Heroes of the Storm Betting – How to place bets on HotS

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HotS is relatively new to the esports bet market and this can be a reason why we don’t have so many options to earn on betting so far.

Traditional match winner

The classic way of betting, you should predict which squad is going to win a match of Heart of the Storm. Odds can differ depending on the the value of the teams. Usually, all the professional games are played the best of 5, so it can be up to 5 maps depending on the final score.

Special odds

Every sportsbook has something special here on offer. Starting with the winning of the first map, the first kill and so on. These types of options are making betting on HotS more interesting. However, you should be careful with these bets, as the most of them are pure luck.

Tournament’s winner

Who is going to be the tournament champion? You’re the only one who should know this stuff. May the odds be in your favor and choose with your mind. As a tip for this, all major tournaments till this moment were won by Asian squads.

Esport betting tips

Some advice about Heroes of the Storm betting

What you should look at when making bets on HotS is if the match custom or not. If not, then look at what the game selects for players, because for example a team made only by Assassins, will have a clear disadvantage against a more equilibrated squad.

Some pro players can have pre-made strategy, with a starting of a big number of champions, or vice versa some teams are going just with the minimum of champs required. If you can observe which crew is having a better strategy for a match or a map, you can be really good at betting on HotS. This works usually when the game is made best of 3 or best of 5.

Watch a couple of matches on youtube to see how the pro guys are playing on the different maps. The winner is always only one, so one crew will always be a little bit better, then another. The reasons for that may be different: strategy, skills or maybe some inexcusable mistake, made by one of the players. If you can predict which team is better on a map, then it means that you are ready to try real money betting on Heroes of the Storm!

Hots tournaments betting

HotS tournaments what you can make bets for

Even if it was just recently released, Heroes of the Storm has already become a world known esport, that’s why there are dozens of tournaments played already and more and more to come.

The most important events are:


With a prizepool over 1 million dollars, on 26th October 2016 BlizzCon there was the biggest HotS tournament so far. This event was a part of Blizzard celebration and the best players gathered together to play for glory. It was held in United States, California. The teams were divided into 4 groups each one with 4 participants. The structure with double chance elimination passed through top group stage squads and also gave another opportunity for the guys, that were unlucky to qualify from the top spots.

Super League

There were 3 seasons of Super League organized by OGN in 2016 with a total pool prize of 150.000$. This competition is almost totally dominated by L5 and MVP and all the other top teams are from South Korea.


Dreamhack is currently having tournaments for almost all the important esports games. Now they appeared on market with Heroes of the Storms betting. These competitions are being organized monthly, so the prize pools are not as high as Super League or BlizzCon, but still over 20.000$ per tournament.


HotS roles of play and tactics

Every champion is a unique at HotS because each user can put on any abilities he wants to. At this moment there are 56 different characters available.

On a weekly basis, Blizzard is offering free champions to try, which can grow with you as a grandmaster.


If you like to have the biggest damage in the game you should choose Assassins. Just remember that you don’t have so much life like all the other players, so this kind of heroes are really squishy.


The tank of the team. Like in the most of MOBA games, tanks are the guys with tons of HP that help the squad not to die fast, assuming impairment of the enemy to defend low hp teammates. The main disadvantage is that warriors cannot do a lot of damage by their own.


The main mission of these guys is a total destruction. Minions, mercenary camps, walls, towers, forts – these are the best targets for Specialist. However, they are very weak against the other heroes.


Their job is to support their allies and they have different buffs, heals and shields with which they are able to do this.

Hots betting tips

Strategies used by pro gamers

The style of play may be different depending on the region where the squad is actually from. With so many different maps to play at, roles can be reappointed for the every new match. The team leader is supposed to create the strategy before the start of the game.

2 Damage, Support, 2 Tank:

The most usual composition of a game is having two tanks and two assassins with a big impairment. Every damage player is following his tank all over the map.

2 Damage, Support, Tank, Hybrid:

Still one of the most played strategies, though a little harder to be understood. There are two ways you can play at Hybrid position, one is with an off-support, like Tassadar or Tyrande, another with a damage champion.

Damage, Support, 2 Tank, Hybrid:

Not so much played during pro events, but still a good strategy is to have a hybrid playing as Melee Assassin. In this composition, the tanks should be able to carry the game.

2 Damage, 2 Support, Tank:

A common tactic which is mostly applied when automatic heroes distribution is in the place. This style of play allows you to have tons of impairment and gives a chance to win the game early on.

That’s all, folks! See you next time and good luck!