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LoL LCK Betting Advice – Week 5

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Today I am going to share my LoL LCK betting predictions for the week 5 matches. After you finish reading this article, you will be able to place some profitable bets on Korean teams. Week 5 is fulfilled with quality games, intense plays and a lot of League of Legends matches to bet. The week starts and ends with two interesting best of threes, the opening one being KT Rolter versus MVP and the last one being ROX Tigers versus Bbq Olivers.

kt rolster mvp teams

This will be the first game of the week, a best of three where we will see the best team in Korea at the moment, KT Rolster, being 6-0 this split, crushing a lot of great squads like Jin Air Green Wings and even the crew who ended up in the second place at the League of Legends World Championship, Samsung Galaxy. But they still haven’t played against SKT! So far KT is conquering the Korean scene of LoL and I am sure they’ll remain like that for a long time. MVP is a team situated on the 7th place in the standings, with 3 wins and 3 losses, but won’t be able to defeat KT Rolster.

Looking over KT Rolsters playstyle seems like they would rather take that first blood tower instead of getting a dragon. Even though the battles may seem a bit slower, with less kills, KT Rolster will manage to get the 1st kill, and since they will be snowballing, they will get that baron Nashor too. My LCK betting advice will be KT Rolster winning with 2-0, so definitely the first inhibitor will be taken by them too, safe win, easy money.

lingzhu gaming skt teams

This will be an interesting best of three. SKT, is the best LoL team in the world, since they won the League of Legends World Championship three times, in 2013, 2015 and 2016, will face Longzhu Gaming. This is a squad with talented players, a crew who showed a lot last time when they turned the final map versus ROX Tigers, from 12-3 to 12-8. Longzhu’s jungler has stolen the baron Nashor, and at the same time, has stolen the win from ROX Tigers. They played spectacular so I am expecting them pulling out one win against SK Telecom T1.

SKT was defeated last week, they had their first loss this split against Afreeca Freecs, a team with great players, but at the moment it’s in the middle of the leaderboard, occupying the 5th spot. Yes, the World Champions were defeated, but I am sure that they practiced enough to show us some clean battles this week. SKT playstyle is around the first tower and opening kill, so definitely you should bet on that, but Longzhu’s jungler Crash will probably focus on the first dragon, trying to snowball from that. Even though Longzhu isn’t a bad squad, I am sure that SKT solved their problems about the micro and the macro gameplay. SK Telecom T1 will be the winners of the best of three, but probably Longzhu will manage to get the second map if they play it smarter.

kongdoo moster jin air green wings

A best of three where the 10th place team is facing the 8th place. Kondoo Monster is at the bottom of the barrel, 0-6 this split, a squad that will have to work hard to go up in the standings. Jin Air Green Wings, even though they are on the 8th place, they managed to win against Afreeca Freecs (a crew who defeated SKT) on the week three of the 2017 spring split. Jin Air Green Wings will focus on the 1st blood, tower, probably the dragon too. The early game will snowball them so they will get the first baron Nashor and inhibitor too. I am expecting Kongdoo Monster winning the second map, so in the end, Jin Air Green Wings will win with 2-1 against the Kongdoo Monster.

bbq olivers afreeca freecs teams

Two teams who may seem equal from the standings, but they aren’t. Looking over Bbq OLIVERS and on what they did last time we can see that when they play against a squad which is better than them, they seem to struggle a bit in the early game, trying to outplay the enemies. On the other side, we have Afreeca Freecs, a crew who surprised a lot of people last time when they defeated SKT.

I am sure Afreeca improved even more since the last week so they will be taking the 1st kill and the tower against the Bbq OLIVERS, and probably the first dragon too. Even though Bbq OLIVERS defeated Jin Air Green Wings, the team who won against Afreeca Freecs on the week three, I am sure that Afreeca guys will be able to win the best of three with the final score 2-1.

skt samsung galaxy teams

I feel like it’s the League of Legends World Championship since they meet again, as they met at worlds. SKT versus Samsung will be a spectacular best of three, filled with close and intense maps, with quality gameplay as always. The battles will be close, but I believe that SKT will manage to get the firstblood and the tower on the starting map, and Samsung Galaxy will respond with the first dragon to these actions. The first baron Nashor will be taken by SKT and that will lead to the 1st inhibitor too. That being said, SKT will win the opening map.

