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League of Legends Betting Tips – LCK Week 7

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Hey guys, today we are looking over the week 7 of LCK Spring Split. Down below you’ll see League of Legends betting tips about the games and I hope they’ll help you winning some easy money.

SKT SK telecom T1 team lol VS jin air green wings team lol JAGW

They played against in the past and SKT showed that they are the better team. Judging how Jin Air played last time versus ROX Tigers, when at their first battle they lost 2-0 and then, in the 4th day, they were able to pull out one map but it wasn’t enough to win against ROX Tigers. They improved these weeks, but they aren’t at SKT’s level.

SKT squad showed us who they really are being able to win against KT with 2-1, two times. Their level of gameplay and their macro is that good that they won against KT Rolster in the 3rd game of day 5 without having any dragons, and KT had 3 mountain dragons, but still SKT was able to take Baron Nashor two times strengthening the fact that they are the best LoL team in Korea. Jin Air Green Wings won’t be able to win a single map here, so that will conclude to a 2-0 victory for SKT.

BBQ bbq olivers team lol VS mvp team lol MVP

The second fight of the 1st day is between BBQ Olivers and MVP. Looking into the past, BBQ defeated MVP in the first week, but since then MVP improved a lot, that being showed in their games against Longzhu Gaming. MVP is aiming for that 3rd spot in the LCK standings, they are working really hard for it and I am sure that they won’t be slowed by BBQ Olivers considering that BBQ’s macro gameplay isn’t that good. The first map will be in the favor of MVP, and we might see a win for BBQ in the second game, but clearly the best of three winner will be MVP.

SSG samsung galaxy team lol VS afreeca freecs AFs

Samsung is going to face Afreeca Freecs in the second day. Taking in consideration how they played last week, we can clearly see how much they’ve improved. Samsung Galaxy faced Afreeca Freecs in the first week when they lost with 2-1 record. Even though they have lost then, now Samsung is sitting on that 3rd place with 7-3. AF won’t be able to defeat them again since SG improved so much. Their macro and micro gameplay is superior to Afreeca, and that will lead to a 2-0 in series for Samsung Galaxy.

KDM kongdoo monster team lol  VS rox tigers team lol ROX

Kongdoo Monsters versus ROX will be like Jin Air Green Wings versus ROX, since Kongdoo is at Jin Air’s level. ROX’s experience as a team will lead them to victory against KM. Last week Tigers won 2-0 against JAGW when they met them for the first time, but in the 4th day either they underestimated Jin Air, or they just practiced more, so ROX lost one map. Anyway, they still won, though, treating them more seriously in the 3rd game. The same will happen this week, but they won’t play two times against each other, so the battle between Kongdoo and ROX will be won by Tigers with 2-0 considering that they have better players on every role.

KT Rolster kt rolster team lol vs bbq olivers team lol BBQ Olivers

This series will be pretty boring for the viewers. KT Rolster will play clean, without risky outplays, respecting the BBQ squad. They will focus on outscaling them and that will lead them to victory. BBQ won’t be able to defeat KT Rolster, they won’t be able to pull out one map since KT gameplan won’t let BBQ do such thing. KT will control the objectives and the map so good that BBQ will be overwhelmed by them and lose without having a word to say. KT Rolster will win with 2-0 against BBQ Olivers.

JAGW jin air green wings team lol vs longzhu gaming LZ

Jin Air Green Wings versus Longzhu Gaming won’t be as boring as the previous match, but it won’t be spectacular either. LG are treating enemies like JAGW not that serious, so they are going for fun picks, trying to outplay their enemies. On the other side we have Jin Air which is underperforming a bit. They won’t be able to win against Longzhu Gaming, since Longzhu is just the better team overall, and the games won’t be close. The battle between these two crews will end up in the favor of Longzhu Gaming, closing out the 3rd day with a clean 2-0.

AFs afreeca freecs VS mvp team lol MVP

The 4th day starts with the confrontation of Afreeca Freecs and MVP. This best of three will be pretty interesting having two great teams against each other. MVP managed to win against KT Rolster in the 5th week of the split, crushing them with 2-0. It is a landmark which shows us how much they’ve practiced and what their potential is.

On the other hand, we have Afreeca Freecs, which defeated one of the best teams too. They won against SKT with 2-0 back in the 4th week, when they just outsmarted SKT. Considering that Afreeca and MVP are both great crews, I am expecting great games with close fights and scores, but only one will be victorious after the clash and that will be MVP winning the series with 2-1.

SKT T1 SK telecom T1 team lol vs kongdoo monster team lol KDM

Even though the 4th day starts with a hype best of three, it ends with boring games, since we have SKT T1 Telekom against Kongdoo Monsters. KM are still in the process of clotting as a team, while SKT is already clotted since they have more experience. I am sure that SKT will play the map flawless, controlling the objectives and the vision too, which will lead them to a simple 2-0 victory.

KT Rolster kt rolster team lol vs rox tigers team lol ROX Tigers

Here we are at the end of the 7th week with two interesting matches which will show us some spectacular games. The first one is KT Rolster versus ROX Tigers. At the first sight, some will say that Tigers will lose with 2-0 but I don’t think so. Even though KT is one of the greatest teams in Korea, ROX aren’t in a bad spot too. They will manage to win a map but that won’t be enough to defeat them their opponent. KT Rolster will win against ROX Tigers with 2-1.

SSG samsung galaxy team lol VS longzhu gaming LZ

The week ends up with the clash of Samsung Galaxy and Longzu Gaming. They’ve met once in the first day of the split, and the results were 2-1 for SG. The games back in that day were close, both teams doing mistakes, but they’ve managed not to make that many nowadays. Taking in consideration both crews playstyle leads me to one conclusion, Longzhu Gaming will be the winners of the series, closing out the week with 2-1.


I hope that my League of Legends betting predictions will help you to earn some more money this time! Good luck and see you soon!

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