyone can try to qualify, and is a three versus three game mode with each team allowed to carry up to two subs along with their regular starting three.

The competition has two regions of eight teams, with the top four from both going onto the finals. To determine the top four crews, the Rocket League Championship Series holds a round robin where each team in the region plays each other. There is then a playoff to determine the seeding between the top four squads in each region.

The only downside to this tournament is that only European and American players are allowed at this time, so some international talent is missing. Overall, a great RL event that has a very bright future.


The next competitions on our list are ESL’s cups. These contests have relatively small prize pool (about a thousand dollars per tourney), but there are many of them in every week. They are usually regionally based, with tourneys for each country.

This series of tournaments are cool because anyone can take part, with qualifiers every week. ESL Rocket League cups are very good events, albeit with a smaller rewards. This is a famous tourney that takes place every week, and promises to be popular for years to come!


Our third tournament in this list is the MLG series. Made by the popular Major League Gaming, this contest series runs once a week and has rewards of up to five thousand dollars. Just like the ESL, it has qualifies where anyone can sign up and try to make the event and earn some prizes.

This contest is also regional and has different ones in places like the United States, Germany, etc. MLG’s series will be a major player for much time to come because of the big brand name and the good quality tourneys they hold!

User created

Our fourth and final event in this list is not one, but many. User created tournaments are a big deal in RL, and many people form teams and compete in their own leagues. Platforms like MLG, Challonge, and more help make this a possible and viable thing. Unlike other games, the relatively shortness of the match and the small squad sizes lends itself to easy access for many players, leading to more of these competitions being created.

There are leagues and simple elimination tourneys available in almost every game mode out there, so definitely give it a try by yourself or with your friends. These events do cost money to enroll in and the prize pool is usually about eighty percent of the total buy-in. These are my favorite contests because I prefer playing over watching.

Rocket League has many events to bet on, but only one huge one (the RLCS), because it is short and therefore less sponsors are willing to pay for the ad slots. However, the shortness also lends itself to the user created tourneys I mentioned.

rocket league betting

The Rules of Competitive Rocket League

RL is a popular e-sport and is a fun game to play. However, it’s rules can be quite confusing for beginners. While they are very simple, most beginners cannot understand them. We will go over the major competitive Rocket League rules to help you watch, play and bet on RL!

There are four playlists, and we will go over each one separately. Let’s start with the solo duel. It is often the best indicator of pure, raw, skill. Solo duel is simply a one on one against your opponent. This game mode doesn’t require any communication or discussion with a teammate and is a popular playlist for many skilled players.

Whoever can score more goals will win the match. Actually, this is true for every mode in the list. You can use crazy boosts and speed power ups, to help you score. Each Rocket League round has five minutes of regulation, with overtime played on a first score basis. It is a very simple game at heart because it is basically soccer with cars.

Next, we have solo standard, which is a three versus three match. Again, this is five minutes long with a sudden death overtime being played if the game is tied at this point. There are many professional teams who play this playlist, and we will go over those guys later. This mode does require communication and often has less scoring due to more defenders available.

Our third playlist is the double match. These are two versus two games and though they are rarely played on a professional level, they can be fun to play with your friend. It has the same rules as the playlists above and requires basic communication with your partner.

Our final mode is not a playlist in the game itself but is often used during pro matches. These are four vs four battles, with teams requiring very good communication to effectively use the four cars on the field. This mode is often considered the most strategic one, and that’s why it’s popular with many tournament sponsors. This mode has the same rules as the playlists above.

Before we end this part, let’s go over some rules that are true for most pro but not regular competitive matches. Pro’s usually play a best of five, with the first player/team to reach three wins winning the entire game. Pro matches are also streamed for you to enjoy on so if you want to watch and try Rocket League betting, I would definitely recommend that.

pro teams

The greatest RL pro-teams

With growing numbers of Rocket League bets, many pros are starting to make livings off of the game. Along with these, many pro teams have been made to compete in the tournaments out there. It can get quite confusing to separate the best crews from the worst, so right now we will rank the top five squads in the world and provide a description of them.


rocket league g2The fifth best squad in the world is iBuyPower (now G2) which was recently acquired by League of Legends powerhouse G2. This crew is a powerhouse North American team with strong players all around. These guys were the World Champions of the first Rocket League Championship Series and are the first RL squad to pay their players a salary large enough to live on.

