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League of Legends Tips for NA LCS – Week 7

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Hello guys and welcome to our League of Legends Tips for Week 7 of the NA LCS! This time we will have several good matches that will be interesting but we will also have others that aren’t that cool. While we will mainly talk about the interesting ones, we’ll briefly mention the less important ones as well. Let’s get to it!

FlyQuest flyquest team lol vs phoenix1 team lol Phoenix1

This is going to be a huge battle that will likely determine who gets 3rd place over the other. FlyQuest have been stumbling ever since losing to Cloud9, dropping 4 of their last 5 matches. The thing with FlyQuest is that their unique playstyle as well as unique picks worked wonders for them in the early weeks. But now that teams are starting to figure them out, it hasn’t been going that great for them. Although their individual players are pretty decent, they aren’t top of the league per role and it’s showing as they are getting exploited sometimes in the laning phase.

On the other hand of the spectrum, Phoenix1 has been looking much better than expected after Inori took a break from pro play and was subbed out with Meteos. The team has won 3 of their last 4 matches and have looked like playing with a different jungler hasn’t affected them much. Meteos has looked okay from a macro perspective but it’s clear he is mechanically rusty. Although we should expect Inori to play coming into Week 7, it wouldn’t be too much of a shocker if Meteos ends up playing instead.

In previous weeks I would have given the edge to FlyQuest in this match-up, but looking at both teams and their current form, my League of Legends betting tip is to go with Phoenix1 on this one. Although FlyQuest is more impressive statistically, Phoenix1 has been having great early games and that’s an area where FlyQuest can be exploited in. Zig can hold his own against Balls while Ryu and Arrow are terrific laners and can look to gain an advantage over Hai and Altec who are both solid but not outstanding.

Counter Logic Gaming counter logic gaming team lol vs cloud9 team lol Cloud9

So Cloud9 looked better in Week 6 after a disappointing in previous one where they lost both of their matches. That being said, they don’t look that unbeatable anymore. Their problem seems to lie in the early stage. While it’s not abysmal or anything, they are not too impressive for a 1st place team. They have become notoriously bad at First Tower percentage, being last in the NA LCS with only 34%. So how does the early game affect this match-up? It’s where C9’s opponent may have an edge.

Counter Logic Gaming have been looking shaky all split. One day they have a clean and decisive series and then the next one they lose like a 10th place crew. It’s very bizarre but that’s just how CLG is at the moment. In a similar manner, their early stages tend to go like that. Sometimes they make really clean calls that net them a big advantage and at other times they make the stupidest decisions that end up costing them games.

If CLG is able to have clean early games against Cloud9, they are proficient enough with a lead to close it out. That being said if getting a lead is your only way of winning, then clearly that’s a problem. While Cloud9 may not be a great early game team, if they gain a lead they are able to use it properly. And if they don’t, they’ve shown they have what it takes to make awesome comebacks. So with all of that in mind Cloud9 is clearly the expected winner in this series. But this League of Legends tip it’s not a sure deal and CLG can upset them for sure.

Echo Fox echo fox team lol vs team dignitas lol Team Dignitas

Another battle that will be very important for both squads as they are next to each other in the standings. For both crews this is the match that can determine whether or not they make playoffs. Echo Fox had their first 1-1 week and didn’t look all that good even against Liquid. Although Akaadian has been heavily praised since the splait began, while he has still been doing okay he hasn’t been performing at the same level he showed in earlier weeks. Unfortunately for Echo Fox, it seems like if Akaadian is unable to get the team an advantage they can play off of, they just don’t seem to know what to do. Either that or they just aren’t that proactive when Akaadian isn’t leading the early game.

Dignitas has looked revitalized under Cop’s leadership. His drafts have been focused on playing around the roster’s strengths and it has definitely helped them improve. That being said they are still a very reactive squad which doesn’t work too well unless you’re really good at reacting to enemy plays and punishing mistakes. Dignitas clearly isn’t a team that can punish every mistake with their playstyle, especially since they are still trying to integrate their Korean players into the NA LCS.

While Team Dignitas may put up a good fight, Echo Fox‘s superior early stage should win them this series. Akaadian has been playing worse than earlier weeks but Chaser has been looking very unstable and uncoordinated with his crew, even with fellow Korean teammate Ssumday. Not to mention Echo Fox has better objective control overall so even if Dignitas tries to play reactively, it may not work out so well for them.

Liquid team liquid lol vs envyus team lol EnVy

Simply put this is likely going to be a battle for 9th place. Although both squads managed to pick up a win in Week 6, they have already dug themselves a hole and it’s looking unlikely they will be able to climb out. They have tough opponents to face off against in the remaining three weeks of regular season play so both squads will want to win their direct encounter in order to at least try and secure 9th place.

Team Liquid has swapped Piglet in the mid lane as well as putting former mid laner Youngbin in the AD Carry role. So far the swap has looked good for Piglet. He has been impressive on a number of champions and definitely showed people that he could be a good mid laner with enough time. The swap hasn’t proved as successful for Youngbin however as he has looked fairly average. Luckily for him Piglet acknowledged this publicly in a post-game interview and assured the TL fans that he will help Youngbin improve as fast as possible.

On the other side of the right EnVy continues to be plagued by inconsistent play and lackluster mid to late game. Even their players are guilty of this. One day Seraph might play well and then the next one he plays like he’s the worst top laner in NA. The same applies to every member of EnVy. If they want to defeat Liquid and secure 9th place, they will need to fix their mid to late stage and transition into later stages of the game more easily. It’s going to be a very close match and it’s almost impossible to predict the winner. But my gut feeling tells me EnVy will come out on top just off of having a better early game.

Liquid team liquid lol vs cloud9 team lol Cloud 9

Straightforward series. Cloud9 is expected to win 2-0.

Counter Logic Gaming counter logic gaming team lol vs team dignitas lol Team Dignitas

Dignitas will put up a fight but a 2-1 for CLG seems likely. They will also probably have better early games and objective control than Dignitas.

EnVy envyus team lol vs team solomid lol SoloMid

Another straightforward series. The 2-0 for TSM seems unavoidable.

FlyQuest flyquest team lol vs immortals team lol Immortals

Maybe a close series but ultimately FlyQuest will be able to pick up the win. They will also have cleaner dragon control.

Phoenix1 phoenix1 team lol vs echo fox team lol Echo Fox

Very high potential to go to three games. Advantage goes to Phoenix1 just off of having better form but Echo Fox won’t go down easily.

Immortals immortals team lol vs team solomid lol Team SoloMid

Clear advantage for TSM. A 2-0 for them is likely to happen.


These are my League of Legends tips for the North American fights! See you next time and good luck!

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