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CSGOempire Review – The Most Popular CS:GO Roulette?

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Counter Strike is a fun game. It is the biggest and most popular competitive shooter for the PC, it has huge tournaments with millions of dollars as prizes, and is a great product that is constantly updated. However, it’s most appealing aspect to many is skins market. You can buy and sell items and they are treated almost like currency. Whenever there is currency, gambling will inevitably ensue. In this article, we will be reviewing CSGOempire, which is one of the most popular CS:GO skin roulette site out there.

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The first thing to consider when choosing whether or not to use empire is to decide whether or not they are reputable. Nothing else matters if the whole service turns out to be a huge scam and runs away with your precious items. Luckily, this is one of the most reputable Counter Strike casino available.

They have paid out users consistently and without any issues, and act in a nice and professional manner. There are no legitimate scam accusations on them, which is nice to know. They also sponsor many youtubers, which most scammers would never do. You can trust CSGOempire to not scam you.

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Now that we have concluded that you are not going to be scammed, let us talk about their design and how easy it is to use.

Empire is one of the most basic sites out there, yet there is a kind of beauty in its simplicity. They have a nice and clean white and orange background, and their game is displayed clearly in the middle of the screen.

The withdraw and deposit tabs are clearly visible as well. The game itself is extremely easy to play, but we will be going over that later in the article. You won’t find anything elaborate here, but I think you will probably like the website’s design if you give it a try!

cs go roulette

Let’s talk about the features they offer. Here you can find one and only one game, which is CS:GO roulette. You can bet on either CT, T, or Empire. There are fifteen on these coins, with seven being Terrorist coins, seven being Counter Terrorist coins, and one coin being the Empire coin. You double your money if you land on Counter Terrorist or Terrorist, and win fourteen times your money on the unlikely occurrence that you hit empire.

You might wonder how a site with just one attraction got so popular. Well, the thing is that the game is super addictive and fun, and their spinner animation only adds to the excitement with baits and narrow wins galore. CSGOEmpire certainly doesn’t disappoint in the games department!

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Now we should talk about the deposit and withdrawal methods available to you. Obviously, you deposit and withdraw in skins. They offer the same value for items no matter what, whether you are depositing or withdrawing. You get credits based on the value of the stuff you deposit, and you can withdraw based on the amount of credits you have.

Offers are sent quickly and there has never been a delayed deposit or withdrawal in the history of the service. It is super reliable and efficient. They provide you with a security code as well, so a scammer doesn’t run off with your skins. They always have a vast withdraw inventory available and offer fair prices. One thing to note however, is that you must wager seventy five percent of your deposit before withdrawing. This is to prevent traders from abusing the bots.

cs go bonus free coins

Let’s discuss the bonuses and promotions that you will be offered on this website. Everyone loves freebies and cool promotions, so it is an important part of the CS:GO gambling experience. Luckily, CSGOempire doesn’t disappoint! You will get high quality giveaways constantly with expensive high tier items being won daily.

You also receive a daily faucet gift in which you have a .001% chance to win a factory new Dragon Lore. In fact, five of them have been won like this so far. In addition to all of these cool perks, you can get fifty cents for free to try out the service. To do this, simply click the free coins button and type in the code “esportsninja” without the quotes. Gamble the money and withdraw a nice skin for free!

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Support is super important when gambling. It is nice to be taken care of in a timely manner, and nothing sucks more than having to wait for ages for a problem to be solved. Empire offers a great support system, so all is well. They have live chat admins so you can communicate with them to solve minor issues quickly. If you have more complicated issues, then they have an email where they can take a more in depth look into your problem. Regardless of whether your case is minor or big, they respond to emails within twenty four hours. The support system here is a great thing that will not disappoint you!

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Finally, let’s take a look at the mobile friendliness of the site. Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days, and gambling on the go is a good feature to have. Most Counter Strike sites, however, lack this important feature. Luckily, Empire is not one of those services! You get great mobile support in this casino. In fact, I tried out CSGOEmpire on my phone alone! Because of the simple design that I mentioned earlier, you get a nice and easy mobile experience. This is a huge strength that you should consider when you are deciding which CS:GO roulette to use.


Thanks for reading this review and sticking around till the end. I hope you are now better equipped to find the best Counter Strike casino for you!

Be on the lookout for future articles, and I will see you next time. Good luck!

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7 years ago

they do NOT have great support! I cancelled a withdraw on a knife for 220,65 coins a week ago and still have not gotten my coins back. After sending all information, screens etc (they were fast in reply at the beginning) they confirmed that I in fact did not get my coins back and said they would contact me soon. Now 5 days went by without them giving a single word, and I replied on the ticket 3 times. On the 6th day they replied and apologized and asked for the same info and screens as I had already given.… Read more »

5 years ago

Someone hacked into my account while i was betting on this site he stealed all my coins with a tip to his account. I talked to support and they told me they are not able to refund me . They said i got phished with an link i logged into, but thats not true ,feels like a very bad joke