Samsung will draft better in the second round, will play smarter, because almost everytime they lose a battle they manage to return in the following with a lot of improvements, and not only on individuals, improvements as a team. But I am expecting the same from SK Telecom T1, so the match winner will be SK Telecom T1 with the score 2-1.

rox tigers mvp teams

This match will be pretty interesting since ROX Tigers almost defeated Longzhu Gaming last sprint. From what I’ve seen, it seems like ROX tend to tilt very easily, and that leading to throwing the game. Last week they had a huge advantage against Longzhu Gaming, it was 12-3 for them, on the 3rd map of the best of three, and their jungler managed to miss the smite. Probably a miscommunication with the squad when they should’ve stopped from dealing damage to baron and focus on killing Longzhu’s jungler Crash.

This week, I am sure that they practiced on their individual problems, but on the crew issues too, so they will come prepared to face MVP. Honestly, I don’t think ROX Tigers will be able to defeat MVP, since their opponents showed a great performance past weeks. On the starting map, the firstblood and tower will be taken by MVP, as well as the dragon. I am expecting MVP winning pretty hard the 1st battle, so they will be taking the first baron Nashor and the inhibitor. On the second map, ROX Tigers will lead, concluding to a third game where MVP will show they true power with a 2-1 final win.

lingzhu gaming afreeca freecs teams

This best of three will be very interesting, because Afreeca may seem weaker than Longzhu Gaming, but I am sure that Afreeca will make us a great surprise and win here. Considering both teams playstyle, Longzhu will get the dragon, but the firstblood and tower will be taken by Afreeca Freecs. I am expecting them to snowball the opening map so they will get the first baron Nashor, only if Crash, Longzhu’s jungler won’t outsmite Spirit. But that won’t happen since Spirit is well known for his on point smites and they will get the first inhibitor too. I am sure that Longzhu will manage to win the second map, though, but the best of three will be won be Afreeca Freecs with 2-1.

kongdoo moster kt rolster teams

Definitely, this best of three will be the most boring until now. Kongdoo Monster will get pretty much stomped by KT Rolster. Kongdoo being pretty weak, not being able to win against weaker squads than KT Rolster. The most that they can do is to take that first dragon in order to keep them more in the game, but KT Rolster will get the 1st kill, tower and baron nashor, that will lead to the first inhibitor too. Kongdoo won’t be able to win a single map against KT Rolster, so KT will be winning with 2-0 here.

jin air green wings samsung galaxy teams

The most of you will say that Jin Air Green Wings doesn’t have a chance against Samsung Galaxy and watching their latest games we can see that they have problems with the last map of the best of three, because they lost with 2-1 against Longzhu and MVP. But I am expecting them coming very prepared for this week to face Samsung Galaxy.

I am sure that Samsung Galaxy will win the first map, so that will lead to the first baron and inhibitor taken by them. The opening kill might be taken by Jin Air since Samsung will be underestimating their opponent on the starting map. Using this advantage, Jin Air Green Wings might take the 1st tower too, but Samsung Galaxy is going to comeback and hardly punish Jin Air, even for the smallest mistake. The second map I expect Jin Air winning, so we will jump into battle three and Samsung will take the win 2-1.

rox tigers bbq olivers teams

The week is ending with an interesting best of three. Some will say that Rox Tigers is a squad who showed a poor performance past weeks of the split, especially since Smeb, the actual KT Rolster toplaner, left ROX Tigers. That might be true, but Tigers only played against very good crews, and I am sure that playing against better teams, helped them improving a lot.

They will win the opening map, I am expecting them getting the early firstblood and tower against Bbq OLIVERS, and the first dragon, nashor, and inhibitor too. The second map I am expecting ROX Tigers to close the week with the final score 2-0.

Thank you for reading, I hope my LoL LCK Betting Advice helped you make some easy money. Good luck with your bets!

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