Their online play is lackluster which causes them to slide down these ranking, but their strong LAN play is a force to be reckoned with. They have a strong offense, with a good but not great defense. Their failure to make it out of groups in Season two of RLCS has surprised many of fans of the team and left them scratching their heads in dismay. This crew has potential, but it has to be more consistent to truly be considered an elite squad.


rocket league nrgThe fourth best crew out there right now is NRG, a North American based group. They are the reigning North American champions of the Rocket League Championship Series as of Season two and lost in the playoffs to the eventual champion that will be mentioned later.

Their current roster is comprised of Americans Jayson “Fireburner” Nunez and Jacob “Jacob” McDowell, along with Canadian Kais “Sadjunior” Zehri. With over twenty two thousand dollars in earning in its first two months, this crew looks to be a major player heading forward. This group of guys was acquired by NRG and was previously called King of Urban, which had equally impressive results.

A special note for the Americans out there, NRG is owned by major sports stars like Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, Shaq Niel and other major sporting figures. This crew has a bright future, and looks to help bring North American RL to a level comparable to Europe’s. NRG doesn’t have enough results to give it a true ranking, but in terms of pure talent, it is the most skilled group in North America.

Mock-It Aces

mock-it acesComing in third place is Mock-It Aces. With a second place finish in the RLCS Season two, this squad has proved it can compete on an international level. While there are only two better European teams, it is constantly struggling behind as the third wheel. With over forty thousand dollars in earnings, this crew is trying to prove it can be a force reckoned with in the European pro scene.

This team is still better than any North American squad out there and does have major skill on their roster. Their controversial star player Philip Paschmeyer is arguably the most skilled solo gamer but has been known to have communication troubles, which is a huge problem in top-tier play.

This German is the captain of Mock-It and leads the English David Marrow and Netherland based Jos van Meurs. Mock-It had a huge recent roster shakeup and has been consistently good with this new roster. Look out for this new, upcoming European squad to make some huge splashes in the pro scene in the not so distant future!

Northern Gaming

northern gamingFighting for the top spot but clearly beat is our second best squad, is the Canadian based European squad Northern Gaming. Owned by a Canadian E-sports organization, this crew is made up of European players. Led by Netherland based Remco den Boer, this crew’s other players are Danish Nicolai Bang and Scottish David Lawrie.

With regular top finishes at European regional contests such as Rocket Royale, and Gfinity Weekly Cups, this team would have a strong case for the best RL squad in the world if not for the recent emergence of the number one team. With their previous players ending up on other top rosters, this squad has a reputation for grooming good players into great ones and looks to have a great chance to be a consistent top force in the Rocket League betting pro scene that looks to grow exponentially in the future!

Flipsid3 Tactics

flipsid3 tacticsWe have been hinting at the top place throughout the article, as it has beaten every crew on this list, and quite dominantly so as well. Our uncontested number one Rocket League team is the only, Flipsid3 Tactics! A consistent top crew in the RL pro scene, this was one of the first major multi E-sport franchises with rosters in other games such as Counter-Strike and DotA 2.

Flipsid3 has finished as the second place team in the first RLCS, losing 4-2 to iBuyPower (now G2). However, since then, G2 has fallen off quite consistently while Flipsid3 looks to be only getting better and is now an unstoppable juggernaut.

At the second season of RLCS, the golden standard in the pro scene, Flipsid3 absolutely dominated it’s way to a first place finish. They lost only one match in the entire playoffs, and dominated the second based Northern Gaming 4-0 in the semi-finals and beat Mock-It Aces, a team that beat them before in the tournament and they have had consistent trouble with in the finals to cement their recent domination.

With over ninety thousand dollars in career earnings, the European Flipsid3 Tactics seems to have found a winning formula that no other team has cracked yet. Their roster consists of Scottish Mark Exton, Italian Francesco Cinquemani, and Danish Marius Ranheim. They have been in ten major tournaments since their founding and have had eight first place finishes and two second place ones.

They have never not made it to the finals of a tournament they enter, always finding a way to win. This level of domination is incredible and Flipsid3 just look to have no opponents in the near future to contend them for the top spot. This squad looks to be the top-dog for years to come and other crews need to have a major breakthrough to beat them.


Thanks for reading this article and sticking around till the end. This article was written on December 2016 and may be a little outdated when you are reading this, so keep that in mind before you get pissed off. I hope this article helped you understand the confusing Rocket League pro scene!

Be sure to be on the lookout for future articles, see you next time. Good luck!