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LoL Korean Champions League Betting Advice – 8 Week

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Hello everyone, today I’ll look over the LoL Korean Champions League week 8 matches and give you the best betting advice, in order to earn some money.

LZ longzhu team lol VS bbq olivers team lol BBQ

Week 8 begins with Longzhu Gaming versus BBQ Olivers. Longzhu Gaming roster hasn’t shown the best performance last game, losing with 2-0 against Jin Air Green Wings, a team located at the bottom of the standings. Even though Longzhu got the firstblood every map, they lost the control of the games in the mid stage, and Jin Air punished for these mistakes.

Longzhu is drafting pretty weird lately, allowing their opponents to abuse that. Their second match was versus Samsung Galaxy, and they pretty much have thrown the game. Fly made a few mistakes which allowed Samsung Galaxy’s midlaner, Crown, to get the mvp of the series. Longzhu hasn’t shown their best performance against both crews, considering that they lost 2-0 both of the series.

On the other side, BBQ Olivers, and they aren’t doing too great either. They lost MVP with 2-0, but at least they looked good overall, not being stomped by their enemies. BBQ lost 2-0 facing KT Rolster too, but the same as when they faced MVP, they weren’t stomped. They were slowly and slowly losing the control over the maps, pretty much losing mid-lategame, and the most important dragons- this happened every stage. It seems like if BBQ doesn’t win earlygame, they will pretty much lose versus Lognzhu, and since LG shown us that they have good early stage, I am expecting 2-0 win for them.

JAGW jin air green wings team lol VS kt rolster team lol KT

Jin Air Green Wings faces KT Rolster, one of the best teams in Korea. Even though Jin Air won versus Longzhu Gaming, I’m not sure that they can do it against KT. Jin Air roster is not as good as KT, comparing them as individual players. As a team, the result is the same: KT is playing the rotations around the map better, and overall, their ability to take over the mid/late stage makes them superior.

Last week KT Rolster played versus squads which aren’t at their level, BBQ Olivers and ROX Tigers. KT managed to win both series with 2-0, slowly gaining a lead against opponents and in the end just rotating better. That will happen this week too when KT plays versus Jin Air Green Wings. Unfortunate for JAGW to be placed with a team like KT Rolster, but at least they will learn something after the battle. My LoL Korean Champions League betting advice is that KT Rolster will be victorious with a score 2-0.

SKT sk telecom t1 team lol VS afreeca freecs team lol AFS

The second day debuts with SKT fighting Afreeca Frecs. This best of three will be interesting to watch, since they played once already, back into the 4th week, when SKT got their first loss this split, a pretty tough one, 2-0 for Afreea Freecs. But right now SKT is on a new level, improving their small imperfections from day to day. From their first loss until now, they showed us that they really deserved the world championships and that they are still improving.

In the meantime Afreeca Freecs improved a lot too, winning 2-1 versus Samsung Galaxy and 2-0 against MVP, these wins placed them on the 4th position in the standings. I am sure that SKT will manage to win their second confrontation with AF, but the series will be so close. In the end, SKT will win with 2-0.

KDM kongdoo monster team lol VS mvp team lol MVP

The second day ends with boring matches between the worst teams in Korean Champions League, Kongdoo Monsters faces MVP. Last time MVP won and lost, both with 2-0. They won facing BBQ and lost to Afreeca, and they have pretty much shown that better champ drafting can lead to the win, but this applies only if the teams are equal.

Considering that KDM is 1-11, I think they will be 1-12 after this best of three against MVP. These teams played once this split, and the result was in favor of MVP, winning that series with 2-1 and they will get the win over KDM once again, but this time with 2-0, since KDM can’t manage the objectives as MVP does.

LZ longzhu team lol VS rox tigers team lol ROX

The third day has some interesting matches. First of them is Longzhu Gaming playing with ROX Tigers, two teams with great potential, but one of them is superior at the moment. ROX Tigers faced Longzhu once, on the 4th week, but they managed to win only 1 map, that leading to a victory for Longzhu with 2-1. ROX Tigers struggled a bit versus Kongdoo Monsters last week, as they were very close to be beaten by the outsider. I don’t think ROX Tigers can win against Longzhu Gaming, since LG control the objectives better, and that pretty much will help them to beat ROX Tigers with the score 2-1.

SSG samsung galaxy team lol vs kt rolster team lol KT

This series will be filled with hype and great maps. Samsung Galaxy is fighting KT Rolster, top 3 squads are about to kill each other. Last time they met KT won the battle with 2-0, but until then SSG improved a lot and shown a great performance on the scene. The same happened to KT, the difference between them is in the midgame, where Samsung is showing a lack of good rotations. This happened in their maps against Afreeca Freecs, when they lost with 2-1.

Considering that KT hasn’t shown too much weaknesses past weeks, that will make them win the best of three versus Samsung Galaxy with 2-1 since Samsung probably analyzed KT more since their last play and they might have some surprising pocket picks, but that won’t be enough to defeat them.

MVP mvp team lol VS jin air green wings team lol JAGW

We are heading into the 4th day with MVP versus Jin Air Green Wings. Jin Air got a bit lucky in their games versus Longzhu but they improved a lot. They have already played against MVP once, on the 4th week, but they managed to win only 1 map vs them, and the final result was 2-1. This week’s result will be in MVP’s favor, closing out the series with 2-0 for them since they showed us how good they are in early-midgame.

BBQ bbq olivers team lol VS sk telecom t1 team lol SKT

Boring game will end the 4th day considering that a team on the 7th place is facing the best crew in the league. BBQ Olivers won’t be able to win a single map facing SKT, but they might get that first dragon since SKT will be focusing on kills and towers. At the end of their confrontation, SKT will be the one triumphant, winning the best of three with 2-0.

KDM kongdoo monster team lol VS samsung galaxy team lol SSG

The 5th day starts with a pretty straightforward match, Kongdoo Monsters playing against Samsung Galaxy, the third team in the standings. Samsung’s experience as a squad will bring a positive result in this series. Kongdoo Monsters crew still have a lot to learn and to improve to get on Samsung Galaxy’s level. Clear victory by SSG with a record 2-0 is expected.

ROX rox tigers team lol VS afreeca freecs team lol Afs

The 8th week ends with a more or less interesting fight, between ROX Tigers and Afreeca Freecs. ROX Tigers pretty much underperformed in their last games, meanwhile, Afreeca is going for the 3rd spot in the standings, being placed on the 4th spot at the moment.

Tigers won’t be able to stop Afreeca Freecs from getting that rank 3. Last time they met, ROX won one map versus Afreeca, but that won’t happen again, as this time Afreeca is going for 2-0 win over ROX Tigers, ending the 8th split with beautiful maps.


I hope that you will be able to place some good bets this time and we will be able to earn nice profit together! Good luck!

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