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LCK Betting Tips – League of Legends Predictions

Hello everyone, here we are at the end of the 2017 spring split. This season summarized at pointing the teams’ problems and helped the newcomers to get used to the stage. We have seen the evolution of the squads, great and not that great matches but overall the spring split was good. Please check and follow my latest LCK Betting tips.

KDM kongdoo monster team lol VS bbq olivers team lol BBQ

The 10th week begins with the battles between KDM and BBQ. Kongdoo Monsters won versus KT Rolster last week, and this was a huge progress for them, even though it did not move them up in the standings. Kongdoo lost though against Jin Air Green Wings, and this loss pretty much crushed their hopes about not being relegated because they have hard games this time considering that every crew will be trying hard and playing at their maximum potential.

BBQ performed well too, even though they lost both best of threes. They managed to win only one map facing ROX Tigers and Afreeca Freecs, but at least they showed everyone that they are fighting for not to be relegated. I don’t think that KM will win BBQ Olivers. My LCK Betting tip is that they will manage to take one map, though, and probably the second one, but in the end, BBQ Olivers will be the winners of the series with 2-1.

JAG jin air green wings team lol VS afreeca freecs team lol Afs

Jin Air performed more or less well, even though they got crushed by Samsung Galaxy, but it was obvious that they will lose here. Their second match was against Kongdoo, and they managed to win it with 2-1, but they struggled a bit. Afreeca had a great run, winning with 2-1 against BBQ Olivers, losing one map because they got punished for some mistakes. Their second best of three was against Longzhu Gaming, and they won with 2-0. I am sure that their performance this week will be incredible.

Even though Jin Air played good against KM last time, I don’t think they will be able to win AF. This battle will be safe to bet on, and if you want to get better odds go for 2-0. The objectives will be controlled by Afreeca too, so you should bet on that too.

ROX rox tigers team lol VS sk telecom t1 team lol SKT

Let’s start with analyzing ROX Tigers. They had a great season and their performance placed them on the 7th spot in the standings after two wins last time. ROX defeated BBQ and MVP, 2-1 both best of threes, which is pretty surprising. ROX are trying to get that 6th or maybe the 5th spot but they will have hard fights.

SKT performed great in the first half of the last week, winning against Longzhu Gaming with 2-1, but they should’ve done it easily. I don’t know what is happening with SKT lately, I guess they just had a bad day, which led them to a 2-0 loss facing Samsung Galaxy, who wants to stay at the 2nd spot. SKT will perform better this time, and I recommend you betting on them because they won’t be defeated again. They will win versus ROX Tigers with a 2-0 score, pretty safe bet.

MVP mvp team lol VS samsung galaxy team lol SSG

Two teams with almost the same results last week. On the one hand, we have MVP who performed really well in their first series vs KT Rolster but played poorly against ROX Tigers. On the other hand, we have Samsung Galaxy, which performed flawless facing JAGW and SKT. Clearly, both teams are in good shape and this best of three will be close, but SG will be victorious and they will have decent odds too.

LG longzhu team lol VS kongdoo monster team lol KDM

Half of the week passed and we have Kongdoo Monsters playing again, but this time against Longzhu Gaming. I have talked about Kongdoo performance, so now let’s check Longzhu. They had a rough week, underperforming in their games, getting stomped by Afreeca with 2-0 and by SKT too, but this time they managed to win one map. Even though KDM won a battle vst a great squad KT Rolster, they won’t be able to beat a top team again. I am sure that Longzhu will perform better this week as they are trying to get that 5th or 4th place. Their victory will be flawless with a 2-0 record.

AFS afreeca freecs team lol VS kt rolster team lol KT

Two teams with opposite performances on the 9th week. Afreeca managed to win both games, meanwhile, KT Rolster lost both. This confrontation will decide if Afreeca will move up in the standings or not because KT at the moment can only downgrade, because Samsung Galaxy’s spot is guaranteed, since they already have 12 wins. The games will be close, but in the end, KT Rolster will be victorious. Don’t bet high on this one because it will be so tight and everything can happen.

ROX rox tigers team lol VS samsung galaxy team lol SSG

The 4th day debuts with the ROX Tigers and Samsung Galaxy battle, a fight which will pretty much lead you to easy money. Even though ROX Tigers performed well last time, SG are in their best form at the moment. The series will be won by Samsung Galaxy with 2-0 for sure, but you can try betting on first blood and first tower for them too.

MVP mvp team lol VS sk telecom t1 team lol SKT

Even though SKT lost a game last time, this won’t happen again. MVP’s performance wasn’t that great and I am sure that they won’t be able to win this week. SKT will play with great tactics, and they will show us the best that they have in order to win the best of three with 2-0. For sure the first blood will be taken by them too.

KT kt rolster team lol VS longzhu team lol LZ

Here we are at the end of the split, which will decide what squads are relegated and what crews are in the top 3. The last day begins with a game which will decide KT’s or Longzhu’s position in the standings. Both teams performed bad last week, but let’s remember how did they play last time.

KT Rolster won with 2-0, and even though time passed since then and Longzhu worked on comps and techniques, KT Rolster worked too and are ready to show what they have. This best of three will be won by KT Rolster, with 2-1 for sure, considering that Longzhu might have something to surprise KT.

JAG jin air green wings team lol VS bbq olivers team lol BBQ

The final confrontation of the split is between Jin Air Green Wings and BBQ Olivers. This will decide which team will relegate between these two since they are very close in the standings. It’s most likely to be Jin Air Green Wings, considering that BBQ will win facing Kongdoo Monsters and Jin Air are just unfortunate because they have to play against Afreeca Freecs.

Both teams will try hard, but BBQ Olivers will manage to win with 2-1 versus Jin Air Green Wings after a more or less close best of three.


This was the last week of the LCK 2017 split, I hope you earned some money following my League of Legends predictions, I surely did 😉

I wish you best of luck!

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