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LoL Betting Predictions NA LCS – Week 8

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Hello everyone and welcome to another week of LoL betting predictions for NA LCS. The race for playoffs continues for some teams while the battle to avoid relegations is ongoing for the others. Let’s take a look at the most noteworthy matches this week and predict how they will play out!

Dignitas team dignitas lol vs team liquid lol Liquid

This is going to be a really important match for both sides. Team Liquid is fighting to avoid relegations at this point, as shown by their last ditch effort of signing Doublelift for the remained of the split. Desperation is kicking in for this squad and the looming threat of being relegated has to be weighing on their minds. Despite being the last place crew, they played admirably against Cloud9 with Doublelift in the roster. This is obviously a positive sign and it shows that with enough effort and a bit more time, Liquid could potentially win enough games to barely dodge the promotion tournament.

On the other side of the pond, Team Dignitas has been doing better ever since bringing in Cop on board. There seems to be more cohesion within the squad and the Korean imports are playing at a more consistent level. Chaser was being criticized for making a lot of unacceptable mistakes and even Ssumday was accused of having shaky games. But the past few weeks have been good for them as they have been able to fix their play a little bit. The main worry for Dignitas continues to be their ability to communicate and form a game plan that they could follow. It doesn’t seem like this is Dignitas’ split to win but they can certainly learn from it and at the very least fight to avoid the promotion tournament.

This is going to be a close series. Statistically speaking Liquid is the worst team in a bunch of categories while Dignitas is middle of the pack. However recent form and play would suggest that TL does have a chance to win the series. My safer LoL betting prediction here is that Dignitas will walk out with a hard fought 2-1 victory but TL should not be counted out entirely.

Echo Fox team echo fox lol vs counter logic gaming lol team Counter Logic Gaming

What makes this series so important is that Echo Fox is very close to CLG in the standings. Depending on how the rest of the matches go for both teams, Echo Fox have a chance to knock CLG out of playoff contention and take their spot. Echo Fox have been looking fairly shaky in recent weeks. It seems that they have run out of steam ever since Akaadian’s performance took a dip. That isn’t too surprising considering the rookie jungler was the reason behind Echo Fox’s insane early games. It certainly be a disappointment for them if they fail to qualify for the playoffs yet again after showing so much promise early on in the season.

Things aren’t looking too good for CLG. Xmithie continues to underperform while Darshan, HuHi and Aphromoo are still largely inconsistent. Although Stixxay has been a rock for CLG, one player can’t carry everyone on his back. Until every player on CLG can get it together and start performing at a high level, it seems unlikely CLG will do well at playoffs. At this point, it’s very possible they might not even go to playoffs if they are unable to fix their performances.

Either crew can take this series. However judging off of recent performance, I would give it to Echo Fox. Akaadian may not be performing at the level he has shown earlier in the split but a struggling jungler like Xmithie is not going to be able to punish him. Having a stronger early game will surely be a huge advantage for Echo Fox.

Team SoloMid team solo mid lol vs flyquest team lol FlyQuest

Simply put this is going to be a tough challenge for FlyQuest. TSM are looking very good right now and are looking like they might be the best team in NA LoL only rivaled by Cloud9. For FlyQuest it’s the opposite as they started off really hot and have lost a majority of their games in recent weeks. For them, this match is going to be a way to regain their form and get a win against a strong opponent both for points and for a morale boost. Their unique drafts were good at first but now it’s becoming apparent that they actually rely on them to some extent and without the ability to surprise their opponents, FlyQuest don’t seem as strong as was believed initially.

TSM obviously has the edge here and should be expected to win the series. For FlyQuest the way of winning the game would be to just go back to standard compositions and use Hai’s shotcalling to their advantage. Although that may not be too successful as it seems like Hai has been struggling recently. Usually, any squad that he has been on has struggled massively without his leadership. By now it should be obvious that Hai doesn’t shotcall at his best level whenever he is personally struggling with his own play. That being said he will need to fix his play and be a strong leader for FlyQuest if they even want to have a chance of winning this series.

Phoenix1 phoenix1 team lol vs immortals team lol Immortals

P1 has been on a roll and they are without a doubt the third best team in the NA LCS. For them, this match is going to be about keeping up their good performances and winning as many games as possible. With Inori focusing on improving enough to the point where he is satisfied enough with his play to return as a starter, P1 have found a very suitable replacement in Meteos who has been performing very well so far. Things are looking good for P1 and with only two weeks in the split remaining, they are going to be a very exciting crew to watch heading into playoffs. For Immortals this is going to be an even more important match. The team is barely hanging around the playoff zone and a win here would certainly help them feel more comfortable with their position in the standings.

That being said it is looking unlikely that Immortals will be able to take the series. They could certainly take one game but the expected winner is definitely Phoenix1. They are just playing too well and clean right now. Not to mention they are statistically a stronger squad than Immortals and have more solid players.

Cloud9 cloud9 team lol vs immortals team lol Immortals

Not much to say here. Cloud9 should win in decisive fashion.

EnVy envyus team lol vs team dignitas lol Dignitas

Certainly going to be a close series. Recent form suggests that Dignitas takes the win 2-1.

Liquid team liquid lol vs phoenix1 team lol Phoenix1

Team Liquid has enough in them to take one game but Phoenix1 are unlikely to lose the entire series. Expect a 2-0 or 2-1 victory for P1.

Team SoloMid team solo mid lol vs team echo fox lol Echo Fox

Last time these guys met, Echo Fox handed TSM a 2-0 loss. With TSM looking great recently and Echo Fox looking shaky, expect that result to switch in TSM’s favor.

Counter Logic Gaming counter logic gaming lol team vs flyquest team lol FlyQuest

Both crews are struggling so it’s very hard to predict the winner. However, with Moon still playing at a decent level and Xmithie having a rough time, it’s safer to bet on FlyQuest taking it 2-1.

EnVy envyus team lol vs cloud9 team lol Cloud9

Fairly straightforward. Cloud9 should win 2-0 barring any massive upset.


Hope that we will see a lot of interesting fights this week and our LoL betting predictions will bo correct! See you next time and good luck! 

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