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NA LCS League of Legends Betting Tips – Week 4

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Hello to all readers! Today we will be looking at the upcoming Week 4 match-ups in the NA LCS. We will go into who is expected to win and what areas teams are expected to do good in!

flyquest cloud9 teams

The biggest and most hyped match of Week 4. Both crews are looking great and are at the top of the standings. FlyQuest is essentially the old Cloud9 so it’s basically a battle of old vs new. Despite Hai’s shot calling being as good as it has always been and Moon playing really well right now, Cloud9 still have the edge just off of having stronger players in pretty much every position. C9’s coach Reapered has been providing them with very good drafts and that’s yet another advantage for them over any other squad at the moment. The only question mark is if Moon will be able to outperform rookie jungler Contractz. If he is able to do it that might be FlyQuest’s opening to win the series. It looks unlikely though as Contractz has been able to play at a very good level despite being new to the LCS. Cloud9 are the favorites in this one but it’s going to be a very close affair.

NA LCS Betting Tips:
-Both teams are very close to each other in all categories
-Expected to go to three maps because of how close these squads are in relative power

cloud9 team liquid teams

There’s very little Liquid will be able to do against the best crew in the NA LCS right now. Cloud9 is firing on all cylinders and their players are all doing very well individually. Meanwhile on the other side, Team Liquid is in shambles. Their guys are underperforming and making basic mistakes that an LCS member should not be making. Liquid does have the potential to be a good team but as of right now, defeating Cloud9 seems like an impossible task for them.

Advice for bets:
-Cloud9 is a dominant squad, expect them to go 2:0
-Cloud9 also has exceptional dragon control while Liquid is last in that category, wagering on Cloud9 picking up the first dragon is a safe move

immortals team dignitas teams

Both of these squads are struggling and it shows a lot in their games. Team Dignitas are having a lot of synergy problems and communication issues. Their early stage, however, is fairly decent. Immortals, on the other hand, is a weak early game crew however they are resilient and they don’t lose battles fast. In Week 3 both rosters went 0-2 so they will be looking to rebound. This is going to be a messy and close series however the slight edge should go to Immortals as their early game is serviceable enough to survive through Dignitas and outpower them in the later stages of the match.

Week 4 Betting Predictions:
-Avoid wagering on any objectives as both squads are very lackluster when it comes to objective control
-The series is likely to go to three maps

phoenix1 flyquest teams

This is going to be another close series. P1 did lose their match against Team SoloMid, falling into 4th place. However, even in their loss they still looked good. Similarly, FlyQuest is also looking great right now and their teamwork seems to be their main strength. You could flip a coin and go with whatever it lands on if you want to try and predict the winner of this match. However just based off of form and game record, the slight advantage goes to FlyQuest. Moon is performing out of his mind right now and Inori has not looked good on Ivern, a more supportive jungler. This could prove to be an exploitable issue in a draft phase.

LCS NA Tips:
-FlyQuest is 1st place in the league when it comes to first blood rate with 71%
-FlyQuest is tied with CLG in 1st place in first tower take with 64%

counter logic gaming echo fox teams

Echo Fox went 0-2 in Week 3 but it’s quite obvious they are improving as the weeks go by and they are hungry to win. Counter Logic Gaming is also desperate for some wins after a really rough start. Generally speaking, Echo Fox has fallen prey in the mid stage phases of their matches most of the time. Considering how Counter Logic Gaming has a solid early but a lackluster mid game, the series could go either way but Echo Fox has a slight advantage from a strategic perspective.

Betting Tips:
-Both teams are close in terms of power. Expect the series to go to three maps
-Avoid wagering on first tower or first blood as both crews are good in those areas

team solomid team envy

A pretty straightforward clash. Team SoloMid has not looked like their former selves but they are improving week by week and fixing their issues as they play more matches. Team EnVy has also improved after Lira started playing with the squad but it’s hard to imagine them taking the win here. Especially since TSM is a roster that punishes mistakes harder than any other team in the league and EnVy are a team that makes a lot of mistakes in the mid to late game.

Advice for bets:
-SoloMid are a heavy favorite and a safe bet to take the series
-Although SoloMid is expected to win, they haven’t won a series this split without dropping a single map. It may be wise to bet on a 2-1 for TSM
-TSM has the lowest First Dragon Rate in the league with 29%. Avoid betting on them taking the first dragon

team liquid immortals teams

Depending on how their first matches of the week go, this series could go either way. A morale boost from a win can do wonders for either squad. Barring a weak early stage, Team Liquid does have an advantage but if it gets to mid game and there’s no big advantage for Liquid, Immortals are likely to take the win as Liquid is a weak crew when it comes to playing from behind. 60/40 to Immortals on this one but it’s going to be a blood bath.

Week 4 Betting Tips:
-A very hard match to bet on. Either squad can win. Immortals have the edge but it will be close
-Both rosters have weak objective control. Avoid wagering on first dragon, baron or tower

echo fox team solomid teams

If anything else, Echo Fox is a squad that can punish Team SoloMid’s shaky early game. Akaadian has been super impressive so far and he is constantly making early stage leads for Echo Fox. He is pretty much the person that will win the series for his crew if he is able to have good performances. If he doesn’t then it’s highly unlikely Echo Fox is walking out with the win. Their poor decision making is sure to be exploited by TSM if they aren’t able to gain a lead and snowball it.

Advice for NA LCS bets:
-As with EnVy vs TSM, because TSM wins all their matches in 2-1 this one is expected to be a 2-1 win for TSM
-Echo Fox has solid early games. It may be a good decision to bet on them getting first blood

counter logic gaming phoenix1 teams

P1 should be able to pick up the win here. Counter Logic Gaming is not a squad that will roll over and die, however in their current form, they just don’t seem like they have what it takes to defeat P1. They are going to put up a fight for sure and this series can easily go to three maps. However, with P1 looking impressive even in their losses, they will likely take down the former NA LCS champions.

Betting Predictions:
-Phoenix1 is 1st in the league at First Dragon Rate with 86% while CLG is 9th with 36%
-CLG is at the top when it comes to First Turret while P1 is at the bottom

team dignitas envy us teams

If there’s any crew that should be beatable for EnVy at the moment it’s going to be Team Dignitas. Both squads have good early phases but easily fall over in the mid stage. The advantage goes to Team EnVy however as they are on an upwards trajectory and their early games have been more impressive than the ones by Dignitas. The saving grace for Dignitas will be if Ssumday can crush Seraph in lane however that seems unlikely as Seraph has been playing well even in losses. Team EnVy should be expected to take the win here.

Tips for bets:
-Dignitas is bad at taking the first turret. Betting on EnVy to take it is a good option.
-Both teams are neck and neck when it comes to First Dragon Rate. Avoid placing bets on this category.

Thanks for sticking around till the end, I will see you next time and good luck!

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