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Counter Strike is a great game that we have all enjoyed playing. This hit esport released its newest version CS:GO and received great reviews. But of course, we know that Valve are money greedy fools. So in an attempt to make tons of profit, they completely ignored the games many issues and created skins. But somehow lord gaben struck gold, and the items market started to rise exponentially.

At this point, many in the cryptocurrency world value Counter Strike skins more than paypal. Think about that for a second. Virtual pixels for a video game are a more safe and secure investment that Paypal, a multi billion dollar payment processor. Well, if CS items are regarded as currency, then they can be used as such. And what’s the most popular way to use a currency that has been around forever? If you read the title of this article I think you can guess. That’s right, it’s gambling!

A robust and explosive gambling industry built around Counter Strike skins, with many sites competing for this huge market. Because you are a customer you have many options, so we have created a series of reviews for many trusted CS:GO websites for gambling. Today we will be reviewing CSGOatse, an innovative new service that has many features.

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The first thing you should consider is the reputation of a platform. What’s the use of winning a ton of money if you cannot withdraw it? Security and peace of mind are things that I value highly and you should too. Because of the internet, you cannot ever be one hundred percent sure if a site is legit. However, when you have pumped thousands of dollars into youtuber promotions and processed hundreds of thousands dollars worth of skins like CSGOatse has, you build a certain amount of trust. Atse has never had an issue with processing withdrawals and is a very reputable website that you will feel secure using.

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Now that you understand you won’t get scammed by Atse, you should think about the theme of the casino, and how easy it is to use. When you first enter the website, you get a huge sign that tells you to sign in through Steam. Then, it leads you into the actual casino itself. It is super easy to use, and all the features you need are clearly marked to read and access. Atse also offers two themes, so you can customize the appearance based on your preferences. Design and ease of use is a great strength for this gambling service.

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After you think over these two things, we should talk about the games themselves. Atse offers a wide variety of games, and easily the biggest selection I’ve seen for a skin wagering site. The first one you will notice is roulette. This is easily the most popular game out there, and you should already know the rules. If you don’t check out some of the other articles in this section, as we explained the rules in them. Next, they have Crash. Another popular entertainment, you can find the details about this in the following article, that explains everything you need to know.

They also offer blackjack, popular card game. If you don’t know the rules, a quick google search should suffice. Finally, they offer a less popular fun known as Tibetan Dice. It is quite easy to pick up. A dice rolls and randomly picks a number between one and six. You can bet on the exact number, or whether the number will be higher or lower than three. The payouts depend on how likely the outcome is to occur.

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Next, let’s talk about the support on this site. It is quite terrible in my opinion, and it is the one major flaw in this service. The chat admins are unhelpful and usually respond with copy pasted crap that makes you feel unimportant. Their email support is not much more helpful and talking to someone who can actually help you can take forever. Issues sometimes occur, and if you care a lot about timely and professional service than Atse might not be the best CS:GO casino for you.

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But it has an easy deposit and withdrawal system. When you deposit skins, a bot sends you an offer along with a security code so you don’t get scammed. The credit equivalent of the items show up on your account within a few minutes, if not seconds. Their withdrawal is extremely similar. You pick the stuff you want to take out, and if you have enough credits, you get a quick offer with the skins. High marks for quick and simple service here.

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Bonuses and promotions are a really big thing I look for a website I want to play at. Cool little bonuses make me feel valued, and promotions are always fun. Atse offers decent but unspectacular promotions. They give each new user fifty cents if they use the code “esportsninja” without the quotes to try out the site. Play with the credits, and withdraw a nice skin for free! Other than that, they do not offer much.

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The last thing you should think about before choosing Atse is their mobile support. Mobile phones are extremely prominent these days, and being able to gamble on the go is a huge luxury that many would appreciate. Most Counter Strike gambling websites lack this basic feature that is commonplace on more modern platforms. Atse doesn’t offer great mobile support, but it’s not non existent either. It’s somewhere in the middle. Their site is usable on your phone, but it certainly isn’t optimal. Mixed feelings here, as at least they have something, but it doesn’t feel like they put much effort into it.


This concludes my review on CSGOatse. Use this article to decide if it is the best site for you. Future articles and review are also being published weekly, so make sure to look forward to those!

Good luck!

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3 years ago

never play on atse its fake and scam had 200$ on balance tried to withdraw for like whole day and it always says error then i rage bet and lost it , never ever deposit or play on csgoatse

5 years ago

CSGOatse is a big scammer, lost $200+ skins because of their so called ‘error’. Beware.

5 years ago

csgoatse is fucking scam shit ive never won there always when i depo or i win atseflip i always lose or win small bets like 10 cents so its rigged asf