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LoL Betting Predictions – LPL Spring Split Week 5

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Hello everyone and welcome to our LoL Betting predictions for Week 5 of the LPL Spring Split! In this edition, we will be covering the major matches as well as throwing in some small tips on the less interesting matches. So without further ado, here we go!

Edward Gaming edward gaming team lol vs invictus gaming team lol Invictus Gaming

It’s been a rough week for EDG as they barely beat LGD 2-1 and then lost decisively to RNG in a 0-2 sweep. It’s clear that the current EDG roster still has a lot of work to do before they will be able to come close to the previous roster that won MSI 2015. Zet has been performing at an okay level but he’s definitely not at the level of someone like Deft. Scout continues to be the bright spot for EDG, being able to consistently play at a good level.

On the side of the rift, Invictus Gaming was able to easily defeat Newbee 2-0 but then lost 0-2 to Team WE. Consistency is what IG needs to aim for and right now although they are a solid squad, they are still not a consistent one. Their current AD Carry Marge has been impressive on Ashe and even Megan in the support role is pulling his own weight. However, they need to be more well-rounded as players because better crews will exploit them when facing off against IG.

Both squads are good at playing around dragon but ultimately, it will all depend on who can bounce back from their rough loss. The standings imply that it’s going to be EDG and I would be inclined to agree. My LoL betting prediction here that it’s definitely going to be a close match that and easily go to three games.

IMay imay team lol vs team we lol Team WE

This has become quite the rivalry. After IMay denied WE a spot at the 2016 World Championship, these teams are looking to re-ignite the competition between them. Team WE was way more decisive in Week 4 compared to other weeks. They looked on point and it seems like they are finally regaining their form from last year. If they can keep it up, they can easily get 1st in their group with EDG looking a bit shaky.

IMay are a squad that did overperform above expectations last year. Just a tiny bit. And it’s finally catching up to them as they are not looking as good as they did last year. Their lackluster play around objectives is somewhat harmful to them and although their players are solid, they are not stars in their roles. That being said IMay has demonstrated that even when they are struggling, they have what it takes to pull off upsets.

Expect Team WE to continue riding the momentum and win this series. It may even be quite decisive. Although IMay picked up a win over Vici Gaming last week, Vici is not the toughest opponent. On the contrary, it’s looking like WE might be the toughest opponent coming from Group B.

Snake Esports snake esports team lol vs vici gaming team lol Vici Gaming

Oh man, it’s looking bad for Snake. Instead of trying to fix their issues, they tried to apply a band aid in the form of SofM going to the support role while Mint was put in the jungle. Boy did it not work. It’s unclear what Snake’s intentions are and whether or not this is a permanent change to their roster. However it doesn’t seem very likely and even if it is, it won’t fix their issue. Lack of a game plan and executing on it has been hurting Snake. As well as some underperforming here and there from Flandre. The team’s inability to draft around their strengths needs to be fixed if they want to rise in the standings.

Vici is another squad that has struggled. Although bengi is playing at a solid level, the team as a whole is just not showing up. Both as a five man unit and individually. Although bengi is doing fine from a ganking standpoint, his objective control and warding can definitely be improved. And if it is improved it will greatly help Vici in turning their season around. But so far it’s not looking that great.

Honestly, you could do a coin flip if you want to predict the winner of this series. But with that aside, it does feel like Vici Gaming is in a bit of a more solid state and it’s safer to bet on them taking the win here.

Royal Never Give Up royal never give up team lol vs newbee team lol Newbee

So RNG is back! Despite a rough Week 1, they’ve managed to bounce back and have looked really good recently. They even defeated Group B’s 1st place team Edward Gaming in a decisive 2-0 sweep. It’s very clear that RNG is slowly fixing their coordination and communication issues and once they’ve cleared up all of them, they will be a very scary team. But as of right now, they are comfortable at the top of the LPL.

Newbee had a good time when CoCo made his debut for them. However since then, they’ve cooled off and it’s becoming apparent that although CoCo may be a better fit for the team than Cool, it’s not what they need to be a top team. Quite frankly, what they need is to just play better. Too often they make mistakes or silly in-game decisions that end up costing them severely. Not to mention that aside from Game Talents, Newbee is the worst dragon taking team in the LPL.

Although the series may be interesting if Newbee shows up to play, ultimately it will be a victory for RNG. And if Newbee can somehow win it, then it’ll be a massive upset.

Vici Gaming vici gaming team lol vs omg team lol OMG

OMG has been looking better with each week. Expect them to pull off a win here.

Newbee newbee team lol vs snake esports team lol Snake Esports

Although Newbee isn’t doing too great at the moment, Snake looks awful. A 2-0 win for Newbee wouldn’t be surprising.

IMay imay team lol vs qg reapers team lol QG Reapers

IMay is on the road towards being a better team but right now the advantage goes to QG.

OMG omg team lol vs game talents team lol Game Talents

Both crews have been looking better and better. A close series should be expected. Can easily go to three games.

QG Reapers qg reapers team lol vs lgd gaming team lol LGD Gaming

QG Reapers are the clear favorites here, especially after LGD lost to Game Talents.


May the odds be in your favor and good luck!

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