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Drakemoon Review – The Best CS:GO Case Opening Website?

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Have you even opened a ton of cases in Counter Strike only to be stuck with a bunch of blues and purples in exchange for a ton of keys? It is well known that opening cases in Counter Strike is a fast way to rip skins. Many better alternatives have popped up, however. Chest opening sites offer the same service as Valve, except at much better odds. They offer tons of boxes, and you can even customize your own! Today I will be reviewing one of the most popular CS:GO case opening sites, Drakemoon.

esports betting design drakenmoon

First, let us discuss the design of the site and how easy it is to use. It has a nice white and purple theme that looks super clean and super nice. It is simple, but you can tell that it is eye catching at the same time. They have a counter at the top of the page that shows recent stuff won from their cases and a chat where people can post their winnings with a cute little comment. The platform itself is super easy to use. There are clear directions and big buttons. For design and ease of use, this service earns high marks.

esports gambling drakenmoon reputation

Next, we must discuss reputation! Drakemoon has often been called a scam by people who lose all their stuff here. However they have a provably fair system, and I personally have never had trouble withdrawing their skin. There is always a risk when you are using an online casino, but I would say this platform is one of the more reputable ones. While they might not be as safe as Valve, I would say it can be trusted with your money if you use it in a time efficient manner.

drakenmoon features

Drakemoon offers many cases with different price tags. Unlike Valve, it shows you the odds of getting each skin beforehand, so you know what your chances are. They have a thirty cent chest for those who have little money that is filled with blues, up to a two hundred and fifty dollar skin filled with top tier items for high rollers. They have everything in between with a knife only box for seventy dollars and separate kits for most weapons.

create cs go case

This website also has a cool feature called case creator. Here, you can choose your own skins and set your own odds. The platform will calculate the cost of your chest based on how expensive the items you can get are. There are tons of boxes available for you to try, and you can make your own as well! This is a very cool feature indeed that allows you to make a perfect chest that you will love. Overall, Drakemoon has a good selection of CS:GO cases to open, and if you do not like any of their boxes you can simply make your own!

esports betting drakenmoon commissions

Now you might be wondering what commission does service take out of these chests? Well, according to some research that I did, I believe the expected value of a hundred dollar case is ninety two dollars and fifty cents. I calculated this by making a box that costs one hundred dollars exactly and using the value of the skins and the odds finding out how much is the expected value to get out of each opening.

This means that Drakemoon takes a seven point five percent commission. Not bad compared to Valve giving you shitty twenty cent blues ninety percent of the time for a three dollar box opening. Now this calculation might have some errors, but it is approximately the commission this site takes.

esports betting bonuses

You are probably wondering if there are any sort of promotions or bonuses on offer? Well, you are in luck! They offer many giveaways, affiliate commissions, and a free seventy cents to get started with! To get this free money, go to “get free coins”, and type in the code esportsninja and you will be rewarded with free money to open CS:GO cases with!

affiliate esports gambling

Keep in mind this is only for new users who own Counter Strike. You can also create your own code and earn a small commision for every user you manage to refer! Drakemoon also does tons of giveaways on their twitter page if you want to check that out.

drakenmoon deposit btc skins debit card

There are tons of ways to deposit money here. You can simply add CS:GO skins, or you can use a platform known as G2A Pay. This platform allows you to use Bitcoin, Gift cards, Debit/Credit cards, and more payment methods! This is a super easy way to deposit funds, and Drakemoon is super responsive to deposits.

I have never had a problem with a deposit not showing up. You can simply withdraw the skins you unbox or resell them for site credits. Service restocks every twenty four hours so if you unbox an item and it is not available, sit tight! The website has some of the better deposit methods out there and fast withdraws.

drakenmoon gambling esports betting

Drakemoon has pretty terrible customer service, to be honest. The only contact option available is via e-mail. They take days if not weeks to respond, and the chance you will actually get helped without the public backing you is slim to none. You can try contacting their twitter, but they are slow to respond as well. Overall, customer service is one of the biggest flaws here.

top sportbooks review

Mobile friendliness is super important in this day and age with everyone having a smartphone or even tablet. It is super nice to be able to open Counter Strike cases when you do not have access to your personal computer or a laptop. Unfortunately, this website scores low marks in this area once again. It is basically unusable on a mobile device with half the page not showing up and slow and laggy response times. Do not plan to be able to use Drakemoon on your mobile device.


Overall this is a nice and pretty decent chest opening site. Their strengths and pros lie in their reputation, design and ease of use, and the various boxes they have. Their bonuses are also a big plus. Their biggest flaws or cons lie in their lack of mobile friendliness and their horrible customer support.

I hope this Drakemoon review was able to help you decide whether or not to use this service. Be on the lookout for future articles, see you next time! Good luck!

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