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CS:GO Jackpot Game – In Pursuit of the Huge Pot!

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CS:GO Jackpot games are one of the most popular forms of Counter Strike gambling only behind roulette. This is a kind of entertainment where a lot of people deposit skins or some alternate currencies, ie coins or emeralds, and it all adds up to one huge pot.

There is a certain time period, mostly around 3 minutes, where you are supposed to add items for the upcoming round. The more skins you wager, the higher chance you have of taking the whole pot. After the time period finishes, there is a roulette that spins and it chooses the winner. People with higher chances have more slots in the roulette wheel.

The problem with Jackpots is that users will enter with a huge amount of items right at the last second. This called ‘sniping’ because they put in so many weapons that their chance of winning is very high. That is one of the reasons why so many people dislike CS:GO jackpot games. Although, it is really the only shifty tactic that you can use here. This is because there is not much skill involved in a game process as it is mostly luck based. However, if you are lucky enough to win, you get to take all the items that we deposited, minus a couple of skins that the website takes as commission to keep the service running.

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Types of services

There are 3 different types of websites available. The first type is where you have to add skins into the account and then they are turned into an alternate form of currency. With those coins or emeralds, you can enter a game and hopefully win some more money back. That is the least common form of jackpot games because there is barely any service that use it.

The second most common form of CS:GO jackpot is where you add your items into the account so that you can use them at a later time to gamble. When there is a pot you want to enter, all you have to do is select the skins you want to use and then press ‘deposit’.

The last and most popular, form of gambling is where you deposit directly into the upcoming round. It is very straight forward when you see a pot that you want to enter, you select the items you want to deposit and the service will send you a trade offer. Once they receive your stuff, you will be entered in the raffle.

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How to start?

The first step to entering a game is to add something to your balance. The way you do this is by pressing the ‘Deposit’ tab on the web page. It will redirect you to screen where you can select the skins that you wish to add. Like most other CS:GO gambling platforms, a bot from the site will send you a trade offer requesting for your items.

Close to all the time, it will include the correct security code, but sometimes, the verifier will be incorrect or there might not even be a code at all. This likely means that the website is a scam and you shouldn’t be using it. If the trade includes the right verifier and everything goes to plan, you should have the items or coins in your account, ready to use.

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Once you have learned how to play and deposit, the next step is to find out whether the website you want to play on is ‘provably fair’. There is a very simple way to check this if the platform has a ‘provably fair’ section, then they are most likely legitimate because they made an algorithm to find a winner of the pot. Most scam services won’t have this section.

Although, even if they do, you should also check around on some forums and see what others think about the game. Even if a site looks popular and there are a lot of people playing on it, it could still be a scam because all the users might be bots made to look like real gamblers. If a really unknown service has massive pots reaching upwards of a thousand dollars, then it is most likely fake, and a scam.


Finding a game well suited to you is next. When it comes to CS:GO jackpot sites, there are a ton of different designs and styles which make it quite hard to find a good one for you. Even though there are so many designs, there are 2 main styles. The first style is where there is a circle on the left-hand side which shows the amount of skins bet, then on the right-hand side, it shows the amount of money people deposited. At the top of the page, it shows what items have been added and it changes to a roulette spinner for the winner is being chosen.

The other style is where the amount of skins is on the top of the page and below it is how much each person bet and what items they add to the pot. The amount of stuff wagered turns into a spinner and a winner is chosen.


The second last step is to bring all your learnings together and find the best service for you. Do you want a platform which uses coins, uses the first style of website and has an extravagant design? Or do you want a simple one, where you deposit directly into the pot? There are a lot of options for you to choose from, and there is definitely a site suited for you.



The final step is to withdraw from the service. This only applies if you are using the first or second type of website, mentioned before. If you are using the third type, a bot will automatically send you a trade offer if you win the pot.

For the first and second type of platform, it is still very easy to get skins. With the first type, you are allowed to access the ‘marketplace’ and choose what items you want and then withdraw from the site. For the second type of service, you don’t get to choose what you want to withdraw, but there should be a ‘withdraw’ tab on the page where you can take your winnings.


Thank you for reading this article and sticking around till the end. See you next time! Good luck!

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