CS:GO Betting – How to make bets on CS:GO

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As appeared in 2012 Counter-Strike:Global Offensive developed constantly reaching in 2016 almost 25 million players, over 300.000 are playing minute by minute. As so prediction market opened for important matches and tournaments. In this article, I’m going to talk about how to make bets on CS:GO and give a couple of advice for profitable betting.

Types of bets you can make for CS:GO

2 Way Market

This type of prediction is easy as it sounds. You’re going to put your money on the team which is going to win the game. Every tournament is having different rules of how you can win it. Mostly players are playing 15 rounds for both sides and the best out of 30 will get one point. Then they are changing the map and with two points you’re winning the match. Odds can be different thinking at the value of teams. From 2x up to 13x.

Winner of the each map

Here again, it depends on of the rules of the tournament but even so you’re going to bet on which crew is going to win a map. Keep in mind that you’re betting on a single game, not the whole competition. The result of all rounds won’t affect your outcome.

The total number of maps played?

Usually, the first team who reach 2 points is winning the match but this rule is not so stable too. Even if CS:GO is a first-person shooter it is a strategy game. Every squad must achieve their objective. The terrorists to plant the bomb and counter-terrorist to defuse it.

Here can be many ways to bet. You can predict if it is over 2 maps or the exact number. Look at teams history when you’re making a decision. Think about the number of matches that will be played before the winner is decided.

3rd map played?

An easy way to glory or it will be a difficult fight? Another type of bet for CS:GO. You should never go and put money here thinking that if two teams are playing at a real high level and maybe close as style and power it won’t be a 2:0. It can be a close game with 2:0, a squad can actually dominate the other but the score can be absolutely different.

Tournament winner

The biggest payouts can be here. With surprises, every time odds are really big when we’re talking about this type of prediction. Just bet for the team that you’re thinking is going to win a tournament.

CS eleague betting

Major Counter-Strike tournaments

At begging CS:GO was recommended as a better version of Source version. Players got back to the old versions CS: Source or 1.6 where they felt more comfortable. After many updates, the game changed majorly and users came back making from CS:GO one of the biggest community of the first-shooter game.

In the year 2016 CS:GO had their first 1 million dollars event in Columbus, Ohio. This happened only after it was hardly criticized for low prizes that were offered until March. Thinking at Dota 2, which had a tournament with multi-million dollar prize, CS:GO couldn’t get over 250.000$ per competition.

Like how we got used to, Counter-Strike is mostly a game of Europe. The teams that are doing well are from Ukraine, France, Sweden, for example, Ninjas in Pyjamas are the most dominant here.

MLG Major Championship: Columbus was the best tournament till this moment with a total available of 1 million dollars. The event was won by Luminosity Gaming, a Brasil team. These guys got a prize of 500.000$, which was the biggest prize ever offered by Valve for the gamers of CS:GO.

Counter-Strike is starting to have more and more success day by day. In a competition with other Esports games it having a big number of tournaments but unfortunately not as good paid like Dota 2 or League of Legends.

In May 2016 has started the Eleague season 1, and it was the first international season of CS:GO with total prizes over 1.05 million dollars. The games were streamed live on TV every Friday night, this helped to make a little noise for the players of shooters. In final were Fnatic vs Virtus.pro, the winner of the first Eleague season was Virtus.pro with a crushing 0-2.

On the 21st of October Eleague had the second season. With the biggest budget for prizes so far, over 1.4 million dollars. Valve also announced that will share the profits from this tournament with users.

Eleague being the first CS:GO championship streamed on TV is supposed to have a little competition. In the first seasons, this event gathered the best players till this moment. The way you’re advancing in this league is quite easy. There are 4 groups each made of 4 teams. Every team is having 5 players and the winner of one game is the first team who reach score 2. Dynamics and adrenaline in these tournaments are exactly what is needed for the Counter Strike betting lovers.

At a quick search on the Internet, you can easily find competitions where you can test your skills along with other users. To be able to play in a tournament with really good awards it is not so easy to advance. You must train constantly and your rate of victory should be much more over the average.

Valve is also keeping many regional and national contests mostly along Europe. The biggest regional competition till this moment was held in Cluj – Napoca, Romania in 2015 with the total prizes of 250.000$. If your rank of the player reaches an acceptable reason, Valve will inform you every time when these events are available for you.

CS GO esport betting

CS:GO rules and tips

Counter-Strike appeared for the first time on the market like a modification for Half-Life. Starting with the release it just took control of the market being one of the most played first person shooter games in history.

Game modes

Classic: Competitive

This is the mode that made Counter so known. Queue up and join a normal match 5vs5, the winner is declared when 30 rounds have been finished using the classic rules of Counter-Strike. You can start alone with other teams or join a competition with friends making a squad and queue up.

Classic: Casual

This mode is for users that don’t have enough time to make a full classic competitive match. You can join anytime a game like this and just play a few rounds. Here every guy gets additional money for kills and they are starting with defusing kit and armor from the beginning.


