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Where to Buy Cheap CS:GO Skins?

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Counter Strike is a fun game that many play. While shooting guns is the whole point of the game, a feature called skins are greatly enjoyed by the community. They are basically decorations for your guns. These decorations can cause you to be envied by your teammates and feared by your enemies while being without them causes you to be regarded as a noob. Looking at the prices of these things on the Steam marketplace can be a little intimidating, so in this article, I will go over the best ways to get discounted and cheap CS:GO skins.

csgo low tier skins

First I will go over the best way to buy the cheapest and lowest tier items. These are the models that cost less than fifteen dollars, and you don’t want too much of a headache buying. The best way to obtain these shells is to buy them off an online marketplace such as opskins.com or another site.

You can also purchase keys with paypal for around 2 dollars and trade with others for these play items. You can also get an expensive weapon and trade it down for some nice play items at a trading website like cs.money or another website. Cheap models are generally valued a lot less than their face value, and you can buy a nice collection at a reasonable cost. Beware of scammers, however. If a deal looks it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

counter strike mid tier skins

Next, we will go over the mid tier skins. These are the models that are in the fifteen to hundred dollar range. You want nice floats and stickers on these items so you can get the full value and enjoyment out of them. Knives and good rifle decorations might fit into this category. Luckily, there are many options to find the perfect model for you. You can always buy keys for PayPal and trade them on a trading site for your desired item, but you can also use a website called opskins.com

It’s a peer to peer marketplace with steep discounts because the sellers receive cold, hard, cash in exchange for their stuff. You can inspect the goods before you buy them in the game itself, and opskins has an excellent trust rating, which assures that you will not get scammed. Payment can be made in Bitcoin, PayPal, or a bank account transfer. Credit and Debit cards are allowed, but with a fee and a verification process to prevent carders.

cs go high tier skins

Now let’s talk about the really high tier items. By this, I mean your dragon lores, your medusas, your extremely low float models, the ones that sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. On the off chance that you have the kind of money required to snag one of these extremely nice weapons, you have several options. One, you can use OPskins again, although their five percent fee might be a bit much if you are dealing with really expensive stuff.

Your other option is to trade with reputable expensive item dealers. These players are experts in the prices of rare skins and take low fees. Mcskillet is one of the most notable of these dealers. He regularly does thousand dollar trade ups on his YouTube channel and has also traded up to the lowest float Dragon Lore in the world. Buying expensive stuff is risky, but the items themselves are breathtaking if you have the money.

cs go dragon lore

If you are new to the art of Counter Strike gun decorations, these things might look like awfully expensive pixels to you. However, you will soon find out that it is almost necessary to have at least a few shells. I’ll go over a relatively nice looking budget loadout that you can get for less than ten dollars.


ak elite

First, for the AK, buy the elite build field tested. This AK decoration looks nice and is a cheap CS:GO skin that gets the job done.


m4a4 evil daimyo

For your m4a4 cover, the evil daimyo field tested is a nice red and black pattern with a cool insignia painted on. The nitro is an alternative if you use the m4a1-s.


awp asiimov

My favorite AWP cover is the Asiimov, but that is probably out of your price range if you need a cheap loadout. If you do not use the AWP, buy the pit viper for about seventy cents. If you do use it, however, the sun in leo is a good option for a couple of bucks.


aug ricochet

If you use the AUG, the ricochet looks nice and is super cheap, and the pulse for the SSG looks amazing at only one or two dollars.


p250 valence

For the pistols, get the p250 valence for a few cents. Nice looking and super cheap CS:GO item, not much wrong with this gun cover.


desert eagal directive

My favorite desert eagle skin for those on a budget is the directive. Nice and clean looking, with a light hit on the bankroll.


usps royal blue

For the Usps, get the royal blue field tested, and the Glock catacombs is cheap and decent looking.


mag7 heaven guard

For the MAG-7, the heaven guard looks decent and costs just a few cents. The quicksilver is great for the auto shotgun, while the origami is good for the sawed-off.


souvenir green apple nova

A souvenir green apple nova looks stunning and is super cheap.


auto sniper cardiac

The final covers you will need are for the auto snipers, which are great weapons at the lower levels of the game. The cardiac and the blue grotto both look great and will set you back just a dollar for the factory new versions.


Thank you for reading this article to the end. Whether or not you are new to skins, I hope this guide was able to help.

Be on the lookout for future articles, see you next time and good luck!

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