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Bitcoin Sportsbooks Review – Gently Rewarding Bitcoin Sportsbook

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The Best Possible Odds here! Bitcoin only! is one of the most active sportsbooks in the bitcoin community. They are not as old as some of the other bookies but they are well-established enough to say that are trusted by everyone. For a Bitcoin service to be older than 1 year and having no problems at all with its customers means they are doing a great job.

bitcoin esports betting

This website has some upsides for a newer generation, it has a great UX, technically perfect and no known issues have occurred as long as I can remember. They have a great team behind it that checks every single technical issue they may encounter which helped Sportsbet to become more and more trusted every single day.

Even tough they are a sportsbook that helps you to bet on regular sports they have recently added a new feature that takes a great deal for us: E-SPORTS! And of course as for any new bookie that adds e-betting they started with CS:GO, LoL, Dota 2 and Starcraft. There are so much more moba games and many more esports they are missing but I guess Sportsbet is just testing the waters with these four games and if it will have enough wagered amount they may go with significant add-ons.

btc betting esports

Comparatively speaking their odds are not that bad but there are some others who provide better ones. They have not so big amount of events that we can place money on, but all Major leagues and tournaments are there for you to bet with bitcoin. This means that the only currency available for deposits and withdrawal here is BTC. This fact allows you to use all benefits that cryptocurrency offers: anonymity and fast transactions.

Withdrawals are almost instant, there are not that many places where you can withdraw your earnings that quickly except some of the other bitcoin services. There are no fees for withdrawing and there is no confirmation requirement for my knowledge. As soon as you click on the “withdraw” button you can see the coins coming to your address from blockchain instantly.

sportsbet promo bonus is known for being one of the most active sportsbooks thanks to their bitcointalk account, social media groups, and their outreach to create a more active community. There were a lot of exciting promotions, which were created especially for bitcointalk members: twitter promos, tipsters competitions, and signature campaigns. If you are an active social media user, then there is always an additional chance for you to earn some extra coins joining Sportsbet promotions.

Their latest bitcointalk promos are Video and Article campaigns. It is pretty easy to get a solid reward joining this action. The payment for the video review is up to 30 mBTC, the same reward goes for a 500-word article. If you are creative enough to produce high-quality content, then I see to reason why don’t you use this kind of opportunity!

Another interesting option here is to receive up to 200 mBTC back after making your first 3 bets! This is absolutely phenomenal offer. No matter if your first bets will win or lose, you will get an average amount back to your account with no additional wagering requirements.

esports betting options

Aside from four of the esports LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2 and Starcraft 2 they have any sport you can think of and it is always active and filled. Want to bet on cricket? There are 4 events open for the next 24 hours right now. Do you want to bet on cycling? There are 5 bets on for the next 24 hours. The betting markets don’t stop, there are too many events for too many games and the list is being updated constantly.

If we are talking about more common markets like soccer and basketball, there are always more options than you can bet on. Why is this important for the esports punters? Well if they are so active and put up so many games for the different markets, that means if esports betting gets more popular on their website Sportsbet will find a way to put up more games like Overwatch, Smite or Heroes of the Storm.We just have to make sure they can hear us and know that we want them to add more options, they proved they can, so they will.

sportsbet support

Support is so good that you will be having friendly chats with them after a while. They are always on bitcointalk and you can easily write on their thread. When you talk to support you see that it is not a corporate who is trying to find a way to make one more cent: they are friendly people doing this together and willing to chill with anyone who wants to join them.

You are not just betting on their website, you are basically going to their home and saying “wanna bet that x team will win this Sunday” and they take the bet. It doesn’t feel the cold corporate way, it feels like hanging with your friends. They try to never have any problems and everything works perfectly but if anything happens Sportsbet not only solve your problem but makes sure to compensate you for your troubles on their site which is almost unheard of on anywhere else.

esports best odds

lol starcraft csgo dota gambling btc

Their site is amazingly mobile responsive, I would like to congratulate the person who coded the responsive part. It works much better than any other service I have seen on mobile and not only the functionality but also the design is very elegant. There are great features like tapping menu which pops up side ways instead of closing down half of the view on the most websites. You can easily use their site on your phone and I am sure you will see how easy it is to surf it. Even deposit and withdraw parts are as easy to use as possible, which is usually the hardest part of any service.

esports gambling btc is a bitcoin sportsbook you need to check, they are definitely one of the websites any esports gambler needs to see and use at least once before deciding on which platform they will continue their betting. They may not be amazing on options part but they are amazing on the outreach part. You can talk to them about adding more games, otherwise if you are not a LoL, CS:GO, Starcraft or Dota punter (or any other regular sports) and looking for other games, this may not be the best suit. If you are a guy who bets on these games, you need to make sure to try Sportsbet!

Good luck!

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