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North America Week 5 LCS Advice for Bets

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Hello everyone! A new portion of North America LCS Advice for Bets is here for you! Week 4 was filled with exciting matches but Week 5 is shaping up to be just as exciting! Don’t miss out your chance to earn some money on League of Legends Betting!


Cloud9 cloud9 team vs team solomid Team SoloMid

The match of the week for sure. Cloud9 is still undefeated and they will be looking to continue their undefeated streak going into next week. Team SoloMid on the other hand suffered a nasty loss to Echo Fox. It is clear TSM wants to beat C9 badly and get their revenge on them but it seems highly unlikely at this point. C9 is just a level above TSM and while SoloMid does have a chance to win, it’s highly unlikely.

LoL Tips:
– Cloud9 looked a little shaky last battle. Except them to drop one game but win the series 2-1
– SoloMid is above Cloud9 in First Blood percentage with 6%. That is not a major difference
– TSM is Top 4 in terms of First Turret percentage while Cloud9 is nearly last. It may be wise to bet on TSM taking the first turret
– C9’s First Dragon percentage is decent at 47% while TSM’s is the worst in the league with 37%


Team Dignitas team dignitas vs flyquests team FlyQuest

Not much to say about this one. FlyQuest will likely crush Dignitas. They have looked incredible under Hai’s leadership and arguably should have defeated Cloud9 in their last series. Team Dignitas doesn’t stand much of a chance in this one and it would be a miracle upset if they even bring it to three maps.

NA LCS Advice for Bets:
– Expect FlyQuest to win in a dominant 2-0 fashion
– FlyQuest is a top squad in terms of first objectives taken while Dignitas is average in that category. It’s a very safe bet to go with FlyQuest in that regard, especially in terms of First Baron where FlyQuest is #1 with 86% while Dignitas is #10 with 28%


Team EnVy enwyus team vs phoenix1 team Phoenix1

Phoenix1 stumbled in Week 4 and went 0-2. They were able to keep their 4th place position but it’s clear they have some problems and aren’t too flexible with the champions they play. Then again the same can be said about EnVy as they also went 0-2. Under normal circumstances I would give the huge advantage to P1 but considering they have not looked that great, it is possible EnVy could pull off something. Still though, I expect P1 to take the series and to slowly get back into their form from previous battles.

League of Legends Betting Tips:
– Both crews have a miserable First Blood percentage. It’s wise to avoid placing money on that category
– Phoenix1 is first in the league when it comes to 1st Dragon percentage with 81%. They are well above EnVy who are at 53%. It’s safe to bet on P1 getting the dragon earlier
– Although a 2-0 win for P1 is a big possibility, a 2-1 win for P1 is possible due to their slump in the previous match


Counter Logic Gaming counter logic gaming team vs immortals team Immortals

Both squads have struggled but are on their way towards improvement. That being said however, Immortals had a noticeably better Week 4 than CLG and it’s safe to bet on them taking the series. It’s going to be a close battle however as both crews are desperate for some wins.

North America LCS Predictions:
– Statistically both teams aren’t doing too well. However CLG is third in the NA LCS when it comes to First Bloods
– Expect this series to go to three maps


Team Liquid team liquid vs team dignitas Team Dignitas

Although the struggling Dignitas was able to pick up a win, Liquid looked much better in Week 4 despite their two losses. Goldenglue is starting to perform better while Reignover is finally regaining his previous form. Things are looking up for Team Liquid. For Dignitas it was another poor week but they were able to pick up their second win after defeating EnVy. Considering EnVy is the weakest squad in the league, that’s not a win that matters much in the long run.

LoL Tips for Bets:
– Liquid is one of the worst crews in the league when it comes to taking first objectives
– The series going to two or three maps is a coin toss. Avoid betting on how many maps we’ll see


Team EnVy enwyus team vs echo fox team Echo Fox

Echo Fox looked really dominant against SoloMid. Considering they are playing against EnVy in this match, we can expect them to continue looking dominant. Their jungler Akaadian is destroy the NA LCS and he is already making a huge name for himself. Not much of a chance for EnVy to do anything in this match-up

North America LCS Advice for Bets:
-Echo Fox will likely win the series in a decisive 2-0
-Echo Fox is a top squad in terms of 1st Blood rate and 1st Baron rate. However EnVy is better at them when it coems to the Turret and Dragon rate


FlyQuest flyquests team vs team solomid Team SoloMid

Another high profile match. Although TSM guys are still a top League of Legends team, they just don’t seem like their former selves. FlyQuest on the other hand looks incredible. SoloMid can pull off an upset here but the advantage goes towards FlyQuest. Still though, considering both crews are close in terms of power we can expect a close battle.

NA LCS Week 5 Tips:
– Likely to go to three maps with FlyQuest possibly picking up the 2-1 victory
– In terms of first objectives taken FlyQuest is at the top of the league while SoloMid is lackluster, especially when it comes to 1st Dragon rate
– A risky match to predict. Be cautious of your bets


Immortals immortals team vs echo fox team Echo Fox

Although Immortals have been improving, Echo Fox should be able to use their momentum from beating TSM to steamroll through both EnVy and Immortals. That being said Immortals’ opening will be if Dardoch is able to outperform Akaadian somehow. It is definitely a possibility it may make the series closer than we expect.

Betting Tips:
– Echo Fox are the kings of First Bloods. To be more precise, Akaadian is the king of first bloods. It’s safe to bet on him getting 1st blood against Immortals
– Could be a 2-1 victory for Echo Fox but the more likely result is a 2-0


Phoenix1 phoenix1 team vs cloud9 team Cloud9

With Phoenix1 struggling in Week 4, it’s pretty much expected that Cloud9 will pick up the win here. Until P1 is able to expand their champion diversity and playstyles, the more versatile C9 will continue going through them without too much difficulty.

North America League Predictions:
– Cloud9 are middle of the pack in terms of First Dragon rate while Phoenix1 are way above the rest of the tournament
– Although P1 has better dragon control, Cloud9 will likely take the series
– Could go to three games if P1 steps up and performs better than in their last match


Liquid team liquid vs counter logic gaming team Counter Logic Gaming

Similarly to their match-up against Immortals, CLG will be facing off against a squad that is in their situation. Both crews have struggled and are improving. Not to mention being next to each other in the standings. This series could prove to be very important for either team as the momentum gained from beating the opponent is going be a huge benefit for them moving forward. Both squads will be hungry for a win and it’s hard to predict this game being a stomp of any kind.

NA Betting Advice:
– Definitely a match that will likely go to three maps
– It is hard to predict which team will take it. Bet on the winner at your own risk
– Both crews are not good at objectives however CLG is good when it comes to 1st bloods so betting on them taking the 1st blood against Liquid is a safe bet

Good luck in your gambling journey, and we hope that you will win many bets!

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