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cs go skins betting legitThe opskins.com website is designed nicely. It has a nice black backdrop that does not hurt the eyes. The links on the top of the page work great and the interface glides effortlessly when you scroll up and down. The method for contacting them and their social media accounts are very easy to find as well since they are placed on the top left part of the page. It is very easy to contact them.

is opskins com legit?I researched information about opskins.com. The site is pretty legit. There are a lot of positive reviews about the service in a lot of social media accounts like Reddit, Twitter and Steam’s community pages. Most of the people who said good things about them are the ones who experienced a problem with the platform but was fixed immediately by the customer support team.

The only issue regarding reputable sites like these is; there are a lot of impersonators that want to ride on the reputation of opskins. Time and time again, there are websites sprouting from nowhere that copy the interface of the trusted service and later turns out to be a scam site. If you buy and sell skins a lot, I would recommend that you take extra precaution since you might be redirected to a scam site rather than the real deal.

cs go betting gamesThey have awesome features here. The best one that I have seen so far and is unique to opskins is the Weapon Builder function. If you are looking for a very unique skin, you can customize what you are looking for with the Weapon Builder then do a search for it. It will locate the one closest to your specifications if it does not find a matching item.

Another feature is the Buyer’s Club. If there is a skin that gets discounted by 15% by the seller, it automatically goes to Buyer’s Club for 5 minutes so that the buy bots does not automatically snipe purchase the item. This gives real users time to find a discounted skin of their choosing before it goes out to the public market.

opskins com odds skins
They take a 10% commission if you sell your skins using the service. It is pretty fair since other companies that do this take between 10-15% as well. The only difference is, if you are a Canadian resident, you will be liable for sales tax. If you are not a Canadian resident though, you have no problems at all.

opskins combonus free coins promocodeThey do not offer much in bonuses and promotions other than Buyer’s Club which is more of a feature than a promotion. From time to time they have Mystery Box or Mystery Items promos but there isn’t one currently running now.

cs go skins gambling site legitOPSkins deposit and cashout methods are very easy. You have two choices, either with Bitcoin or with Paypal. Their minimum price set for a cashout is $5.00 which is pretty fair if you ask me. If you are planning on sticking around to this website though, I would suggest you use Bitcoin since Paypal limits your transactions to $500.00 in a 48 hour cooldown.

If you do not want to use either Paypal or Bitcoin for purchasing items from their store, they have another method. You can purchase through G2A, which links your G2A account to the site.

csgo skins betting siteThey can be contacted through a Ticket system. Based on my research, they are very good in dealing with their customers. They are able to resolve issues quickly. They are pretty active as well in their social media accounts.

cs go skins betsI accessed the website using my mobile devices. Using my iPhone 6 and my Samsung Note 4, their pages look beautiful. All the buttons and the links work when pressed. The pages load fast.

I tried using my tablet devices. I was surprised on how the webpages load on tablet mode. If on the landscape, it loads the web version. If on an upright position, it loads the mobile version. Designing a website to something like that is hard but they made it happen. Overall I was happy with their design team.

opskins com legit site bettingI would highly recommend buying and selling skins here. They have a very good reputation and they themselves look out for scam sites that impersonate them and let their customers know. They offer items in other games as well, not just CS:GO.


  • Beautifully designed interface
  • Weapon Builder feature
  • Smartphone and Tablet optimized
  • Mystery Item feature
  • Low withdrawal threshold set to $5.00
  • Trusted by the community as a very legit site
  • Plenty of purchase methods, including G2A


  • Lots of impersonators due to a very good reputation
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