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Dreamhack Las Vegas 2017 CS:GO Betting Predictions

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The Counter Strike Major ended a few weeks ago, and the bevy of roster moves that are common after majors followed as always. From the reuniting of Fnatic to the French super team, the next big tournament, that I am going to make betting predictions for – Dreamhack Las Vegas 2017, promises to be a blast! The tournament starts on February 15th, and I hope this article will help you be fully prepared to bet and watch the tourney! I will go over who I think will win each group, my picks for the round one matchups, and my pick for the overall tourney winner! Without further ado, let’s get started!

group a teams

First, we will discuss the four groups there are, and what teams make them up. In group A, we have Astralis and North, along with North American sides Optic and Complexity. This is a very strong lineup with Astralis the major winner, and Optic and North both good squads. The one weak link is Complexity. They are a tier three team at best and are probably the weakest crew in the whole competition. Group A will have a fierce battle for the top spot, but I think eventually Astralis will trump. You can’t bet against the major champion after all!

group b

Group B consists of Virtus.Pro, Gambit, Fnatic, and Misfits. If you are wondering who the hell Misfits are, they are an Overwatch giant that recently bought the TSM roster after the players had a falling out with the management. However they, along with Gambit are considered lower tier crews. Even though Gambit had a playoff performance in the major, their weakness was exposed by a weak Fnatic in a best of three. Now that Fnatic is at full strength they along with the veterans in Virtus.Pro look to be in a two team fight for the group. Ultimately, I feel like the old kings will assert their dominance on the back of the new AWPer JW, and win the stage. I personally would love to see the rebirth of the once dominant Fnatic. It would be quite a spectacle if Fnatic can hit on all cylinders.

group c teams

Group C consists of SK, NiP, Tyloo, and Cloud 9. Three months ago, this lineup would be absolutely stacked with three top five teams and the best Asian squad out there. Now, after many disasters, these crews are on the edge of mediocrity. SK doesn’t look dominant anymore, NiP was shocked by a no name Russian team in Vega Squadron, and Cloud 9 couldn’t even qualify for the major yet again. Tyloo has gotten embarrassed by every tier one team they have played and are a non factor. The team that does win this division has a big chance to battle back from irrelevance, and the losers will have to consider serious changes. With all this pressure, I think NiP takes the group. They have practiced tirelessly after being shocked, and show that the one upset was indeed a one time hiccup.

group d teams

Group D consists of FaZe, Navi, Mousesports, and Renegades. Mousesports has been bad long enough to be considered a tier two team, and Renegades is a roster on the rise but needs a lot more work. You have to think this is a two crews race for the group between FaZe and Navi. I simply cannot bet against Navi. On the back of S1mple and Starix, they win the first stage with a tight victory over FaZe.


Dreamhack Las Vegas CS:GO Betting Tips

Astralis complexity teams

Let’s go over my picks for the round one matchups. First up Astralis takes on Complexity. I feel like Astralis is the best team in the tourney and Complexity is the worst. Bet on the Astralis spread with confidence as Astralis takes it in a landslide.

north optic gaming teams

Next, North face off against Optic. North edge out a close victory here against a strong Optic squad, probably on Cobble. North have proven leaders in Magisk and Konfig, and a stunningly good in game leader in MSL. In the end, the Danish side will prevail.

virtus.pro misfits teams

VP take on Misfits in a matchup that looks to be very one sided on paper. However, after being shocked at the major VP is vulnerable and the Misfits eager to prove themselves to their new organization are going to pull out all the stops here. A bet on the Misfits spread is wise, as they keep it close if not win the game in a tightly contested battle.

fnatic gambit gaming

Fnatic vs Gambit is a rematch of the major playoffs just a few weeks ago, but a lot has changed for Fnatic. The old core of players show why they were once so feared, and totally rekt Gambit. Place a huge Fnatic map handicap bet with confidence.

sk gaming tyloo teams

SK and Tyloo is a boring matchup in my opinion. I really don’t like either team and they are both on the down. If you really feel like watching this snooze fest, then place a moneyline wager on SK.

nip cloud9 teams

The next game is anything but boring. NiP and C9 promise to put in a lot of effort in a close match. I think it will be close, so bet on the Over with a decent sized bet.

faze clan renegades navi mousesports

The last two matchups are FaZe versus Renegades and Navi versus Mousesports. As I already stated, it’s a two man race versus Navi and FaZe. Expect both Navi and FaZe to easily take care of their opponents, as the real battle in the group will be between the two teams.


Now for the overall tourney winner. Once the groups end, we will be left with Navi, Fnatic, Astralis, and NiP. Navi and Fnatic advance, as Astralis gets stunned by a resurgent Fnatic and Navi takes care of NiP. In the final, Navi and Fnatic will be very close. In the end, S1mple will be the X-Factor. He is simply a better player than everyone else in the scene and he shows why as he leads Navi to the win at Dreamhack Las Vegas 2017.


Thanks for reading this article. I hope all my betting predictions help entertain you, as well as help you rake in a ton of cash. Dreamhack promises to a fun tourney, so be sure to watch as much of it as you can!

See you next time, bye for now! Good luck!

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