Starcraft 2 Betting – How to place bets on SC II?

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Starcraft Two is a popular esport made by video development giant Blizzard. A strategic game where you control different races and try to wipe the other player out, this one versus one battle is extremely exciting. It has many loyal followers who watch the pro scene, as well as many aspiring pros wanting to play in the many big tournaments available.

starcraft2 betting

Because of this, many sportsbooks have started to offer betting on Starcraft 2 matches. In this guide, we will go over the various wagering markets that are available for you, so you can place wagers on these exciting battles. There are many ways for you to bet on SC II, but there are too many to cover so we will go over only the biggest ones.

starcraft length market

Our first betting choice available is the length market, where you place money on how long a fight will be. These wagers are rare and only sometimes available in the largest matches, but are one of my favorite ways to place money on Starcraft. In this bet, you are simply putting your money on whether or not the match will be competitive, along with how likely the players are to surrender.

The longer a battle goes on for, the more competitive it usually is. You can generally assume that fights between evenly skilled players will take longer than between mismatched ones. For example, let’s assume the over/under on the length of a game is twenty minutes. If the battle takes less than twenty minutes, the under would win. If the fight goes on for more than twenty minutes, the over hits. If the battle lasts exactly twenty minutes, both bets are canceled. Over/under bets are a fun and easy way to earn money you should give a go if you have the chance.

starcraft individual game market

The next option we will cover is the individual game market. Here you must decide which player will win not the whole match, but an individual map of your choosing. This Starcraft II betting option is best used when you don’t have the time to watch a lot of SC. You can bet on individual fights, which are much shorter than an entire battle. A lot of times you can find bets where the odds are more even because luck is a big factor in a single game, a lot more than the whole match.

If Kyle plays Daniel, and Daniel is a more skilled player, the odds would be slightly towards Daniel unlike when you bet on a whole competition, where skill is a more prominent factor than luck. Every situation is different, but underdogs usually are more favored to win a single game rather than the whole match. Either way, single battle betting is a good way to keep in mind for SC 2!

starcraft map handicap

Our third market that we will discuss is the map handicap. In this popular offer, oddsmakers give the underdog a map handicap. Let’s use Kyle and Daniel as an example. The map handicap is -1.5 Daniel, to help balance out the difference in skill. This means if Daniel wins two more maps than Kyle, he wins the bet. Basically, Daniel must win by a margin of either 3-1 or 3-0 and if Kyle gets two or more maps, Kyle will end up winning the wager. Map handicapping is a cool thing to try out and maybe even win some money on!

The fourth way we have for you to bet on Starcraft is the obvious and simple match betting. This market is fairly self explanatory, but here is the basic overview. You must wager on who you think will win. The stakes are very lopsided toward the better player, but there are very good odds available on the underdog. Match result prediction is fun and very easy to wager on. It is definitely the option that gets the most handle out there, and it is an awesome way to gamble on SC 2!

starcraft first destruction market

Last but certainly not least is the first destruction market. In this gamble, you must decide on who you think will destroy one of their opponents structures first. Often, this is considered a very random wager, and they have low limits. This bet is decided very quickly, so it is useful if you only have a few minutes to watch Starcraft. First destruction is so random that it is often considered a fifty-fifty wager, and you should act like it is too. Definitely, a cool thing to give a try!

I hope that I was able to help clarify some of the confusing SC 2 betting markets out there, and maybe even inform you about some ones you might not have known!

starcraft2 match betting

Rules of the competitive SC II

Starcraft is played on the internet with a account. While it is most successful because of its campaign mode, multiplayer battles are played as well. The esport revolves around the multiplayer aspect of the game. Let’s go over all of SC 2’s esport rules and how the competition itself works. This way you can watch pro matches and actually understand what is going on, as they can be quite confusing otherwise.


The point of multiplayer Starcraft II is to destroy all of your opponent’s structures. This can be done by using your own units and structures. To build those, you must use blue resources which are obtained by units called miners. Each side has a maximum of one thousand of these resources on starting location, which are called minerals. You can use minerals to create other miners, buildings, or units.

You also need a substance called Vespene Gas to build some more advanced and powerful units. To get this gas you must build a special fabric over the Vespene gas geyser. With the twelve miners you start with, the pros basically create an army. The management of their economics and army as a whole is called macro, and will probably be mentioned by casters during matches. Often the player who has a better macro management of his army will win the match.


