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CS:GO Betting Review – The Cheapest CS:GO Cases?

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Case opening is a favorite pastime of Counter Strike players. Unfortunately, after opening up worthless blue after blue, that enthusiasm can fade quite a bit. It is not much fun to lose three dollars on a ten cent item. Seeing a need, a case opening site called decided to challenge Valve’s boxes with some of their own. In this article, we will be reviewing CS:GO live, so you can decide whether to give them a try next time you want to buy the cheapest CS:GO case!

cs go cases

First, you should consider the design of the service and how easy it is to use. CS:GO Live has a basic black and white site design: it’s nothing flashy and gets the job done. Their chests, however, are unappealing with very childish looking borders and an unattractive spin. This is a big con to the website. You want to have a nice looking interface when opening your cases, and live does not provide that. The platform itself is very easy to use, so you do have to give them at least that.

csgolive scam

Next, we shall take a look at the reputation of the service. Live has become an integral part of the CS gambling community, and has given out many sponsorships and paid out winnings in a fair and timely manner. There has never been a legitimate claim of the site shorting someone, and they have been around for four months. While four months may not seem like a lot, if it was going to scam it would have does so already, as they probably reached near their peaked about a month ago. You should feel relatively safe when opening cases at

cs go item cases cheap

Now you are probably curious about the cases themselves, so let us get to them! First, they offer their own boxes, with various options ranging from thirty cents to eighty dollars. However, they are most well known for their user created boxes. There are thousands of cases other users have created available to open, and you can even create your own!

Simply pick the skins you want, put the percent chance of getting each item, and the service will price the case for you! This is indeed a cool and unique feature that has earned csgolive much praise from the community who love the feature.

csgolive commissions

You probably want to know how much commission the website takes at this point. While it is a well known fact that Valve probably takes about an eighty percent on their boxes Live is much more reasonable. Depending on the case and how many skins you put in, the chest margin can range from as low as eight percent to as high as twenty percent. While this would be quite high on a regular casino, it is a fair commission for a CS:GO case opening site. Live has pretty fair odds in my honest opinion, and judging the amount of activity on there, the community agrees.

csgolive bonuses

Bonuses and promotions are a nice feature to have, and CSGOLive has plenty of them! They offer fifty cents for free to new users and do constant twitter giveaways. You can easily cop a free case or two if you regularly spend the twenty seconds necessary to enter them daily. While they do not offer any deposit bonuses, these are uncommon in the whole CS:GO gambling industry, so you cannot hold that against the service. Overall, they have a decent set of bonuses and promotions. If you’d like to get some extras simply use our code esportsninja !

csgolive cs go best skins betting site free coins

csgolive how to deposit

Knowing how to deposit and withdraw out of the platform is very important. Luckily, we will cover that too in this review! You can deposit into Live using a service called SKF pay. You can put in skins, or real life cash through PayPal and bank accounts to get special credits. Withdrawing the skins you win is simple enough. You can withdraw them directly, sell the back to the website to open more cases or send them to SKF pay. There, you can get the value of the skin to get different items that you may enjoy more. Live has some of the best deposit and cash out methods in the industry.

deposit csgolive

support skins betting

Customer support is vital for a site because you will inevitably have some problems. It might be that the skin you desire is out of stock, or that your box opened incorrectly. In those cases, a cast and responsive customer support is of importance.

You should feel safe and secure when gambling and a good customer support helps with that. CS:GO live is only contactable through email. Their support responds in about three business days which is a bit on the slower side of things, but still respectable. Overall, it has a decent but unimpressive customer support.

csgolive mobile

Last but certainly not least, let us discuss mobile friendliness. These days everyone has their own mobile phone, and a lot of the time we do not have access to a personal computer or laptop. Mobile support is great for opening cases on the go. Unfortunately, it is nigh impossible to uncover boxes on csgolive with your mobile devices. I tried to and I just couldn’t. Only a quarter of the page showed up, and the site was slow and unresponsive. Very low marks for live on mobile support.

best case opening services

So to summarize, CSGOLive’s strengths lie in their ease of use, features, cheap prices, bonuses, and promotions. Their weaknesses lie in their unimpressive mobile and customer support, and unrefined design. Overall, a decent service that I personally like to use and you should give a try.

Thanks for reading this article! I hope to see you next time, good luck!

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