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LoL Betting Tips – LCS EU Week 7

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Hello friends, LCS EU week 7 is fulfilled with interesting matches and of course, safe LoL betting tips for profitable bets.

ROC roccat team lol VS origen team lol OG

The first day begins with the confrontation between the worst teams in EU LCS, Origen and Roccat. Even though both squads haven’t won a single best of three yet, Roccat managed to win one map against FNC and Giants, but they still lost the series. On the other side we have Origen, who is underperforming so hard, not being able to win a single map this split.

If we analyze the rosters, we can see that Origen has two Koreans, and having Koreans in your crew isn’t always a good thing, most of the teams having communication issues with them, but that shouldn’t be the case here since we are already on the 7th week of the split.

Roccat showed us that they aren’t that terrible at the game and they can play the macro gameplay pretty good if they don’t lose the early stage. Since Origen hasn’t shown a great impact early stage so far, my LoL betting tip here is ROCCAT winning the series with 2-1, losing one map just because they might get outdrafted in the second game after they are switching sides.

VIT vitality team lol VS giants team lol GIA

Vitality facing Giants is going to be the same scenario as for ROCCAT and Origen. Vitality played with G2 last week when they showed us how much they’ve improved, almost winning a game against G2, one of the best teams at the moment. It looks like Vitality is ascending as a squad, preparing to be at the middle of the standings or even better. They still need time since the crew is new and their synergy isn’t as good as their enemies.

Talking about enemies, Vitality’s opponents will be Giants, which is almost the same as Vitality if we are speaking of being a team with new players. Last time Giants played against Splyce, where they haven’t done poorly in the early game, but since Splyce has more experience, they managed to win. Until Giants fixes their lategame problems, they can’t hope for too much. Vitality is overall a better squad, and by analyzing both teams playstyle and performance until now leads me to one conclusion. Vitality will win the best of three facing Giants with 2-0.

FNC fnatic team lol VS unicorns of love team lol UOL

We are on the second day already, and we have some boring and interesting matches at the same time. The second day debuts with Fnatic versus Unicorns Of Love. UoL lost to Mifits due to their miscommunication issues and they were not able to pull that off, even though they won 1 map against them. They kinda solved their problems, more or less, until the end of the week when they had to play with Roccat, and even though the odds were in their favor, they didn’t underestimated opponents and played the games clean, not risking anything.

On the other side is Fnatic, a crew which was promising a lot at the beginning of the split, having new faces in their team, promoting young talents, but it seems like at the moment they aren’t ascending. Over the past matches they won only facing inferior teams and they weren’t able to do something against equal or better squads which is kinda unfortunate for them. Considering that Unicorns of Love have more talented players and a better mindset, working as a team, not as individual players as Fnatic, the win will be taken by them, UOL will defeat FNC with 2-0.

G2 g2 esports team lol vs splyce team lol SPY

The second day ends on a boring note. G2 Esports, one of the best teams in Europe, faces Splyce, a middle crew which has a lot to work to be in top 3. Last time both squads played with inferior guys overall, which made them look good on the stage, but Splyce might lose their appearance when they meet G2 Esports. Considering for how long G2 played with this roster and how good the team it came to be, clearly they will take the win over Splyce, with 2-0, controlling everything from firstblood to the nexus.

VIT vitality team lol VS roccat team lol ROC

This match will start the third day of week 7. Roccat after the win over Origen might be a bit overconfident, and that won’t lead to a better performance coming from their side. Vitality, on the other hand, will show us that they have a lot of potential, trying to control the game by not making too many big mistakes. Team Vitality will take the win here with 2-1 record.

MSF misfits team lol VS h2k team lol H2K

The third day ends on a serious note. Having two of the best League of Legends teams in Europe against each other will make it spectacle. This series will be filled with close maps, and the one who makes less mistakes will be victorious. We saw Misfits playing with Unicorns pretty simple in one game. If Misfits wins the early stage, it will be so hard for H2K to comeback. H2K hasn’t shown too many weaknesses in the early game, most of their mistakes being made later on, mispositioning. If they haven’t improved that until now, Misfits might take advantage on it and that will lead them to a 2-0 win.

OG origen team lol VS giants team lol GIA

It seems like this week has four days since the teams at the bottom of the standings have to play against each other to see who is the best from the worst. Origen will face Giants, two squads equal on paper but judging how Giants performed past rounds, we might see them winning with 2-0 facing Origen, the team who isn’t as good as it was in the previous splits.

That’s it with LoL betting tips for this LCS EU week, take care and bet smart, good luck!

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