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League of Legends Betting Tips – LPL Week 8

Hi guys! Cross-group play has ended and things are going to go back to normal in the LPL. Well as normal as they can be. Let’s take a look at the most important matches and League of Legends betting tips coming into Week 8.

Invictus Gaming invictus gaming team lol vs imay team lol IMay

It’s very confusing how Invictus Gaming continues to be inconsistent. At any moment they could lose to any team and it wouldn’t mean much because they’d beat any opponent the next day. They are a very unstable squad which stems from the fact that their players aren’t always playing at a high level. Marge and Megan have been solid so far but just like previous iterations of IG’s bottom lanes, they have random moments where they just underperform.

The same can be said about Kid who continues to be RooKie’s right hand man. Although he plays well mechanically he doesn’t really branch out and try to carry fights on his own. His main job seems to be getting Duke or RooKie ahead. That’s fine but if that plan doesn’t work out, Kid needs to be able to impact games on his own instead of enabling others to do so.

IMay, on the other hand, had a great Week 7, defeating their former sister team EDG in a three map series. Usually, when they play with Ben4 and Road, they tend to act more reserved and drag out games into the later stages. But with Flawless and Starlight in the roster, they turn it up and play more aggressive than usual. If they are able to gain a lead they push it until it leads to a win. This is wonderful to see and it means IMay is a more versatile crew that is harder to prepare for.

As for who will win the series, it’s a tough call. If IMay plays the Ben4/Road combo it’s safer to bet on IG taking it simply because they are a very punishing team right now. IMay is known for making mistakes in the early stage and it’s hard to imagine IG not punishing them. If Flawless and Starlight play instead, it’s a tough call because IMay’s early game will be stronger. However, in either scenario, my League of Legends betting tip here is 2-1 for Invictus.

QG Reapers qg reapers team lol vs newbee team lol Newbee

It’s Doinb vs Swift all over again! The first time these teams met, Newbee was able to take the win just as they introduced CoCo to the starting line-up. This time around it feels like Newbee might use Cool instead. The former OMG mid laner has been performing well recently so that’s not too surprising. Newbee certainly looks much better than the Summer of last year, that much is certain. However, it doesn’t seem to be enough as they are still at the bottom half of their group.

The crew behind them is none other than their opponents in this match-up. QG are a confusing squad. In-fact it wouldn’t be an understatement to call them the second coming of Invictus Gaming. In one series they look dominant and show so much potential. But then in their next series, they play like they’ve forgotten what League of Legends is. QG certainly has some consistency issues they need to address.

As of right now, the stronger team seems to be QG. However, they went into the previous match-up as the favorites and ended up losing. It’s definitely going to be a super close match. I expect it to go to three maps for sure. I’d give the edge to QG but it’s either team’s game.

IG invictus gaming team lol vs royal never give up team lol RNG

RNG continues to dominate their group and it’s looking like they’ll be in the finals again this split. The squad had to use substitute jungler YHAN due to mlxg being sick but they still looked good as a whole. In their series against Vici Gaming, however, RNG did drop one map and didn’t look as decisive as they usually do. Assuming mlxg returns this week, we can expect RNG to continue their winning ways. However, if YHAN has to play again then that might be something their opponents might be able to exploit.

Invictus Gaming is a strong early stage team when they are playing well. This is something that can work well against RNG who are a crew that needs to gain an early game lead. If they don’t they tend to not play too well from a deficit. That being said I still expect RNG to take the series victory. Their players are performing really well right now, particularly Xiaohu and Uzi. With RooKie being IG’s main win condition and Xiaohu being a player that can go even with him in lane, the edge is definitely in RNG’s favor.

QG Reapers qg reapers team lol vs team we lol Team WE

The other dominant force in the league is without a doubt WE. Although they started off slow, they have ramped up and right now any squad that faces them ends up getting destroyed. Xiye, in particular has been playing incredibly well with Condi setting him up for success in the mid game through constant ganks and lane pressure. Ben has also been impressive and has shown great play on several champions.

Looking at QG’s chances of winning this series, they don’t seem too good. The main win condition for QG seems to be their solo laners. 957 stumbled a bit at the start of the split but has since regained his form as a consistent laner that doesn’t lose to anyone. Safe to assume he won’t really lose against Kabe. And with Xiye performing so well we should expect him to go even with Doinb or just outright win the lane. Although QG has a chance of winning a map, the winner of the series will most likely be Team WE. They are super dominant right now and I don’t expect them to slow down at all.

LGD lgd gaming team lol vs royal never give up team lol Royal Never Give Up

Not much to say here. RNG will likely grab a 2-0 victory.

Game Talents game talents team lol vs edward gaming team lol Edward

May be closer than expected. EDG has looked shaky lately and are dropping games here and there. I would give the edge to EDG and I expect them to win 2-1 however Game Talents have a legitimate chance of grabbing a win here.

OMG omg team lol vs lgd gaming team lol LGD

With OMG’s recent form and LGD being unable to find their footing, I expect OMG to take a 2-1 victory here.

Snake Esports snake esports team lol vs imay team lol IMay

With IMay coming off of a win against EDG and Snake dropping two matches, I favor IMay in this match and I expect them to take it 2-1.

Newbee newbee team lol vs edward gaming team lol Edward Gaming

Newbee can take a game here but EDG should be able to win it 2-1 or 2-0 assuming they don’t underperform massively.

Game Talents game talents team lol vs vici gaming team lol Vici

Both teams are desperate for a win. Game Talents want to snatch a playoff spot while Vici wants to avoid going to relegations. A close match should be expected but based off of recent form, I’d give it to Game Talents. However, either squad can win and it’s risky to bet on either of them.


Thank you for reading my League of Legends Betting Tips! Feel free to follow them if you want to earn some extra money 😉 Good luck!

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