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LCS Europe Betting Tips – Week 5

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Hello guys, today we are going through LCS Europe betting tips and week 5 matches. After you finish reading the article, you will be able to bet safe and to make easy money, enjoy! This week means that half of the spring split passed, only 5 more weeks remaining. This weekend is filled with great games between teams which are at the same level, excepting 2-3. We will see very intense battles, quality games overall and the action is starting with the most wanted match of the split: G2 ESPORTS vs Unicorns of Love.

g2 esports unicorns of love teams

G2 vs UoL, the first game of week 5, the best teams in Europe are facing each other. Last week G2 played against H2K, where they showed us how strong they really are, being able to defeat the World Championship Semi-Finalist, H2K. The best of three was close, G2 winning with 2-1, but Unicorns of Love defeated H2K too, so the games will be intense for sure.

Unicorns had a great performance too, flawless winning against Giants. Studying both crews playstyles, the maps will go slow and steady, they will go for scaling comps looking to win the lategame. Even though they will play safe, I am expecting Unicorns of Love getting the firstblood and the first tower, on botlane probably if UoL toplaner will tp, they will 4 man botlane, with Xerxe, and take it for sure since they done this in some other matches. Unicorns will win the first game, the second will be won by G2, and I am expecting Unicorns winning the best of three with 2-1. The week starts with an intense best of three, filled with great battles, but Unicorns of Love will be victorious!

splyce fnatic teams

Splyce versus Fnatic, some will say that these squads are equal but I don’t think so. Even though Splyce was defeated by Misfits, they were able to take the firstblood and first tower on the first map, and on the second map they took the first tower again. Definitely, Splyce will be focusing on objectives, but Fnatic will be getting the first dragon, since their opponents are focusing more on towers and kills instead of dragons.

Fnatic changed their jungler, now they are playing with Broxah instead of Amazing, this wasn’t the best decision that they could’ve taken, even though Broxah seemed good in Fnatic’s game versus Vitality, he won’t be that impactful versus Splyce’s jungler, Trashy, so I am expecting Splyce winning with 2-1, Fnatic probably winning the map 2. The battles might go into lategame and Splyce will be taking the first baron Nashor too. That being said, they will win with 2-1.

vitality misfits teams

Team Vitality versus Misfits, will be clearly win for Misfits. Vitality struggling to find a new support for the crew, forcing nukeduck to play support, when they have AoD as a sub, which is one of the best supports of EU, but no problem, seems like Vitality wants the mastermind Koreans. At the moment Vitality is in a very bad spot for them, but I am sure that in the future they will solve their problems and become a top 5 team in EU LCS. Until then, Misfits will destroy them! My LCS Europe betting tip here is 2-0, firstblood, tower and dragon will be taken by them too.

giants h2k teams

I am expecting H2K taking the win. On paper, Giants is a good squad but seems like on the summoners rift they aren’t that good. I am sure that in the future, with hard work, they’ll improve and become better. The most that Giants can do, is focusing on the firstblood tower and the first dragon. They won`t be able to defeat the world championship semi-finalist, H2K. Clearly, H2K will get the firstblood, first baron Nashor, and first inhibitor, in the end. it’ll be 2-0 for them.

splyce roccat teams

Clear win for Splyce here! Roccat being a team at the bottom of the barrel, 0-5 at the moment. Considering their playstyle until now, the most that they can do is to get that first dragon, Splyce will probably get the firstblood, tower, and first inhibitor since they are rotating better and performing better overall. I don’t think that Roccat will be able to win a map, so 2-0 here not in their favor.

origen fnatic teams

And now, the last game of the Europe LCS week 5, which I am going to give my tips for. Obvious win for Fnatic. Origen being, same as Roccat, at the bottom of the barrel, 0-5 at the moment.

Fnatic will take the firstblood and the first tower, Roccat might being able to get the first dragon, though. Since PowerOfEvil left Origen, the crew is kinda going down, not being able to defeat a single team this split. Until Origen starts working harder, the only thing I can say is 2-0 for Fnatic.

Thanks for reading and I hope my advice will bring you some good money! Good luck!

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