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EU LCS Betting Predictions – Week 6

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Hello guys, we are getting closer and closer to the end of this split since we already are in the sixth week. We will have 2 important matches which will be played on the first day, while the rest are pretty boring and easy to predict. Let’s have a look what EU LCS betting predictions we have prepared for you this time!


UoLUnicorns of Love team lol vs Misfits team lol MSF

The first game of the week is the most important since two great teams are going to fight for winning the best of three. Judging Unicorns of Love’s performance from last time when they lost against G2 Esports with 2-0, pretty unlucky though since G2 esports won the game after their nexus was one basic attack away of being destroyed. I am not really sure if they can win over Misfits. Unicorns played at IEM Katowice though, where they’ve beaten a Korean squad Kongdoo Monster, but they lost against Flash Wolves. I think they learned some tips and tricks from the Koreans they’ve played against and they might surprise Misfits considering that they haven’t played at IEM.

While UoL was busy at IEM, Misfits were working hard, preparing for the upcoming match. Their lineup is almost equal to Unicorns lineup, excepting botlane, where Misfits are superior and that might be game deciding. I think Unicorns will win the second map, but Misfits will take out the win with 2-1 seeing that Unicorns still have to improve on botlane. If you want to know my EU LCS betting predictions for objectives too, then I suggest going for Misfits, on every objective that is available for bets.


FNC fnatic team lol vs h2k gaming team lol H2K

Fnatic versus H2K will have nice odds for both sides. Last week Fnatic played against Origen and won flawless with 2-0. H2K played against Giants and had the same result as Fnatic, 2-0, but while Fnatic was resting and practicing for one week, H2K was playing at IEM versus Hong Kong Esports and ROX Tigers, two crews which are really good.

These International competitions are helping guys to improve and learn new things which can be unexpected if they apply them in their region. H2K will win the battle against FNC with 2-0 considering they have better players on every role. Probably H2K will be focusing on towers and kills, so Fnatic might be able to take the first dragon, and you can bet on that, but clearly H2K will have the better objectives control since Jankos is superior to Broxah.


G2 Esports g2 esports team lol vs vitality team lol Team Vitality

The second day has some boring matches, G2 Esports versus Vitality being one of them. Clearly, Vitality can’t win against G2 Esports but they can try something out. Past weeks Vitality struggled with their support player, Hachani, but now they have AoD and even though some of you might not know him that well, I can guarantee that he is talented and his team will shine one day, but not this week since they are’t yet at G2’s level of development. I am expecting G2’s squad to take the victory with 2-0 against Vitality, having full map control both games, including objectives too.


SPY splyce team lol vs giant team lol GIANTS

Day 2 is ending with a confrontation of Splyce versus Giants, two different rosters as in players development and as a team synergy. Splyce is a crew of 4 danish players and 1 Slovakian while on Giants side we have 3 Sweedish guys, 1 Korean and 1 Estonian. Past weeks have shown us that Splyce’s synergy is the next level considering that they can’t have communication issues like other teams, having most players from the same country being really important, the squad forging friendships easily.

Giants have less experience as a team, still having that soloq mentality, some of them focusing on their own performance instead of the crew results on the stage, but they’ll get used to premade gameplay in the future if they will work more on team development. Having this comparison leads me to only one conclusion, 2-0 for Splyce, but take in consideration the possibility of Giants controlling the map early and getting the first dragon, so don’t go for dragon bets here since both junglers haven’t treated dragons that seriously in the past matches.


OG origen team lol vs Misfits team lol MSF

The final day of the week 6 is debuting with Origen versus Misfits. Their best of three is easy to predict since one of the best League of Legends teams in EU is playing against one of the worst crews. Misfits showed us how much they can do, how calculate they can be and how hard they can stomp squads like Origen, when they won against ROCCAT with 2-0. ROCCAT being the same as Origen, at the bottom of the barrel. I am expecting Misfits having full control over the objectives and that will lead the series to a 2-0 for them.


ROC roccat team lol vs Unicorns of Love team lol UoL

Week 6 is ending with a pretty match. ROCCAT is going to face Unicorns of Love and Unicorns won’t show too much love to them. The same as the previous battle, this series is going to be easily won by Unicorns of Love, only because they have the better roster. Until ROCCAT will face a team at their level of performance they will remain with 0 wins this split. Unicorns will close out this week with two clean games, 2-0 for UoL.


I hope that my betting predictions for LCS EU were helpful and you have managed to earn some extra money, making profitable bets.

See you next time! Good luck!

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