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North America LCS Betting Tips – Week 6

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Hello again everyone! IEM Katowice has wrapped up and we are heading back into regular season play soon. Here is what you can expect heading into North America LCS Betting Tips for the week 6.


TSoloMid team solomid lol vs counter logic gaming team lol Counter Logic

An endless classic and always a match of the week candidate. This time it will be no different. CLG have made slow improvements and are currently sitting on a 5-5 record. This time their opponents are tough and it’s unlikely they will go 2-0 let alone 1-1. That being said CLG is a squad that is at their best when no one believes in them. They do have a chance to upset but it’s not a very good one. TSM is coming off of a 2-0 week where they defeated the other two top teams in the league and they will surely want to keep the momentum rolling.

NA LCS Tips:
– Expected to go to three maps with CLG’s improvements and TSM being notorious for always going to three games
– Both squads are neck and neck when it comes to objectives. Avoid betting on any of them


Cloud9 cloud9 team lol vs flyquest team lol FlyQuest

The second match of the week candidate. Last time these crews faced off they were both on a roll and contesting for first place in the league. This time around while they are still at the top of the standings, they are coming off of rough 0-2 weeks. Cloud9 suffered not just their first loss of the season but also their second after losing to both Team SoloMid and Phoenix1. Meanwhile FlyQuest surprisingly dropped a few matches to Immortals and Dignitas. Both squads will likely bounce back so this match will be a good one and both crews will go in with a lot of desire to take it.

North America LCS Betting Tips:
– Likely to go to three maps
– FlyQuest is 4th in the LCS when it comes to First Turret takes. Cloud9 on the other hand is tied for last with 28%


Immortals immortals team lol vs team liquid lol Team Liquid

Desperation seems to be hitting Liquid as they are looking to make roster changes. Right now it feels like they are a sinking ship that continues to plummet in the standings. Immortals on the other hand continues to be an inconsistent middle of the pack team. Liquid does have a chance to win however the wisest choice would be to go with Immortals for this one.

LoL Betting Tips:
– Team Liquid has terrible objective control such as 1st turret or dragon while Immortals is decent. Look to bet in one of those categories
– Immortals is the safer choice but they are still an inconsistent crew so bet on them with caution


Phoenix1 phoenix1 team lol vs counter logic gaming team lol Counter Logic Gaming

A very tough NA LCS match to bet on. CLG has been improving while Phoenix1 is coming off of a great 2-0 week. At first glance you’d bet on P1 but it’s not that simple. It’s still unclear if Meteos will continue playing for the team or if Inori will be returning. That could drastically change the outcome of the match.

Tips for bets:
– Likely to go to three maps
– Phoenix1 continues to be the 1st place squad when it comes to first dragon takes. CLG on the other hand is one of the weakest in the category


Echo Fox echo fox team lol vs cloud9 team lol Cloud9

Another tough match to bet on. Both teams are coming off of a 0-2 week. Echo Fox has become notorious for doing really well even weeks but completely dropping the ball in odd ones. This is going to be another even battle for them so perhaps their magic can continue to work? It won’t be easy though because Cloud9 will also be really hungry to grab a win.

North America LCS Betting Tips:
– Echo Fox is the number one team in First Blood percentage while C9 is in seventh place
– While Echo Fox is not that strong in 1st Turret takes, C9 is weakest in that aspect. May be a wise choice to bet on Fox taking the first turret in this match-up


FlyQuest flyquest team lol vs envyus team lol EnVy

A fairly straightforward match. Yes FlyQuest are slumping a bit. But EnVy’s only wins so far have been against Liquid (the team they share 10th place with) and Echo Fox during an odd week. You have to expect that FlyQuest won’t just stand around and plummet down the standings. They will work hard to make sure they bounce back from last poor results. They will likely take this one.

– Likely to be a 2-0 victory for FlyQuest
– FlyQuest is a strong crew in terms of objectives but EnVy isn’t too weak either. Avoid betting in that category


Phoenix1 phoenix1 team lol vs team dignitas lol Team Dignitas

A confusing match-up for sure. Phoenix1 is coming off a hot week but it’s unclear who will play for them this time. Dignitas on the other hand is making some improvements and went 2-0 as well in Week 5. While Phoenix1 is the expected winner, it’s safe to say Dignitas probably won’t go down without a fight.

NA LCS Tips:
– Likely to be a three maps series
– Betting on Phoenix1’s insane First Dragon percentage is a safe bet


Dignitas team dignitas lol vs team solomid lol SoloMid

While Team Dignitas had a good Week 5, TSM had an even better one after defeating the other top squads in the league. Not much to say about this one. Although TSM always goes to three games it is very likely they will win this series 2-0 just because things are finally coming together for them.

Advice for bets:
– TSM is strong in taking First Turrets of the game while Dignitas isn’t
– There’s a good chance TSM takes the series 2-0 but it’s not a super safe bet so wager on it with caution


Echo Fox echo fox team lol vs team liquid lol Liquid

Just another straightforward series. Echo Fox is a solid middle of the pack crew while Team Liquid is tied for last and looks like the weakest squad in the entire league. It’s another even week for Echo Fox so they should be expected to walk out with the win here.

Betting Tips:
– Although Liquid is expected to lose they often take their series to three maps and put up a fight so expect this series to go to three games as well
– Echo Fox has insane First Blood rate while TL is last in that department. Look to bet on Fox taking 1st blood


Immortals immortals team lol vs envyus team lol EnVy

As it has already been mentioned, Immortals is an inconsistent crew and EnVy has looked a little better but is still a bottom tier team. All signs are pointing towards Immortals taking the series. They did look pretty good against Echo Fox in Week 5. The 1st time these crews met it was a 2-1 win for Immortals so it is likely that this result will repeat itself.

Advice for NA LCS betting:
– Could easily go to three maps
– EnVy is the best team when it comes to taking down first turret along with SoloMid. It’s decently safe to bet on them taking the 1st turret of the game

May the odds be in your favor and good luck!

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