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LPL Betting Predictions – Week 3 Preview

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Welcome everyone to our LPL betting predictions! This time around we will be looking at the LPL matches in Week 3 and we will discuss which teams are likely to win and more.


Newbee  newbee team  vs  qg reapers team QG Reaper

The match that many have been waiting for. Doinb will face off against his former teammates in this huge clash. That being said while the story behind the battle is great, on paper, it looks somewhat one-sided. QG have looked great in their first two weeks of play, managing to defeat even Team WE, a squad that was expected to dominate their group. Newbee have been lackluster overall but they did have an impressive showing in their 2-0 victory against Edward Gaming. It should be noted however that EDG is still in the process of rebuilding themselves with their new roster so that makes Newbee’s victory less significant.

Tips for LPL bets:
-Most likely going to be a 2-0 victory for QG. However, there is potential for a three map series
-QG have very impressive dragon control while Newbee’s is one of the worst in the LPL. May be wise to bet on QG getting first dragon


Team WE team we  vs  game talents team Game Talents

Not much to say about this one. Game Talents look like the worst crew in the league so far while Team WE have looked okay at best. That being said it’s still Team WE, one of the Top 4 squads in China last year. So it’s highly likely they will take down Game Talents without much troubles.

LPL Betting Predictions:
-Game Talents are the worst dragon taking crew in the LPL
-Likely to be a decisive 2-0 victory for Team WE


Royal Never Give Up Royal Never Giveup team  vs invictus gaming  Invictus Gaming

This is going to be a very close match. RNG looked abysmal in Week 1 of the LPL but had a better performance in Week 2. Invictus Gaming has been solid all around but have not had any performances that make them stand out above any of the other squads so far. That being said the momentum is certainly on the side of IG as their victories have looked much more dominant than those of RNG. The IG crew will be hungry to continue winning while RNG continues to struggle and fill the void that Mata and Looper’s departures left. Look towards Invictus Gaming taking the series.

LPL Advice for Bets:
-Invictus Gaming are the number one team when it comes to taking objectives. Betting on them taking first blood, first dragon or first turret is a relatively safe choice
-RNG likely won’t go down without a fight so the series going to three maps is likely to happen


Snake Esports snake esports team  vs lgd gaming team  LGD Gaming

Let’s face it, Snake looked awful in their Week 2 match against RNG. That being said their opponents are one of the worst squads in the league, LGD Gaming. Considering that LGD’s only victory so far is against OMG, it’s hard to imagine a world where LGD defeats Snake. Flandre is one of the best top laners in the LPL and he will be facing off against Funny, a role swapped top laner that was formerly LGD’s mid laner for a brief period of time. Safe to say Flandre will likely destroy the top lane and make the series easy for his teammates.

Tips for Bets:
-Statistically speaking LGD is not a weak team. It’s risky to bet on either side taking a first objective of the game
-Snake will likely win 2-0


Team WE team we  vs vici gaming team  Vici Gaming

Both crews are at relative the same level. They show good play but they also show bad play. Vici are looking to continue winning more battles after a strong 2-0 showing against Game Talents. However, Team WE is coming off of a rough 1-2 loss to QG, meaning they will be very hungry to pick up a win and not continue falling down in the rankings. It’s going to be a close series for sure.

LPL Advice for Bets:
– This series will go to three maps unless either crew severely underperforms
– Avoid betting on the first dragon as both teams are close to each other in terms of dragon control


Edward Gaming edward gaming team  vs qg reapers team  QG Reapers

The EDG boys will be looking to rebound from a tough loss to Newbee. That being said their struggles will likely continue for a bit more. They were unable to defeat Newbee so it seems unlikely that they will be able to take down the only undefeated team in the league.

– Both teams have a high dragon control but low combined kills per minute. Avoid betting on those categories as they are risky
– Despite QG being the favorite, the series has very high potential to go to three maps


Game Talents game talents team vs newbee team Newbee

As with the other series involving Game Talents, there is not much to say about this one either. Newbee just looks better overall as a squad and they will probably defeat Game Talents. Although it should be noted that Newbee is not one of the better teams in the league so the series may be close than people would expect it to be.

Betting Predictions:
– Both teams have awful dragon control, do not bet on first dragon being taken by either team unless you are feeling adventurous
– Has the possibility of going to three rounds but it’s more likely to be a 2-0 victory for Newbee


IMay imay team vs  invictus gaming Invictus Gaming

It was a rough Week 2 for IMay as they went 0-2 in series losses and 0-4 in game losses. Invictus Gaming looks quite good right now so it should be expected that they will defeat IMay in this series. How many maps it will take for IG to win the series is a tough thing to predict. The LPL is an unstable league so even though IMay looked horrible in Week 2, they could bounce back easily now.

LPL Tips:
– Invictus Gaming’s impressive dragon control will probably net them the first dragon of the game
– Can go to three maps but seems unlikely due to IMay’s most recent performances


Royal Never Give Up Royal Never Giveup team vs lgd gaming team LGD Gaming

Not the most difficult series to predict. LGD doesn’t look too good as was expected while RNG have looked shaky but have still managed to go 2-1 in their first few weeks. There are not many ways for LGD to win this series. Their players seems inferior as well as their teamwork. RNG have not been the most coordination crew in the league but they have shown some improvements and they will likely continue to do so. RNG will pick up the win here.

LPL Betting Predictions:
-Likely to be a 2-0 victory for RNG
-LGD is a bloody team. If you feel like taking a small gamble, betting on them taking first blood may be a wise choice

Be on the lookout for future articles, as I will write much more in the future! Good luck!

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