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League of Legends Predictions for Bets – LPL Week 7

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Hello guys! Things in the LPL are heating up with WE defeating RNG to become the #1 team as well as OMG upsetting EDG. Let’s take a look at the most exciting match-ups of Week 7 and prepare predictions for League of Legends bets.

Royal Never Give Up Royal Never Give up team lol vs qg reapers team lol QG Reapers

It was not the outcome everyone expected but Royal ended up losing 1-2 to Team WE. Safe to say they’ll try to win the remainder of their matches to re-establish themselves as the best squad in the LPL. The decision to bring in BayBay over mlxg especially for a match of such importance was very questionable. However, this only affected RNG’s macro play and shotcalling. From a mechanical and talent standpoint they are still the best crew in the LPL with all of the players performing very well. LetMe is the only question mark of the roster as his performance on Gragas left a lot to be desired.

Their opponents in this match are going to be QG Reapers. If anything QG is consistent with their results. They continue to lose to teams above them but dominate the squads below them. Their strong cohesion with one another is what makes them one of the better teams in the LPL. Although they have star mid laner Doinb and a very impressive top laner in Kabe, the roster doesn’t really seem that impressive so far but they are definitely not weak players that can get exploited easily.

For this particular match-up, Clid will have to focus his attention on getting Kabe an advantage over LetMe. That seems to be the only exploitable lane for RNG. Even if QG were to try and shutdown Uzi or Xiaohu, they are world class players that will most likely find a way back into the game. LetMe is not that impressive but I do think he’s good enough to survive against any potential camp from Clid. Which is why my League of Legends prediction for the bet is: RNG will be winning the series 2-1. They just have better players across the board and it seems unlikely QG will be able to match them. Unless of course, RNG decides to use BayBay instead of mlxg again.

EDward Gaming edward gaming team lol vs imay team lol IMay

In this series former sister teams will face off. IMay was once EDward Gaming’s LSPL crew until they qualified for the LPL itself. So there’s definitely some connection between these two squads. IMay is in a shaky position where they are in the middle of their group next to 3 other teams. It really does seem what you expect from IMay is what you get. Their lanes usually do average to okay and their jungler is the one that has to gain them leads. Their main advantage over other guys is their ability to make big comebacks partly thanks to AmazingJ’s ability to make key engages or teleports.

EDG has finally made the decision to return ClearLove to the roster after their upset loss to OMG. In his debut match of the year against Snake, he played well and showed everyone once again why he is regarded as one of the best junglers in China. That being said EDG is still a slightly different crew from last year with more focus going towards Scout and Mouse now that the bottom lane for EDG has become a bit weaker.

Considering that IMay knows EDG well they are likely to expect ClearLove to camp for the bottom lane if he is playing over Fireloli. However, with EDG slowly changing priorities within their team, that may catch IMay off guard if they decide to focus on getting one of the solo lanes ahead. That being said even if that doesn’t happen, I expect EDG to outright win the match possibly in a 2-0. They just have a much more stable early game than IMay and they are not a squad that doesn’t know how to snowball a lead especially if ClearLove is playing.

OMG omg team lol vs team we lol Team WE

Normally this match would be heavily in Team WE’s favor. But in recent weeks OMG has been playing better and better which makes me believe they do have a chance of winning the series even if it’s not a big one. OMG are very reminiscent of WE in a way. Their individual players aren’t really that impressive but as a unit of five they play very well and it’s the reason behind their wins.

Team WE has been looking unstoppable recently even managing to defeat Royal. Every player on the squad is performing at a high level. Xiye especially has been doing really well in the mid lane and on any champion that he needs to play. I do think OMG has a small chance to win here if World6 is able to have a big early game impact. However against Condi that seems unlikely so I’d definitely wager on Team WE taking the series.

Newbee newbee team lol vs lgd gaming team lol LGD Gaming

This definitely won’t be the most exciting series in terms of gameplay but it does have pretty big implications on the standings. Both of these teams are at the bottom of their group and are desperate for a win. LGD has swapped out Funny with Jinoo and it has been good for them so far with Jinoo being somewhat impressive in the top lane. Meanwhile, Newbie, on the other hand played with Skye in the top lane for Week 6 to mixed success.

With both crews experimenting and doing everything they can to climb up the standings it’s tough to say who will win. However, I expect Newbee to pick up a 2-1 victory in a close series simply off of Swift being a better and more impactful player than 1ntruder or Eimy. That being said it will be a close match and LGD should not be counted out entirely.

Vici Gaming vici gaming team lol vs invictus gaming team lol Invictus Gaming:

IG can easily 2-0 the struggling Vici.

Snake Esports snake esports team lol vs  Game Talents:

Likely going to be a close match but I’d put my money on Snake barely winning it just because they have superior players and slightly better teamwork. GT’s main win condition is GimGoon and I doubt he will be able to gain a huge lead against Flandre who is also a very good top laner.

Game Talents  vs invictus gaming team lol Invictus Gaming:

Should be a straightforward 2-0 for IG with GimGoon being unable to have the same effectiveness against a really strong top laner like Duke.

Snake Esports snake esports team lol vs qg reapers team lol QG Reapers:

Although Snake might be able to win one game, QG is simply the better and more stable team at the moment. Unless SofM pops off and hard carries a few games, I think QG will win the series 2-1.

Vici Gaming vici gaming team lol vs Royal Never Give up team lol Royal Never Give Up:

The most obvious and straightforward series of the entire week. The easiest League of Legends prediction for the bet is Royal will win 2-0. And if they don’t it will be a massive upset.

Thanks for sticking around till the end, I will see you next time and good luck!

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