The next thing we have to discuss are the three races in the game. Each has buildings and units unique to them, so you can tell a lot about a pro’s play style by the genius he chooses. The races are the Terrans, the Zergs, and the Protoss.

The Terrans are a human race. If you choose the Terrans, your army will be kind of a best of both worlds army. You will have medium speed, strength, and tech. Players who use the Terrans are neither aggressive nor passive and can adapt to any situation.

The next race, the Zergs, are ultra aggressive. They have extremely good attacking traits but are vulnerable to enemy attack as well. Their defensive units and buildings are the worst in the game, but their attacking structures and army is the best.

The third and final race, the Protoss are a high-tech nation with great defensive buildings and structures, but they themselves are extremely weak. Players who use the Protoss are highly tactical, play slowly and defend the whole match until they can find the right time to strike a fatal blow. So, as you can see, each race has both its advantages and disadvantages.

starcraft terran zerg protos

Competitive format

Pro matches available for StarCraft 2 betting are formatted as a 1v1 Melee on the faster gamemode. Players are also restricted from some over powered strategies such as abusing glitches. Most matches are played as either a best of five or a best of three, with drawn battles being replayed. A game is considered a draw if the supply cap is reached by both players and no structures are destroyed for five minutes. This is so players don’t end up in a stalemate and one of them is forced to make a bad move to keep the fight moving.

Competitive matches are usually Blizzard approved so an offline LAN version can be played, while must be custom installed by Blizzard. A player can win an individual game by either destroying all of his opponents structures or by forcing his opponent to surrender. Most battles are won by surrender because it is considered rude and unsportsman to continue play a game that you have clearly already lost.

SC is a unique type of esport, that is almost one hundred percent strategy, and such it is quite complicated and hard to understand. This is why it is really interesting to place Starcraft 2 bets and try to predict the result.

starcraft2 best strats


The Most Famous Tournaments

Due to Starcraft popularity, it has had many big tournaments with high profile sponsors and prize pools. Now we will go over the five biggest of these competitions.

starcraft intel extreme master

Coming in as the fifth biggest is the Intel Extreme Master events. While SС 2 takes a backseat to Counter-Strike and League of Legends in this event, the prestige of it places it in any good top five list. This contest takes place all over the world, and its rewards are largely dependent on how rich the nation it is in is.

For example, season ten took place in the United States and had a prize pool of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars while the most recent tourney, season eleven took place in South Korea and had a measly prize pool at thirty five thousand dollars. The IEM is an extremely prestigious competition and clearly deserved a spot in my top five.

starcraft SK Telecom Pro League

The fourth best tournament in the Starcraft II pro scene is the SK Telecom Pro League. With a prize pool of approximately one hundred and forty five thousand dollars every year, this tourney is quite popular among South Korean viewers. Hosted in South Korea, it is a team format, where many players play one on one instead of individually competing.

This is a unique feature that is uncommon in top tournaments, that is quite cool and exciting. With both a regular season and an eight team playoffs, it is a long and action packed source of entertainment yearlong for Starcraft Two betting forms. With it’s unique features and because it takes place in the heart of SC in South Korea, it has earned itself a spot in my top five.

starcraft The WCS Korea Premier Championship Series

The third biggest tournament on our list is actually the qualifier for an event that we will discuss later. The WCS Korea Premier Championship Series is a huge contest with a hundred and fifty thousand dollars prize pool. Featuring the top guys in the game (because most of them are Korean), the winner of this event in usually considered to be the best player in the pro scene.

The four winners in this league, the four winners in the GSL Open (we will discuss that next), and the top four points earners get to compete in the WCS Global Finals, which is our number one battle. As you can see, twelve out of sixteen slots are allotted to the Koreans because they have most of the best players out there! The Premier is considered one of Korea’s supreme competitions and is one of my top five tournaments!

starcraft GSL Open

The second biggest contest on our list is the GSL Open and other GSL events. The GSL Open takes place once a year, with many other events also being hosted by GSL. This battle takes place in Korea, and has high six figure prize pools. Rewards vary, but generally, GSL gives out more than three hundred thousand dollars in prizes through all its tourneys. With many high profile players attending it, the winners of this competition qualify for the next tourney on our list, which is exclusive for the best of the best.

