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CSGOBig.com Review – Your Solid CS:GO Gambling Service

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CSGOBig is known particularly for their 1vs1 battle option with skins. They have quite a unique wallet system that consists of both skins, coins, and bonus credits. The website has a very smooth and clean design giving the user many choices: game modes, layouts, support, FAQ and much more.

csgo com deposit

Starting off with the most crucial things for a gambling service: deposits and withdrawals. After signing in with Steam you will have the possibility of either depositing your skins to the on-side inventory or directly to their jackpot games. Please be careful here and ALWAYS use the “deposit to inventory” tab, I’ve seen multiple users depositing directly to the jackpot without knowing and losing everything before they even got to play. After depositing to inventory, you will be met by a variety of game modes but I will introduce you to those later on.

Let’s say you have played for some time and won a good amount of money or maybe you just feel like your luck for today is used, depending on what currency you want to withdraw there are 2 different scenarios. In case you want to withdraw your skins, this is very simple, just open your inventory (if it’s closed hit the arrow in the top right corner) and select the items you want to withdraw, it is as simple as that.

Skins are not the only currency here and in case you have played their roulette inspired game mode you might also have BIGTokens or any given amount in your BIGWallet, those credits can be spent in the marketplace which you will find in the top right corner under the menu section. It may have happened that you have won a skin that you really don’t like if that is the case you can convert it to your BIGWallet in order to buy whatever stuff you desire.

csgo skins games bets

CSGOBig offers plenty of different modes including case openings, roulette and much more. In this chapter, we will swiftly go through every service and explain what the mechanics behind are.


The good old one, if you don’t know this one it is probably your first time on a CSGO gambling site. CSGOBig has decided to change things a little up here and instead of colors, you have to predict whether or not the next roll will be a rifle, pistol or a knife.


There are 5 different jackpot sizes all varying in bet amounts. The smallest is petite with a minimum deposit of 15 cents only and a maximum of 3 dollars. The biggest of them all is the limitless which, despite its name, has a limit. You can bet between 1 dollar and 9 freaking grand here – this is for the big ballers! In between those pots you will find names such as small, medium and large that all have minimum and maximum bets as well.

Rock Paper Scissor

The old school game rock paper scissor just with a little twist, the winner gets the skins! For some, this game might not feel as random as you can try and play tricks with your opponent etc.

For those who doesn’t know what rock paper scissor is (but who doesn’t?) you pick one of the three choices and the one who picks the better wins. Paper beats rock, rock beats scissor and scissor beats paper. Nothing really more to explain here.

Mystery boxes

This is another great feature on the service. Varying in price from 1 to 100 us dollars you can pay to open a crate and hope for the best. There are 2 types of boxes you can open, the ones with a BIG sign and those without. Those with BIG signs have a chance of much higher rewards but of course, that also brings a lot higher risk. The ones without usually have a minimum amount of the item won which is pretty nice, so at least you won’t end up with a 3 cent skin.


This is a bit of an extra bonus I guess you can say. You can’t actively pay to enter those raffles but by playing on the site while having their name in your steam name, you will automatically obtain tickets that will give you a certain % of the current giveaway. The items given away varies a lot in price but are often between 50 and 100 dollars’ worth of skins.

csgo skins betting tips

What is quite unique for CSGOBig is their huge menu bar. There are simply so many actions, choices, and features it can be hard to get a look at everything. When entering the platform at the very top of the screen you will see a gray bar which will tell you the staff / users currently online, notifications, choice of design color and the possibility of connecting your Facebook or Twitter account to the service.

At the far-right corner you will see your name displayed, click on this and a variety of features will be shown. Here you can do a lot of things such as playing the online jukebox for 1 key, sending gifts to your friends, looking up if everything about the site is working perfectly as well as using their very good marketplace. If you click the “account” tab it will direct you to your CSGOBig account and from here you can check pretty much all of your activity here.

CSGOBig also has a very nice partnership with earn.gg with which you can do surveys and earn some nice skins for free.

csgobig com bonus free skins

By entering with this LINK or special code esportsninja you will be rewarded with a 0.5 $ csgobig token which can be used in the roulette game, coinflip or marketplace. In order to get this bonus you need to sign in with steam through the link the first time you enter the site, otherwise, it will recognize your account and therefore not trigger the reward system.

csgobig pros cons legit

Overall CSGOBig is a pretty solid website, they have plenty of games and a well-looking design. Tip: have csgobig.com in your steam tag if you think you are going to play at least a couple hundreds of dollars. They offer around 0.5 to 1 % back of the bets you compete in so look at it as a little bonus.

Be on the lookout for further reviews, see you next time! Good luck!

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