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CS:GO Crash Game – How Much Risk Can You Handle?

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How it works?

CS:GO crash is not the most popular form of Counter Strike gambling. That is because it is high risk but at the same time, it can reward you with a huge prize. First, need to have some money on the site. Once you have that ready, you can begin to place bets. You need to start off by wagering in the time period given by the website, it is normally around fifteen to twenty seconds.

Once you have the bet placed and the time period has ended, a line will start going up in a diagonal and the multiplier will start to rise. When the multiplier hits the number you want, you can choose to withdraw for that game. However, if you don’t withdraw quick enough, the multiplier might suddenly stop and ‘crash’ causing you to lose the bet you placed.

Although, if you manage to withdraw in time, your wager will be multiplied by the number you stopped on. You will then have the chance to bet on the next game in hopes of winning more money. It may seem like a simple thing to do, just cash out when the multiplier hits the number you want and you have some free money. But that is definitely not the case most of the time.

CS:GO crash is very risky because most of the time the multiplier will go up to one and a half or maybe two, while you’re sitting there thinking it’s going to reach ten or maybe even twenty. Sometimes it does go up to insane amounts in the hundreds, but most of the time it will break very quickly and you will lose money.

counter strike big prize

Types of Crash games

There used to be two types of services, but now there is only one. The old type that doesn’t exist anymore is when you bet your skins on the crash. No more sites do this anymore because it was very hard to withdraw items because there was no alternate currency.

The only type of website that exists now is where you deposit your skins into the account and then you are rewarded with some kind of alternate currency, most of the time it is either coins or emeralds. To earn some free coins, you can check our reviews for promo codes and you can get an extra fifty cents or sometimes it is one dollar.


How to start?

The first step to most gambling sites is to deposit your skins so that you can start betting. It is quite easy as all you have to do is click on the ‘deposit’ tab, which will bring you to a web page where you can sign in if you haven’t already. Then you are allowed to select the skins you want to add, and the amount of coins you will receive after the deposit will also be shown. This is where a lot of people get scammed because they don’t check for the security code thinking the website won’t scam them. Make sure you check the code to avoid losing items you could be using to make some profit.

cs go crash deposit


The next step is to check the legitimacy of the service. This is definitely a crucial part of gambling because you don’t want to be getting scammed for the items that you spent hard earned money on. In the case of most sites, it is very easy to check if the site is legitimate or not. This is through the use of the ‘provably fair’ tab.

Clicking this tab will redirect you to a webpage containing vital information such as the formula for choosing the crash time, along with other things like the percentage of it instantly crashing. The ‘provably fair’ section could even include an odds calculator so that you can figure out the odds of when it is going to stop.

provably fair


These services only have a couple of designs because there are barely any ways to change up the look of the website. However, there are 3 main styles that CS:GO Crash games use. The first style is where the graph is on the left-hand side of the screen, you place bets on the right of that, on the far right of the screen shows what bets people have placed and on the bottom of the screen is the chat.

counter strike betting options

The next style is quite similar to the first example, except is has one difference. Instead of a chat box at the bottom of the screen, there is a box which shows how much was bet in the previous rounds and at what multiplier it crashed.

counter strike betting options

The last style includes all the same things as the others except for the chat and stats for each round. For the last style, the graph is in the same position as the rest, on left-hand side of the web page, you place bets on the bottom and bet amounts for different people are on the right-hand side.

counter strike betting options

Along with these styles, each website has a different approach to the design of the service. Most incorporate their own color scheme to make the site look nice and attractive. But some platforms take the extra mile and change up the graph or add a logo. Most websites look really good so the only decision you have to make is about the type of navigation. Of course, you also have to make sure it is a legitimate and fair game.


And finally…withdrawals!

The last step is a something that most people don’t even reach. That is because the last step is to withdraw from the website. Most people don’t get to do this stage because they think that they can keep making more money until they finally lose it all. So keep in mind, that the only way to make the profit with gambling is to stop at the right moment!

The funny part is that cashing out is the easiest part here on par with depositing. Once you are on the ‘withdraw’ screen, you are able to select the skins your wish to redeem. If the trade goes smoothly with the bot, you will have some new items in your inventory.

Good luck in your gambling journey, and I hope that you will win many bets in the future!

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