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Betting Predictions for LCS EU – Week 8

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Hey guys, we are on the 8th week of the League of Legends Spring Split. This time the best teams will face each other and that will lead to great games, and of course, to great odds too. That being said, let’s get to the betting predictions for LCS EU.

VIT vitality team lol VS origen team lol OG

Two squads which played on the second week, when Team Vitality won with 2-0 against Origen. Both crews improved a lot since then, even though Origen didn’t win a single best of three this split, their first maps were won the last week when they lost facing ROCCAT with 2-1 and Giants with the same result. Even though they lost, they showed us that if they don’t lose early stage, they have a chance winning late. Vitality performed more or less pretty good, but everyone is hating them because they rebelled against Giants after the series was lead 1-0. The second game was 7-0 for Giants again, but it seems like Orianna’s ball bugged, and of course Team Vitality didn’t miss this chance for coming back, trying to win the series.

It seems like Giants tilted a bit after what happened, and Vitality were able to close the series with 2-1. Giants were revenged by ROCCAT on the third day when Vitality lost 2-0. Origen were able to win one map versus ROCCAT, and on the other side, Vitality lost with 2-0. But since they have different playstyles, I am expecting Team Vitality to close out the series with 2-0. Origen is having some roster problems, being forced to put xPeke on the support spot, when he was and I guess he still is, a mid main.

ROC team roccat lol vs fnatic team lol FNC

The first day ends on an interesting note, having ROCCAT against Fnatic. When they first met, ROCCAT won 1 map, and then, back in the third week, Fnatic had a better roster, with Amazing as a jungler. Now they hired Broxah, which isn’t bad, but he doesn’t have Amazing’s experience on the stage.

Fnatic showed a great performance versus Unicorns of Love, almost winning the match, but Xerxe was a god and stole the Baron Nashor, Rekkles being the superstar which was keeping the team into the game. Even though ROCCAT won a map back in that day, I don’t think that they have a chance now, even though, as I said, Fnatic as a squad aren’t playing at their true potential. Rekkles will lead his crew to the victory, ending the match facing ROCCAT with 2-0.

UoL unicorns of love vs h2k team lol H2K

The second day has the best battles which we’ll see this week. The first one will be the confrontation between Unicorns of Love and H2K and we all have seen this movie back in the second week. In that day, H2K lost 2-1, but the result will be in their favor this time. Considering that H2K showed us how serious they can be on the rift, stomping Misfits with 2-0, showing that they are still one of the greatest teams in Europe.

On the other side we have Unicorns of Love, which almost wasted versus Fnatic, when they lost all the infernal drakes in the third game, but got lucky with their jungler which pretty much won the game, stealing the nashor, being called the MVP of the series after that action. Unicorns weakness is their botlane, which won’t have a good landing phase facing Nuclear and Chei, the H2K botlane. The series will be close, but my betting predictions for LCS EU is that H2K will win it with 2-1. The result will be decided by the botlane for sure since the rest of the players are more or less equal. But let’s remember that this is a team game, and Unicorns still have to work on their synergy, and then should stop going ham when it’s not needed.

G2 g2 esports team lol VS misfits team lol MSF

The end of the second day will be marked by the fight between G2 Esports and Misfits. This battle will be interesting to watch since the best crews in GROUP A are facing again. Last time the best of three ended up in G2’s favor, but this time things will be in Misfits favor for sure. G2 Esports seems to be the best League of Legends team in Europe, considering that they are 9-0, undefeated until now. But this is only because they have more experience as a squad since they haven’t changed their roster as the others. The experience being more important than the individual skill, and every EU LCS team is having new players, which leads to sloppy games until they are used to each other and synergize better.

Even though they are undefeated by series, G2 lost so hard their first map versus Splyce, probably because they underestimated them, being a bit overconfident, but after that, they started treating them seriously and won the next two maps. Misfits performed not that great last week, losing against H2K with 2-0, pretty hard to believe, but it happened. I am sure that they will show us the Misfits power, which will lead them to a 2-1 victory versus G2 Esports.

ROC team roccat lol VS giants team lol GIA

The end of the week has more or less interesting games, the first one being ROCCAT versus Giants. These crews are equal, compared as individuals, but compared as a squad, Giants seems superior. They were so good last week against Vitality, even though they lost due to that remake which tilted them a bit. It seems like Giants have started to look as a middle team, which isn’t bad taking in consideration that they have young players at their roster. The hard practice that they are doing showed and will show results in this best of three too. Giants will win the fight 2-1.

SPY splyce team lol  VS origen team lol OG

The last game of the day three is between Splyce and Origen. Splyce’s objective control and map rotation improved a lot, that being shown in their game against G2 Esports, when they almost won the series facing the undefeated team. Origen doesn’t have a chance against Splyce, they will get stomped by them. Splyce will win the battle against Origen with 2-0.


That’s it for this week, good luck maximizing your profits with our betting predictions for LCS EU, see you next time! Good luck!

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