Top eSports Betting Sites – Sportsbook Reviews 2017

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With eSports growing so fast and so many fans watching, a betting industry has built up around it. People who watch their favorite game, be it Counter-Strike or Dota or even Starcraft Two want to be able to wager on the matches. Because of this demand, many smart bookies have started online sportsbooks that accept bets on different battles. However there are often too many options to choose from, so in this article, we will go over how to choose the top eSports betting site for you!

bookies reputation

The first thing to look for in a potential sportsbook is their reputation. Nothing stinks more than winning a ton of money but finding out the house is a scam when you try to withdraw your funds. A reputable service should have a long reputation of quick and efficient payouts and have reasonable odds and promotions.

Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. An easy way to check the reputation of a company is to google its name. If it is reputable it should have many sportsbook reviews and most should say that they pay their customers. If the site does not have much reputation, gambling there is a risk. Be sure to try to pick reputable sites to wager on.

sportsbook deposit

Next, let’s discuss deposit and withdrawal methods. You want to be able to both put and get funds from the bookmaker in a way that is convenient to you. For example, some clubs only accept in game items for deposits and in game items for withdrawals. This is great if you have those skins but maybe you want to use real money. Other services will let you use mediums such as PayPal, bank transfers, skrill, and more. Basically, make sure the payment methods available on the site you choose for eSports betting are convenient for you. Do not bet on a site that gives withdrawals on PayPal when you don’t have a PayPal account.

esports bets bitcoin real money item skin

Let us go over the pros and cons that the different types of bookies have. There are three kinds of services that we will discuss in this section. Bitcoin, real money sports wagering, and item/skin gambling.

First, let’s discuss bitcoin sportsbooks. I personally use these because they are anonymous, simple, and bitcoin is easy to liquidate into cash. However bitcoins are hard to get, and they usually take time to “confirm” each transaction so it takes about an hour for your deposit to be available to bet with.

Next, we will go over real money clubs. The pros involved with these include easy cashout (if you are over eighteen and are actually allowed to wager), and you know the exact amount you are betting. Cons include that these websites require ID and are unavailable in the US.

Finally, let’s discuss Item bookies. These take in-game skins as betting currency. Pros include privacy and ease of use, but the cons are hard to cash out these items and that this system has lead to many minors starting to gamble.

sportsbook bonus promotion

After you have short listed sportsbooks that are both reputable and have decent deposit and withdrawal methods, you should check out their bonuses and promotions. Many bookies offer different bonuses and promotions to attract new customers to their web page because of how competitive the sports betting industry is.

For example, a website may offer you a 100% bonus on your first deposit. This basically means they will double your first balance replenishment. However, this extra money comes with a catch. They have a rollover requirement that protects the house from players who deposit simply for the bonuses. You usually have to wager the bonus amount fifty times to withdraw it. If you get a bonus of twenty dollars, you have to wager a thousand to withdraw it. This reward is good if you are going to use the site anyway but useless otherwise, so bonuses should be low on your list of priorities in choosing a sportsbook.

sportsbook customer service

Check out a site’s customer service before you choose it because this is very important. When you are gambling you are inevitably going to run into problems ranging from slow grades on winning bets, to a deposit or withdrawal not working. Being able to access support is very important in these situations.

Check out what options the service has available for contact. Live chat is the best way for me because it’s quick live and anonymous. Email and phone contact options might work best for you, so the contact options that are the best for you are up to personal preference.

Also, check out the response time because nothing is less frustrating than having to wait a week for a response on an urgent problem. The method I use is I create an anonymous account and try to contact support with a random and false problem. If they deal with it politely and professionally on a timely basis I know I can count on their support.

esports betting best pros

After you determine that the eSports sportsbook is safe, easy to deposit and withdraw out of, and has a decent support make sure to check out what games they offer wagers on. The wider the selection, the better it is for you. You don’t want to get all hyped up for a match only to find out your betting service doesn’t offer wagers on it.

esports odds

In addition to making sure they offer all the wagers you want and they have a good selection of them, make sure to check the odds. Usually, bookies will take a juice of ten percent to make profit. Anything more than fifteen percent is too much and you should steer clear. Juice is basically odds in the house’s favor. For example, in a fifty-fifty match, they would have odds of 1.9 versus 1.9 instead of 2 vs 2. This .1 left over is the juice and that’s how they make profit.

sportsbook comfortable design

After you consider all of the above factors, look at the design and ease of use of the website. Is the design eye catching and appealing? Do you like the look of the site? Is it easy to use and navigate? All these are personal preference questions you must ask yourself when choosing a sportsbook. You should generally want to use the service so make sure it looks good. I personally prefer a modern and smooth theme, but your preference might be different. Make sure the site you end up choosing looks nice and is easy and convenient to use.

mobile friendly sportsbook

Last, but certainly not least, make sure the site you choose is mobile friendly. Sometimes you won’t have access to a computer when you want to place a wager. Personally, I rarely use my computer. These days with mobile phones so advanced, you will find yourself wanting to wager on matches from your phone. When this happens, it is important that the site you choose is friendly to mobile phones. It will save you a lot of frustration so trust me when I advise you to use an esports bookie that is mobile friendly.


If you are still reading this article I want to thank you. I hope this article was able to help you choose our top eSports sportsbook. We will be doing individual reviews on bookies soon so be sure to look for those in the future.

I will see you next time, good luck!