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Free Hearthstone Packs! Action Packed Month is Here!

Happy Hallows Eve! I got some good news for you card slingers. Blizzard will be giving us a lot of goodies these coming few weeks. It will be a chance for you guys to acquire more card packs to be able to complete your collection. Most of these are free and you do not need to do anything to be able to get them. Others will be given to you as gifts if you have a Twitch Prime account. I will also teach you how to get the Nemzy Necrofizzle skin for the Warlock. Without further ado, let’s see what Blizzard has in store for us!

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First things first. The rewards for the Choose Your Champion event has been distributed by Blizzard. If the player you chose did not go in the semi finals, you will be getting one Frozen Throne pack. If they managed to reach the quarter finals, then you have 2 packs for it. Semi finalist picks will grant you 3 packs and of course, if your pick went all the way to the Grand Finals, then you will earn a whopping 4 packs. I thank you Orange for bringing me good tidings with these packs. Got a Golden Prince Keleseth out of one of the packs.

Blizzard also just released the Beta version of the Blizzard app. With this release, they are also giving out one free Classic card pack as a way of saying thanks to the people who are playing Hearthstone. To be able to get it, log on your account in the newly updated app, then click on My Gifts, and you will see the Hearthstone reward in there. Just choose the server where you want to claim your packs then just launch the game to receive it.

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Now, on to the main event. Starting from October 24 to October 30, login to your Hearthstone account and you will be getting more goodies. For the first week, you are going to get two packs of Whispers Of The Old Gods, a free ticket to Arena. I am not sure if you will get free gold too but I noticed that I got an extra 50 gold when I logged on earlier. This will also be a treat for newer players who started during the Gadgetzan and onwards era as they will be getting a free C’Thun Legendary card as well. It comes with the Whispers Of The Old Gods set and that will be on top of the Legendaries you might get when you open it.

For the second week, during October 31st up until November 9th, be sure to log in your account too since you will be getting a new reward for that week. It will be the same as the first week except that you will be acquiring 2 packs of Knights Of The Frozen Throne instead. There are many good cards from that set and most of the strong ones are being used in the Ladder Meta right now. I have written guides for these if you want to check it out and see how to utilize these cards.

The Arena is very exciting during the pack event. It will be the same rules as before but with an added surprise. The class heroes will be coming in wearing costumes since they are trick or treating. The greetings have been changed as well to fit the occasion. Aside from that, you will be able to choose the Hero you want and also a different hero power from another class. This makes it exciting as you will be getting a very huge pool for drafting your Arena cards. You will get tested to your limits. Remember though to log on those two weeks to get a free entry each week, which can save you up 150 gold. If you somehow reach 7 wins, then it is easy profit for you since you will get cards, dust, gold and also packs from your Arena runs.

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For Twitch Prime subscribers, you will be getting another set of rewards because you have a subscription. This one is glitterier as you will be getting a Golden Classic Pack. Each and every one of those cards from that pack will be a Golden card, and the Disenchant value for it is considerably higher than the normal ones. Aside from the glittery gold border, the art of these golden cards is also animated, which makes it a better looking card in my opinion. Having a full gold deck would also give you a golden coin if you are playing in second. To be able to get the reward, just make sure that you are subscribed on or after November 9th to be able to acquire the rewards. You can also subscribe for free on or during the event by getting the trial for it. Just make sure to cancel the subscription before the trial ends.

Now the final freebie Blizzard is giving out is the Nemzy Necrofizzle skin for the Warlock class. To be able to acquire this free and awesome looking skin, all you have to do is check for any Fireside Gathering in your area. Just go to this event, which is usually a free one and just log on the network and play. You will be getting the Nemzy skin and also the Fireside Gathering cardback if it is your first time joining an event like this. You would be able to meet new friends too during this event and most of these FSGs holds tournaments on the spot where they sometimes give out Hearthstone merchandise like pillows, necklaces, keychains, shirts and drink coasters with Hearthstone art on it. I went to my local FSG and got the Journey to Ungoro drink coasters, which looks awesome in my man cave.

So, that is all that Blizzard and Twitch have to offer at the moment. Do not miss the chance to be able to get these awesome prizes and rewards. Good luck with the pack openings and I do hope you unpack some Legendaries.

Once again, Happy Hallows Eve!!!

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