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LPL League of Legends Betting Tips – Week 4

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Hello to all League of Legends enthusiasts! Today we will be looking at the upcoming Week 4 matches of the LPL and predicting the likely winners. The cross-group games are beginning and it will be exciting to see which group prevails over the other. So without further ado, let’s delve into it!


Edward Gaming edward gaming team lol  vs royal never giveup team lol Royal Never Give Up

This is without a doubt the must see match of Week 4. Both teams have had to rebuild their rosters after losing their key players but are still sitting at the first place spots in their groups. Both of them have also dropped only one series so far making this match even more exciting. Based off growth alone, RNG seem like the most improved squad since Week 1 but that’s not to say EDG hasn’t improved either. RNG have the advantage of no language barriers within the crew so naturally they will improve at a faster rate. That being said this is more than likely going to be a close game.

LPL League of Legends Betting Tips:
– Both teams have excellent dragon control but EDG’s is better by about 10%. Bet on this category at your own risk
– Expected to go to three maps. Winner seems unclear at this point in time


Snake Esports snake esports team lol vs team we lol Team WE

In previous weeks this series would have been hard to predict but right now it’s not that difficult. Snake have looked very bad in their last three matches while Team WE have been looking a little better. Based off form alone the edge goes heavily towards Team WE but even with that aside, something is wrong within Snake and until they fix it, they won’t start winning again.

Tips for the bets:
– WE’s dragon control is much better than Snake’s
– Likely a 2-0 for Team WE


Invictus Gaming invictus gaming team lol vs newbee team lol Newbee

The Newbee line-up has looked better when playing with CoCo as opposed to Cool, that much is certain. But both of these squds have looked solid recently. Invictus Gaming have looked very good in their wins. The only question mark around them is still their bottom lane but compared to all of the bottom lanes they used last year, Marge and Megan seem like an okay duo so far.

League of legends betting advice:
– Invictus Gaming is a strong squad in terms of objectives while Newbee is fairly weak in that regard


LGD lgd gaming team lol vs edward gaming team lol Edward

Not much to say about this one. LGD haven’t looked that bad recently but it’s unlikely they will be walking out with the win here. Edward Gaming are a very consistent team against weaker opponents and even with their roster changes, they have retained this quality.

Betting LPL Predictions:
– A 2-0 victory for EDG is the expected result
– LGD is terrible at taking dragons while EDG is the best crew in the league


Royal Never Give Up royal never giveup team lol vs game talents team lol Game Talents

Another one-sided affair. Sure Game Talents have looked slightly better and they did pick up their first win against Newbee. That being said RNG has been improving a lot with each week and are looking like a fairly good crew. An upset by Game Talents just does not seem likely and it would be a huge shocker to say the least if it did happen.

Advice for bets:
– Likely 2-0 in favor of RNG
– Expect RNG to pick up first blood or first tower of the game as they are a good early stage squad


Vici Gaming vici gaming team lol vs imay team lol IMay

Now this is going to be an interesting one. These teams are sitting on 2-3 records and are hungry for a win. IMay hasn’t won a series since Week 1 and it feels like they have seen a fast decline in their performance. Vici on the other hand is as inconsistent as ever. One week they show signs that they can be a top team in the league and then next time they completely crush people’s expectations. That being said Vici’s controlled style of play should match-up well against IMay’s chaotic plays.

LPL Week 4 Tips:
– Based off form Vici should take it 2-0 but it can easily go to three maps
– Vici is good at playing around dragon. May be wise to bet on them taking First Dragon


Team WE team we lol vs invictus gaming team lol Invictus Gaming

An old classic of the LPL which is certainly going to be fun to watch. Right now the edge seems to be in the favor of Invictus Gaming. With the way they play their matches, their style is good against WE. In victories they usually crush enemies early game and win in dominant fashion. Team WE’s strategy of sacking the early stage and playing well in later stages of the game may be their undoing in this series.

Betting Tips:
– Odds are in favor of IG taking it 2-1. Team WE likely won’t go down without a fight
– Avoid betting on any objectives as both teams are close in that category


QG Reapers qg reapers team lol vs omg team lol OMG

This match may not be as one-sided as one might think. Sure QG have looked fairly good so far and OMG had a rough start. But things are turning around for OMG and they are starting to play better and take games off of some teams. QG started off hot but they’ve cooled off a little bit after suffering two losses to Newbee and EDG in Week 3. While normally you’d predict QG to take it, recent form and matches suggest that OMG may actually be a slight favorite.

League of Legends Betting Tips:
– Both crews have solid objective control. Bet on any objectives at your own risk
– Expect this series to go to three maps


Game Talents game talents team lol vs lgd gaming team lol LGD Gaming

A couple of weeks ago this could have been a total clown fiesta where it’s essentially a battle for who the worst team is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still going to be a clown fiesta. But LGD have looked a little better recently and even Game Talents picked up a win. The quality of this series will be low but it may not be a stomp for either side. We may be looking at a very close match filled with throws and comebacks.

Advice for LoL bets:
– Likely to go to three maps with the winner being tough to predict
– Both crews are terrible and worst in the league when it comes to dragon taking. Do NOT bet on that category

Good luck in your gambling journey, and we hope that you will win many bets!

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