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esports skins betting counter strike
At first sight, the site looks pretty smooth… and recognizable. CSGOExclusive is very much alike the well-known CSGO500, the layout is pretty much the same except they’ve gone for the blue theme. The page is very good looking and going through the different sections (Play, Account, Inventory, Shop, FAQ and Terms) you see that the creators of the service have done a great job keeping it nice and simple. Everything is well organized and easy to use.

esports skin gambling cs go

Under the “Account” section you get a quick overview of their Rewards-system (We will get to that later), a complete history of your past bets and a transaction box showing you the latest withdraws and deposit of yours.

The “inventory” section gets the job done and is nothing but a clean overview of your current steam-inventory and the skins’ value on the site (Please note that they have an exchange rate of 1000 credits = 1 dollar)

The withdraw section also known as the “shop” on CSGOExclusive is well filled and you are almost guaranteed to get the skin of your desire… and balance. They have a ton of items varying in price from 500credits (half a dollar) to many skins worth thousands of dollars including AWP Medusa, M4 Howl and the notorious AWP Dragon Lore, just to name a few. Depending on your desire, it’s possible to show the layout of the shop to either list the prices descending to ascending which is a very nice feature.

Heading to the FAQ section you will see the guidelines for use of the service. The most important of those being the withdraw restriction which forces you to bet a certain amount of your deposited skins in order to withdraw, this is to avoid people from using the platform as a trading exchange and is used by a big variety of the other CS:GO roulette sites.

Another cool feature is the “send coins” feature, which allows you send coins from your balance to a friend, stranger and vice versa – If you are tired of beggars don’t worry! They have a strict policy against begging and there are always mods in the chat ready to ban/mute annoying individuals.

Last but not least is the “Terms of service” – we all know the looooong terms of service pages and this one is nothing too special either. Roughly described, you accept the guidelines that are written in the FAQ section and accept that CSGOExclusive.com may delete your account in case of violations of the rules. This is nothing to be scared of as a normal being user.

Also, UK/US ip-addresses are banned on the site so in case you live in the UK/US a VPN will be needed.

counter strike betting roulette

As mentioned earlier the site is based on a roulette alike system with 4 different options. The each option represented by a given colour. The gray is the safest giving you the bet back times 2 with a winning chance of approximately 50%, hitting the colour red will multiply the bet x3 and has a winning chance of roughly 33%. Feeling like taking big risks? Go for the blue, it gives you back the money betted times 5 and has a winning chance around 20%. Feeling lucky you should no doubt go for the golden, living up to its colour it gives back a whopping 50 times your bet and is by far the riskiest of them all – hours may pass without even hitting it once!

The house edge is fairly low with the CS:GO roulette system but is not specified as in percentage on the page. Don’t worry tho, the site isn’t a fraud and they have their own Provably Fair system that lets the user confirm, through a special equation, the roll of the given round.

csgoexclusive provably fair

So far CSGOExclusive has a good reputation and is already sponsoring big youtubers such as Moe – I feel like it’s worth mentioning that Moe has been busted off some cheats including a permanent ban from the proscene and to date his biggest scandal with CSGODiamonds. If you haven’t heard about it yet, the community found out that together with CSGODiamonds, Moe had been faking rolls and dice bets to make “great” content for his viewers, also he has by many been accused of using “fake” credits on sites – often seen betting hundreds of thousands of dollars on risky bets.

Though I feel like this is worth telling, it has nothing to do with CSGOExclusive and so far there have been no claims of any sorts of scam going on with this platform.

csgoexclusive support

I’ve tried messaging the customer service myself and got respond within a reasonable time of a few days – the problem was solved but the response was most certainly not written by a human, I believe they will go more in depth with bigger / more challenging cases.

The only way to contact them is through their support mail support@csgoexclusive.com which is sort of hidden as the last part of the FAQ section.

They have a good amount of admins and mods in the chat to help you with any smaller issues as well but in 99/100 cases the deposit and withdraw is flawless and happens in a matter of seconds.

csgo skins gambling roulette

CSGOExlusive gives a stunning 5 dollars to each new user signing up and entering the code ESPORTSNINJA… but… there is a but, those 5 dollars are so-called “test-coins” and aren’t real money. They have a special system that rewards the user with 1000 “real coins” for every 50.000 “test-coins” betted with a maximum reward of 50.000 “real coins”.  This system is quite unique but for certain players, it can be a lot more rewarding in the long term than the usual half a dollar.

csgoexclusive bonus free coins

pros cons csgoexclusive All around the site is a great smooth service with a very nice layout, pretty much flawless deposit/withdraw system and a good reputation, so we may with a confidence say that CSGOExlusive is legit. The only feature some would miss is the option to make your own odds/winning chance and I feel like they could maybe do a little better job at disclaiming the signup bonus as “testcoins” and not actual credits you can withdraw with.

Thanks for reading this review, see you next time! Good luck!

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6 years ago

Hey i am win 50.000. How much I will get after deposit 0.50? Thanks