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EU LCS Week 4 Betting Predictions

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The Most Important Match of the Week:

g2 esports h2k gaming teams

G2 Esports vs H2K, the clash of titans when 2 of the best teams in EU are facing each other.

This will be one of the closest best of 3 until now, having two good squads playing against will lead to great matches. If we compare each player from the each crew we can see that H2K will win 2 – 1, even though this best of 3 will be really close.

The changes that H2K have made are really good, the only change that I question about is the midlane change; Febiven not showing his true potential yet. Even though last week H2K showed a lack of communication in their match vs Vitality, that is because of their Korean botlane, which doesn’t know English that good, but I`m sure they are trying to improve their communication skills in order to be a better crew.

On the other hand, G2 is a good team, but they aren’t top 3 in EU, at least until now, if they work hard maybe they can get the 3rd place in the EU LCS.

Can G2 defeat the squad who ended up on the 3rd-4th place at the world championship (even though their botlane and midlane have changed now)? I think not. #H2KWIN

Giants Gaming Unicorns of Love teams

Giants, the crew with only 1 win till this moment against ROCCAT, has no chance to win against the best team in EU LCS (in my opinion) Unicorns of Love. Giants haven’t shown too much until now, definitely, Unicorns are better and they are going to take the win 100%, 2 – 0 for sure.

The changes that Giants did are pretty good, bringing young talents into LCS, but they still have to work on improving as a squad, not only as individual players, until then, Unicorns are superior.

LCS EU Betting Predictions for the 4th week: From their playstyle I expect Unicorns getting firstblood and first tower, definitely the first inhibitor too. Not sure who will get the first dragon depends on the type of the dragon, Giants might take it if Unicorns decide to go for the towers instead of the dragons.

Splyce Misfits teams

Splyce versus Misfits, this best of three will be pretty good and we’ll have the occasion to see some quality rounds. Splyce underperformed last week against Unicorns of Love, their jungler getting outsmarted and tilting and, pretty much, better jungler won. Comparing the players, every player from Misfits is better than Splyce players, but that doesn’t mean that Splyce can’t do anything.  I’m expecting Splyce getting the first dragon and maybe the first tower too, and there is a high chance for them to get the map 2 of the best of three.

Misfits have a lot of potential especially with their young talents, Alphari, KaKaO and IgNar, very talented players with huge impact in games. I think Misfits will win the best of 3 with 2 – 1, Splyce underperforming these weeks while Misfits are trying to conquer the EU scene. Definitely, Misfits will get the firstblood, probably from a gank of KaKaO, since he is playing junglers good in early game.

Fnatic Team Vitality teams

Fnatic has made changes to the roster, but I think these changes will be good in the long term, even though they don’t seem too powerful until now. Last week Fnatic played against Misfits, one of the best League of Legends teams in EU at the moment. I am sure they improved a lot since the last week and anyways, Team Vitality is not Misfits. The lanes are pretty much equal on the paper but in the game, Fnatic botlane is clearly better. Rekkles is having a lot of experience in the competitive scene and he will definitely lead his crew to the victory!
This best of three will be interesting, since Fnatic plays with their sub jungler, Broxah, and Vitality playing with their sub support AoD.
All maps will be close, but considering each team performance this split, Fnatic will be victorious 2-1, Vitality maybe will win the second map.

I recommend not to bet too high on this game since we haven’t seen Fnatic playing with Broxah nor Vitality playing with AoD.

h2k gaming roccat teams

H2K versus Roccat will be pretty boring. ROCCAT being 0 – 4 at the moment, while H2K is one of the best LoL teams of EU. Their roster is superior, but I am expecting ROCCAT getting the first dragon. EU LCS betting advice here: the first blood, first tower, and first inhibitor will be taken by H2K for sure.

g2 esports vs origen

Easy win for G2 Esports! Origen being too weak to win against G2 Esports, the only thing that Origen can do is taking the first dragon or the first tower, depending on their comp, but definitely, G2 will take the firstblood and the first inhibitor.
The best of 3 will end with 2-0 for G2 Esports.

league of legends esports betting

If you are going to bet on these matches, I suggest not going with high bets on G2 vs H2K since anything can happen. The h2k win isn’t 100% sure, but in the meantime, you have a lot of 100% matches, which you can combine to get a better odds.

And now, a small prediction about who will win the League Of Legends 2017 EU Spring split.

The winner will be Unicorns of Love for sure, a team with the great potential. Their new jungler fitting so well in the squad and having such a great synergy with everyone. This is making Unicorns of Love a squad to be afraid of, a crew with young talents ready to conquer the summoners rift and the League of Legends Championship! Who knows, maybe they’ll have a good performance at worlds too.

Hope it was useful, guys. See you next time.  Good luck!

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