Demolition is the type of modes designed for a fast fun. In this mode players are killing each other on some special maps made specially for this type of action. By making kills, users receive new and new weapons, but always they’re having a starting one. If you want to be competitive, you should try to make a kill round by round, till you get to the final weapons, like AWP.

Arms Race

You can win this mode only by advancing a grade of your weapon. How? Quite simple, you’re starting with a basic weapon like all the other guys and kill by kill you’re advancing to the final weapon, the knife. Make a kill with a knife and you win the game. In this mode all users are having instant respawn.

Counter Strike terrorist police

Roles of play

Usually, all other esports are having known positions and clear roles, looking at this case CS:GO is having no clear positions for players. Even so, every pro team is having a role for every guy, this is helping the squad to have much-organized attacks which are making the action more and more interesting. The titles of roles can have different names, but at a competitive level, every denotation becomes a clear thing for professionals.

It is always important for you, as a bettor, to understand which tasks every pro-gamer has on the field. Especially it becomes a decisive factor when the team has a substitute in a lineup.

Terrorists rolesCS GO how to bet

Entry fragger

This is the guy who is trying to make fast kills and it is the one that is going to enter the bombsite first. Usually, this type of players needs to have good knowledge skills, a good crosshair, and a really big self-confidence. This role, in my opinion, can become really difficult to be performed.


One shoot role. Usually, this type of role is using AWP and he is always trying to do the first blood with just a shot. He is constantly focusing on every angle of the bombsite. The name of this role came from the idea that sometimes he’s not going firstly to the bomb site, same as before this type of teammate should have quick reflexes.


Fire in the hole! This guy is always having flashbangs or molotovs and he is helping his team to enter the bombsite much easier and with much more confidence. Without having a support in your squad, you can become an easy target for any counter-terrorist.

Mid-round / Caller

The most important guy in a crew by my opinion, the caller is the second who enters the bomb site, shooting the counter-terrorists with low HP. This mate should be the best aimer of the team; he is mostly the main carry. A part of his role is to be sure the bomb is going to explode.


Have you lost your minds? Maybe yes! Lurker is the guy that can enter into your mind and create fake attacks at the other bombsite. Usually, he is going quietly to the other bombsite without making any noise. If you have a good lurker in your team your chances of winning a match can be bigger.


Another caller, this one may not be the best player of one clan, but he is the mind of it. His strategy is making the game easy and he is the one who must be the leader that a good team deserves. Maybe the most important role in a whole squad.

Counter-terrorists roles

Pivot / Rotating

Always at your back. This guy is having one of the most important roles and he can easily become a decisive person in any round. His style of performing can become your advantage and sometimes disadvantage, depending on his way of reading the game.

Defensive / Static

These people should keep the terrorists away from the plant. He must stay as much as possible to the bombsite and keep the terrorists back. This kind of player should have brilliant defensive skills plus grenades like a flash bang, smoke grenade or Molotov.


How to make profitable CS:GO bets?


It is always better to know maps, which are going to be used in a match. Maps are the area where the guys are fighting each other. They are putting Terrorists against Counter-Terrorists in a real world location. Usually, pro-players have their “strong” maps, where they have some special and well-trained strategy. You should always know who has the better plan for the map if you decided to place money on.


The first thing you need to learn in Counter-strike is relatively easy but not so difficult if you didn’t play a CS before. For example, you should always keep at head right your reticule, but still, you can not shoot like in Call of Duty, you need to stand to focus your target on having your shoot more accurate. Training daily will make you feeling the game much easier to understand. As your improving your skills you will learn when to stop, shooting or strafing. You’re going to do all these things faster and faster, better and better and eventually you’re going to play CS:GO for a while.

Bullets are never going in a constant line like your crosshair is pointed in CS:GO. They are moving with the recoil of the gun. That’s why if you are new at this game at the beginning is good for you to practice burst fire, shooting just a few bullets till you learn how to keep recoil low. Reloading is also very important. Even if you spent a part of your bullets the weapon is not going to reload itself. Take care when you’re reloading of other enemies. Reloading time can be short, of course, it depends on the gun, but that time can cost your life.

When you will understand how to shoot, you will also see what advantages and disadvantages do pro-gamers have in every particular match. This will help you to predict the winner and make your CS betting more profitable.

Map control

There are hundreds of possible maps at CS:GO, but in almost all the cases you must know how to share your position on a map. Map control is extremely important for CS:GO, after playing more competitive maps you’ll find out that there are many ways where guys are hiding and so on. If you’ll confident in your skills and continue to learn CS:GO you’re going to find that there are special places where bullets can penetrate the walls or other materials, some of those places are easy to recognize but some places are not so obvious and you’ll need to discover them.

When you are watching Counter Strike tournament online there is one big advantage – you can see the whole map and players’ movements. Use this to learn more about map controlling features that pro-teams are applying. Don’t forget to take this knowledge in account when you will place a CS:GO bet.

Hopefully, this guide was useful, see you next time. Good luck!