GSL has a unique competitive structure with two different sections. These sections are called code A and code S. The players in code S are the best and the ones who are actually competing to win the battle. Guys in code A cannot actually win the contest, but instead, they compete to break into code S for the next event. All these unique features combine to make it the second best tournament in Starcraft 2 to make bets on.

starcraft WCS Global Finals

The number one SC II competition is the uncontested WCS Global Finals. This battle has huge prize pools ranging from two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to touching half a million dollars. To qualify for this tourney, you have to win a premier tier event that year, and there are only sixteen slots available. The top players are usually available for this tournament and everyone would love to qualify for it. For all these reasons, WCS Global Finals is the best Starcraft two contest.

starcraft2 nest champs event

The Best 5 SC II players

Starcraft two is an extremely well regarded game that has a huge and cult like following. With so many players over the history of the SC, there have been many that are just better than the competition. While most of the best guys in games like Counter-Strike are European, Starcraft is unique due to the fact that it’s top participants are almost exclusively Asian. Right now we will be going over the five greatest SC 2 guys of all time.

starcraft Polt

The fifth best player in this list is the South Korean “Polt” from team EnVyUs. His illustrious career began in 2010, and he has accumulated many awards and victories over the years. His dominant stretch during 2013 was spectacular to watch, and with a victory at the 2016 WCS Winter Circuit, he showed that he still has quite a few tricks up his sleeve.

Polt loves using the Terrans, and he is arguably one of the best Terran users of all time, dwarfed only by a few other named higher in this list. Polt won back to back WCS America titles in 2013, the only guy to do so that year. His dominance and consistent good form has earned him a well deserved spot in my top five.

starcraft MC

The fourth player on this list is MC, a name that is sure to remind most gamers of the nooby “minecraft”. This South Korean uses Protoss as his main race and is quite successful at using these aliens. His play style is one of controlled aggression, and he is a strong believer in the fact that aggression is the best defense. He dominates his opponent from the start of the game, with attacks right from the get go. He pressures his poor enemies throughout the match, never giving them an opening.

He came onto the scene with a bang, winning the 2010 Starcraft Open Season 3, with a huge eighty nine thousand dollars prize. He continued his impressive form for four years, always being competitive and placing at many tournaments. Because of his unique aggressive play style and constant relevance in an ever changing pro scene, MC has secured himself the fourth spot in my rankings.

starcraft taeja

The third spot in my rating belongs to yet another South Korean, TaeJa. The South Koreans are clearly dominating the pro scene and TaeJa is another example of that. Another Terran user, he is the perfect example of an amateur who had so much success that he turned pro. Against his parents wishes, TaeJa was able to turn pro with his brother’s help.

Winning three of his first five tournaments when he debuted, he burst onto the scene with a bang and showed the world that he was a talent to remember. A win at the 2012 MLG summer arena got him started, but he quickly followed by wins at the ASUS ROG Summer 2012 and the Dreamhack Valencia Open. He might not have the flashiest stats, but his successful climb against all odds has earned him a solid spot three.

starcraft Life

The number two place on our list belongs to Zerg user Life. The only Zerg user on the top five list, he was the youngest professional SC 2 player when he first joined the scene in 2011, being only fifteen. I will give you three guesses at his ethnicity and the first two don’t count. That’s right, Life is another South Korean! The South Koreans have just utterly dominated the scene, and this list is a testament to that. So if you want to try Starcraft 2 betting, then definitely, choose an Asian guy to place money on.

Life is another constant guy that regularly and consistently places at big events. His stretch of dominance came near the end of 2012 and the start of 2013, with many first places finishes. Tournaments like the Blizzard Cup and the MLG Winter championship were easily won by him. His impressive rise to prominence at such a young age gives him my number two spot.

starcraft mvp

The best SC II player to ever play the game is the one, the only, MVP! Yet another South Korean in my top, this man has won complete respect from the entire scene, and his dominance is unquestioned. A Terran user, he is basically immaculate in all parts of the game.

With incredible macro management skills and precise micro management, he dominates his opponents with picture perfect moves. MVP is so famous that in 2011 major news network CNN did a report on him. He is a four time GSL champion who wins consistently. MVP is the just the best Starcraft two player in the world!

Be on the lookout for further articles, see you next time! Good luck!