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Betting tips for League of Legends – LPL Week 6

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Hello everyone! The LPL has reached its mid point with half of the cross-group games being played out. While Group A has the strongest team in RNG, Group B is stronger in terms of overall power so far with 11 wins over Group A teams’ 7 wins. It’s time to try and give betting tips for League of Legends, how the second half of the LPL will start off this week by looking at the most noteworthy matches.

Invictus Gaming invictus gaming team lol vs qg reapers team lol QG Reapers

Despite losing a close three game series to Edward Gaming, IG are still one of the top crews in the LPL. They have two huge threats in their solo lanes and a decent bottom lane. Even Kid has molded himself into a solid jungler. The problem with IG seems to be keeping their play at a high level rather than proving that they can play at a high level. It’s already obvious that IG has what it takes to be a championship winning team. But what matters most is how consistent they are and how well they can perform in important matches. The 2015 iteration of IG that went to Worlds also showed promise domestically but when it came time for important matches in the LPL and at Worlds, they failed massively. Playing at a more consistent level is what IG needs right now.

Meanwhile QG Reapers have quietly become a top team in the LoL Pro League as well. While they sometimes have weak showings, that’s normal for a squad with young talent that just came off of the LSPL. The fact is that they are still growing and are already playing at a pretty good level. Doinb continues to be a very good and flexible mid laner and he is by far QG’s star player.

With IG losing to Edward Gaming it can be expected that they will want some vindication. My betting tips for League of Legends: IG takes this series in a close 2-1 fashion but it’s not a safe bet and QG can surprise.

Royal Never Give Up royal never give up team lol vs team we lol Team WE

The best team in the LPL against possibly the second best team. Although Edward Gaming is also first in their group, their loss to RNG really exposed their new roster and its weaknesses. Team WE started off the split in shaky fashion but have since returned to their previous form from last year and are looking very good. The pace at which they win their games is very fast compared to their previous style of dragging it out into late stage. Things are looking up for Team WE, that’s for sure.

Then again things are looking up even more for RNG. The all-Chinese squad is finally building up a lot of synergy and communication. Not to mention that they are all very talented players that can contest for best player in their roles. With Ming being groomed as their main shotcaller, we can expect great things from RNG moving forward.

It’s going to be a very close series but I would give it 2-1 to RNG. Although Team WE is also a good crew with good players, RNG has even more talent on their roster and it will not surprise me if guys like Uzi and Xiaohu perform above their counterparts.

OMG omg team lol vs edward gaming team lol Edward Gaming

A rivalry that goes back all the way to Season 4 when EDG was formed. Ever since 2014 OMG has not been the same team and have struggled heavily, having to go through relegations more than once. Now it finally seems that they are starting to get to where they want to be. They’ve kept the same roster from last year and are continuing to build synergy. On the other hand, EDG has been having growing pains without Deft, PawN or ClearLove in the roster. It seems like they just don’t have very good macro play after the first 15 to 20 minutes of the game.

OMG has the tools to win against EDG in their current form. They have players that know how to take hold of leads in the early stage and snowball them. Not to mention EDG is just not looking like a super good crew right now. They are still a decent team but they have a lot of things to improve upon. That being said I do expect EDG to take the series 2-1 but I am definitely not a 100% certain on that and it would not surprise me if OMG pulls off an upset.

Vici Gaming vici gaming team lol vs lgd gaming team lol LGD Gaming

This is basically going to be a battle between two struggling squads hoping to pick up some momentum with a win. For lack of a better word Vici Gaming have been depressing. They continue to make very questionable decisions, such as constantly swapping their two AD Carries that play essentially the same champions and style. The most questionable one yet was putting Easyhoon in the Support role and Peng in the Mid Lane. Vici is just a mess and it seems like they enter every game without a clear idea on how they plan on winning.

LGD is in a similar position but have shown more positive signs. They are able to think of a game plan that they can play around but they just don’t execute on their plan well enough to translate that into wins. Unfortunately for LGD until they can get actual wins, the positive signs that they show are not important enough. Although both teams are stuck at the bottom of the standings, I expect LGD to take this series 1-2 just off of Vici looking atrocious right now.

Team WE team we lol vs lgd gaming team lol LGD Gaming

Heavily expected to be a 2-0 for TWE.

Newbee newbee team lol vs imay team lol IMay

Although IMay got beaten handily by WE, they have shown better play than Newbee in recent weeks. So they should be able to take series 2-1.

Snake Esports snake esports team lol vs edward gaming team lol Edward Gaming

Although Snake has been looking better, EDG will likely win this one but in a close three map series.

Game Talents game talents team lol vs imay team lol IMay

This is going to be a very close match. Game Talents have looked better but the safer bet is IMay taking it 2-1.

Newbee newbee team lol vs omg team lol OMG

As with the above match, it is likely to be a three map series but OMG should be able to take it as they are playing at a better level right now.


Feel free to follow my betting tips for League of Legends this week! I hope that we can make a nice profit together! Good luck!

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