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CS:GO Betting Review – Counter Strike Gambling Site

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Gambling in Counter Strike is a huge feature that many players love to have. Because of this, many betting platforms have popped up. In this article, we will be going over one of the biggest CS:GO gambling sites, This is a fun service that you might like, so be sure to read this review!

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First, let’s the do a quick overview of the games they feature. We have done an article about the games I’m about to mention, so if you don’t know a feature I talk about, be sure to check that article out. So the most popular fun roulette is in with a twist! Instead of the regular and plain straight line spinner with 3 colors, they have a cool four color wheel with a monkey that picks the winning color.

The four colors they feature are white, green, purple, and gold. The payouts range from 2x to 50x depending on which section you pick. They also have coin flips, which are quite fun. Their jackpots are modern and cool but usually stay low as the big bettors go to jackpot specific sites. They also have the classic crash game mode.

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Now let’s talk about the design. The site is very well constructed, and in my opinion is the coolest service I’ve ever been too. They artfully blended an awesome black background with vibrant colors in a way that is spectacular, to say the least. The platform itself is very easy to use and self explanatory. Their game modes are clearly designed in a way that is easy to understand. Society scores high marks for design.

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Support is very important in a CS:GO gambling site, as it can be quite frustrating to be stuck with issues that are not resolved in a nice, timely manner. Luckily, here we have a very nice support team. There are responsive mods in a live chat that can solve minor issues almost instantly. If your issue is a bit more serious, you can submit a ticket and get a response within a few days. They also have a Twitter that responds to questions in a timely manner. Can’t say much else except that you won’t be disappointed with the support here. scam

Now that we have covered the most pertinent details about the website, let’s talk about the more technical stuff like it’s reputation and deposit and withdrawal methods. is a very reputable service in the communities opinion, and you can see large hundred dollar bets every day. There has not been a single legitimate scam accusation against them, and they constantly hire youtubers to promote. If you want to feel safe when gambling with skins, then the site is for you!

cs go betting tips

Depositing and withdrawing items is often a painful process is the less reputable service. Not here! These guys process withdrawals within thirty minutes although they usually take less than five minutes. Deposits also show up on your account within seconds of accepting their bots trade offer. They provide a security code so you aren’t scammed as well. However, I must mention that the withdraws are one of the biggest flaws in society.

They charge a lot more than the skins are worth but only give you their face value when depositing. For example, let’s say I wanted to deposit an AWP Dragon Lore Field Tested. I would receive face value, which is approximately eight hundred dollars. If I wanted to withdraw the same skin, I could expect to pay nine hundred dollars. This adds a small house edge that users should be aware of. I love the website, so I am ok with paying approximately 10 percent extra, but that is a decision for you to make.

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Let’s talk about some of the best parts of a service. The promotions and bonuses a site hands out are very important. These cool little extras are a nice bonus that you can look forward to as a reward for your loyalty, and as an incentive to hook you in. knows the importance of promotions and has very good ones in place. For example, their twitter is doing constant giveaways, and you can see many credits being doled out to youtubers who in turn do giveaways too.

They also offer a free fifty cents to users who join their site. Use code: esportsninja! This let’s you try out games at no risk, and maybe even take out some free skins! Finally, also has a faucet that will give you some credits every once in awhile depending on how much you wagered.

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The house edge here is a bit hefty, but that’s only to be expected from such a high quality service. They take ten percent on withdrawals as I said, and they also take about five percent on their games. That adds up to a total house edge of approximately fifteen percent! While that may seem a bit high, keep in mind that unless you are wagering hundreds of dollars, it probably won’t matter. Also, other Counter Strike gambling sites have that a big house edge too.

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Mobile friendliness is extremely important. You want to be able to gamble on the go, especially with all these new and convenient smartphones. Unfortunately, society is not mobile friendly at all. It is basically impossible to bet from your mobile. The site just zooms into a corner that you can do nothing from. A big fat zero in the mobile support department.


Thanks for reading this article and sticking around till the end. I hope my review was able to help you better understand the pros and cons of this website. It is a good platform but takes a high house edge. If you don’t mind that in exchange for a better gambling experience, then is the way to go!

Good luck!

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