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Profitable LoL Tips for Betting – LCS EU

Greetings everyone! The final week of the EU LCS is upon is and it looks very promising. Today we’ll take a look at all of the matches and try to make profitable LoL tips for betting.

Splyce splyce team lol vs unicorns of love team lol Unicorns of Love

The Unicorns have rebounded from a few rough weeks and are looking great again. That being said Splyce is also improving day by day, finally looking like a legitimate contender for the title. This is shaping up to be a very interesting match-up since both teams share some qualities. They are not the strongest early stage squads however their teamfighting and mid game macro play is quite good. With both of their top laners performing really well and being able to play both tanks and carries, we are in for a great series. I personally expect Unicorns of Love to take it because of them needing this win in order to lock in first place in their group.

– It’s going to be a close match and it’s expected to go to three maps
– Betting on any specific objective is risky with both crews not really being that impressive early stage.

G2 Esports g2 esports team lol vs fnatic team lol Fnatic

Not much to say about this one. G2 is still undefeated and are looking as good as always. Fnatic on the other hand barely defeated Giants and are not playing at a good level. With both of those things in mind, the winner should obviously be G2 Esports. However, Fnatic is hungry for a win so that may be something to take into consideration.

– LoL tip for betting: 2-0 for G2 is expected
– G2 is good at taking First Dragon with 64%, being second in the league

Origen origen team lol vs h2k gaming team lol H2K Gaming

Yet another obvious match. Origen is already locked in relegations so there’s not much to gain for them aside from trying to improve enough to avoid being relegated. For H2K they need to keep winning if they want to have a chance of getting 1st place in their group. I fully expect H2K to dominate Origen and easily win the series.

– Clearly going to be a 2-0 for H2K
– H2K is the best objective team in Europe. It’s safe to bet on them taking First Dragon, First Turret or First Blood against a weak squad like Origen

Giants Gaming giants team lol vs misfits team lol Misfits

Normally Misfits would be heavy favorites in this one, however, their surprising loss to ROCCAT has sparked some question marks. That being said Giants look like the second weakest crew in the EU LCS, only being above Origen. They are already locked into the promotion tournament and Misfits is locked into 2nd place. Both teams want to look strong heading into their respective future matches. Judging off of relative power it’s safer to say Misfits will win however Giants might be able to snatch a map here if they play their cards right.

– Both teams have a high First Blood percentage. Avoid betting on that
– Misfits is superior in both turret and dragon taking

Vitality vitality team lol vs unicorns of love team lol Unicorns of Love

Not much to say here except that Unicorns will most likely win. Although Vitality has looked slightly better in recent weeks, they are definitely not at the level of the Unicorns. It would be a massive upset if they were able to win. Although winning just one game doesn’t seem impossible for them. Unicorns is not a strong early stage crew so if Vitality can do their best to exploit that at least for one game, that could net them a win. It seems unlikely, though.

– Expected 2-0 for the Unicorns
– Avoid betting on objectives as neither squad is impressive in that category

G2 Esports g2 esports team lol vs roccat team lol Team ROCCAT

Oh man…this is going to be an exciting match! ROCCAT are coming off of a win against Misfits, a team that was able to take a game off of G2. And not only that, they looked impressive while doing it. Considering that G2’s other match is against Fnatic who aren’t playing too good, it looks like ROCCAT is the only team capable of stopping G2’s undefeated run. Although judging off of pure skill level ROCCAT just isn’t at the level of G2, momentum plays a huge part into it and ROCCAT have gone from being one of the worst teams to almost qualifying for playoffs. This huge surge of momentum and confidence is something that might propel ROCCAT into grabbing a major upset over G2.

– A close series is expected. ROCCAT should at least be able to take 1 win. However, the edge goes to G2 simply because they are the best in EU and are still undefeated
– Although ROCCAT might win a map, they are not a good objective team. Look towards G2 snatching First Turret or First Dragon

Splyce splyce team lol vs h2k gaming team lol H2K Gaming

This is going to be another close match and the result of it may be influenced by whether or not Splyce is able to defeat the Unicorns. If they are able to do it and win the series 2-0, a win over H2K would potentially put them in 1st place if Vitality somehow manages to defeat the Unicorns. However I don’t expect that to happen. H2K continues to be a dominant early game squad and I expect that to continue heading into the series against Splyce. Odoamne is a player who can neutralize Splyce’s main carry Wunder. If H2K is able to gain a lead against the weaker early stage Splyce, they should be able to snowball it and win.

– Splyce is fully capable of grabbing a win here. Expect the series to go to three maps no matter who wins
– With H2K being really good early game, it’s safe to bet on Jankos grabbing first blood for them, something he is famous for in Europe

Fnatic fnatic team lol vs misfits team lol Misfits

With Fnatic likely to lose to G2, they will need to defeat Misfits if they don’t want to play a tiebreaker against ROCCAT for the final playoff spot. Although it’s not impossible, I don’t see it happening. With Misfits being expected to win against Giants and regaining their form and momentum from previous weeks, it’s unlikely that Fnatic will be able to upset them. They might be able to grab a game for sure but winning the whole series is going to be a tough task for them.

– Both teams are not impressive when it comes to taking dragon, avoid betting on it
– Even if Fnatic wins one battle it likely won’t be the first one as Misfits usually win their first game of the series


Here are my LoL betting tips for the last week on the split. MSI tournament is coming soon! Keep an eye on our predictions for this event! Good luck!

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