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LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Betting Predictions

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League of Legends 2017 Worlds is right around the corner and this year the competition is looking tighter than ever. Even the newly created Play-In stage might have some surprises in store for us. With that in mind betting on any of the matches at Championship isn’t going to be an easy job. That’s why we’re here to provide you with our Worlds betting predictions and advice, starting off with the Play-In stage.


Group A

LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Betting Predictions  LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Betting tips  LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Betting advice

In the first division, we have China’s #3 seed Team WE, the LCL champions Gambit Gaming and LLN’s first place team Lyon Gaming. This one isn’t too hard to predict. WE should get 1st position 9 times out of 10 in this group. Despite being unable to defend their LPL crown, they have a lot of experience as a squad now and their individual talent is sky high. Gambit Gaming has looked good in the LCL and they should be able to secure 2nd place.

That being said Lyon Gaming are no slouches and they did go 4-2 in their group during the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational Play-In stage. So if Gambit overperform they can challenge WE for the 1st spot but if they underperform, Lyon Gaming might just snatch the 2nd place spot from them.

Our predictions:

1st – Team WE (4-0)
2nd – Gambit Gaming (2-2)
3rd – Lyon Gaming (0-4)

Key notes/players:

– Condi has been an important factor in WE’s success throughout 2017. Their performance will be somewhat dependent on his play. Condi looks to be in decent form so good things can be expected out of WE
– Gambit Gaming’s Top Laner PvPStejos is the ex-Jungler of former Worlds Quarterfinalists Albus Nox Luna. He is a potential weak point for the crew


Group B

LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Bets  LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Bets predictions  LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Bets tips

The second division of the play-in stage will most likely be a battle for 2nd place. It consists of the #3 seed from North America Cloud9, the champions of the CBLoL Team oNe eSports and the champions of the OPL Dire Wolves. Considering how the OPL isn’t on the same level as the NA LCS it’s doubtful the Dire Wolves would be able to take down C9.

The CBLoL might be a bit closer but Team oNe is a relatively new squad that just won the CBLoL in their first split within the league. It’s going to be a close battle between oNe and the Dire Wolves but Cloud9 is more than likely heading to Round 2 of the Play-In.

Our predictions:

1st – Cloud9 (4-0)
2nd – Dire Wolves (1-3) (Teabreaker Win)
3rd – Team oNe eSports (1-3)

Key notes/players:
– The top lane pool in this section doesn’t look promising. C9’s Impact can dominate his lane opponents if he goes into Worlds in good form
– Team oNe’s inexperience may prove fatal. Dire Wolves do have some international experience and that may aid them in making it to the 2nd Round of the Play-In.


Group C

LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Bets advice  LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Betting  LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Betting tips

This is yet another easy to predict division in terms of who comes out in 1st place. Europe’s #3 seed Fnatic should easily defeat Young Generation and Kaos Latin Gamers. Especially considering how they dominated the summer of EU for the majority of the split. In terms of who gets 2nd place that is really tough to predict. However, the Latin America South region has never been impressive at all on the international stage. The Vietnamese region seems more promising, especially after GIGABYTE Marines’ MSI performance.

Our predictions:

1st – Fnatic (4-0)
2nd – Young Generation (3-1)
3rd – Kaos Latin Gamers (1-3)

Key notes/players:
– Although we are predicting Fnatic to go 4-0, it is possible they will drop a game somewhere. Broxah and Caps have barely had any international experience and that may prove to be a burden
– The skill gap between Young Generation and Kaos Latin Gamers should be very small so either squad can advance in 2nd place


Group D

LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Betting predictions  LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Betting advice  LoL 2017 Worlds Play-In Bets

Just like Group A, this final division may prove to be a difficult one to predict. Even though they are the LMS‘ third seed, Hong Kong Attitude isn’t really that impressive as a crew. Fenerbahce has been dominant in the TCL and Rampage has been a solid domestic team. Even though there is room for Rampage to snatch 2nd place (or even 1st in the right circumstances), it’s likely that Japan may fall short once more. HKA and Fenerbahce just have more individual talent and play in a better environment. Japan still needs some more time to develop as a region before it can produce a crew that can be a strong contender.

Our predictions:

1st – Hong Kong Attitude (3-1) (Tiebreaker Win)
2nd – 1907 Fenerbahce (3-1)
3rd – Rampage (0-4)

Key notes/players:
– Fenerbahce is reportedly going to miss scrims due to visa issues. Their individual talent should still allow them to do well but it’ll likely give HKA the advantage in the battle for 1st
– Rampage’s players were decently impressive at this year’s Mid-Season Invitational. These guys have what it takes to cause upsets in this division and a victory or two for them wouldn’t be surprising. Out of all teams that we are predicting in the last place, Rampage probably has the best chance of causing upsets due to the individual talent on their roster


Knockout Stage

Until the divisions conclude we won’t know our knockout phase match-ups. However, we still have an idea about which teams will likely make it to the group stage. Based off of our predictions Team WE, Gambit Gaming, Cloud9, Dire Wolves, Fnatic, Young Generation, HK Attitude and 1907 Fenerbahce will be the eight squads that make it into the knockout stage. Of those 4 crews Team WE, Cloud9, Fnatic and Gambit Gaming have the best chance of making it into the Group Stage of Worlds.

Gambit Gaming is the only one that might not make it because if our predictions come to fruition, they are very likely to face Fnatic or Cloud9. They would be underdogs in either match-up. That being said if they face the 1st place team from division D then they definitely have what it takes to make it into the Group phase.

The Group Stage for LoL Worlds 2017 will start on October 5th with the Play-In concluding on September 29th. As soon as the Play-In level is over and we know the 4 teams that will be going further, we will provide you with our League of Legends World Championship 2017 predictions!

May the odds be with you! Good luck!

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