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LCK Spring Split Betting Tips Week 6

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Hello guys, we are already in the middle of the LCK spring split. Week 6 will be very interesting since every team will play twice, against the same opponents. I am going to analyze these games and give you the best LCK Spring Split betting tips.


MVP mvp team lol versus loggzhu gaming team lol Longzhu Gaming

These squads are at almost the same level, not equal but definitely not a huge difference between them. Looking back to the week 5, MVP finished it in a great form, pretty surprising, 4-0. They played against KT Rolster in the first best of three, and they were able to close with a 2-0. They showed how much they have improved since the first match of the split when they lost again Bbq OLIVERS.

MVP’s second match last time was against ROX when they pretty much stomped ROX Tigers in two clean games. From what I have seen, it seems like MVP is a crew with a good draftpick, focusing on the early-mid game comps and it seems to work for them. They are focusing a lot on the objectives, but they prioritize the firstblood too.

Their enemies will be Longzhu Gaming, the team who lost last week vs SKT with 2-1 and who won against Afreeca Freecs with 2-0. These two squads will fight two times: the first battle will be on day 1, the first game of the 6th split, and they will meet for the second time on the third day. Even though MVP is on the 4th place, I am expecting them to win both series with 2-1, since they showed how good they are versus KT Rolster.


Kongdoo Monsters kongdoo moster team lol versus afreeka freecs team lol Afreeca Freecs

Last time Kongdoo Monsters won against Jin Air Green Wings with 2-1, but Jin Air Green Wings won against Afreeca Freecs in week 3. If we analyze this we get that Kongdoo > Jin Air > Afreeca, but these isn’t true. Judging Kongdoo’s playstyle we can see that they play a bit too reckless, taking high risk high reward decisions which aren’t working every time.

Afreeca Freecs had a rough battle, losing against bbq Olivers and Longzhu Gaming with 2-0, but I am sure that they are back on track, practicing hard in their time to be a better crew. Judging their playstyle I am expecting Afreeca to take the control over the objectives and the firstblood too. These two teams will play in the first day and in the last day, and I am expecting Afreeca Freecs winning both best of threes, to be more precise Afreeca will win 2-0.


Jin Air Green Wings jin air green wings team lol versus rox tigers team lol ROX Tigers

This will be fun to watch since the games won’t be ended in 20-30 minutes. Probably we will see long fights with multiple outplay attempts from both sides. Jin Air Green Wings haven’t shown the best performance last week when they lost against Kongdoo Monsters and versus Samsung Galaxy, and I don’t think they will have a better performance this time.

On the other side, ROX Tigers lost with 2-0 against MVP and they won against Bbq OLIVERS with 2-1. Analyzing their matches and comparing the players we will probably see the firstblood taken by ROX. I am expecting ROX Tigers to draft better than Jin Air Green Wings, draft which will lead to a better objective and map control for the Tigers. My LCK Spring Split betting tips here: ROX will win the first series with 2-1 and the second battle might be won by Jin Air Green Wings, with 2-1, since they need to face ROX Tigers once to learn how to draft against them and how to counter them.


Samsung Galaxy samsung galaxy team lol versus bbq olivers team lol Bbq OLIVERS

The match will be close too since both teams are around the same level. Throwing an eye into the past week, Samsung lost against SKT Telecom T1 and won against Jin Air Green wings, both the loss and the win being 2-0. Overall, if Samsung Galaxy loses the first match, they lose the whole series too since most of their matches were like that. If they don’t win the first map they won’t be able to win the best of three anymore in most of the cases.

On the other side, Bbq OLIVERS have the same mindset, they having most of the matches won with 2-0 or lost with 2-0. Since Samsung Galaxy is a more experienced team I am expecting them to win the first series on day 2, but Bbq OLIVERS might come with some pocket picks and win the second battle on day 4.


KT Rolster kt rolster team lol versus skt telecom 1 team lol SKT Telecom T1

Finally, the best League of Legends teams in Korea are facing each other. This clash of titans will lead to the best maps that have seen in the LCK Spring split until now! Both crews are 7-1, and overall games w/l 14-3. Some will say that they are equal, and yes, they are equal in numbers. KT Rolster lost a match last week versus MVP, because they came on the stage with a huge ego, underestimating them with the mindset that MVP can’t win. But I am sure that KT Rolster learned their lesson and won’t make that mistake ever again.

On the other side, we have SKT Telecom T1, having a loss against Afreeca Freecs in the 4th week when they were crushed by them with 2-0. I guess this case was the same as for KT Rolster, due to the overconfidence and due to the underestimating their opponents. Judging them based on their performance until then, not on how much they can do, SKT Telecom T1 got a big surprise being stomped by Afreeca Freecs.

Now, going back to what’s important, the confrontation between KT Rolster and SKT. Both squads are really good, but only one of them will be victorious. It’s hard to say who will get the firstblood since both teams are almost equal and anything can happen, but I think KT Rolster will get it, at least on the first map. Since they will be on the blue side in the first best of three, KT Rolster will be able to prioritize the op champions left open and I am sure this will lead to a first map win for them, and probably they will also take the series with 2-1. The second match will be on the last day of the week 6, and I think it will be the same result as in their first confrontation, 2-1 for KT Rolster.


Thank you guys for reading and I hope that these tips were helpful, see you next time, good luck with your LCK bets!

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