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VPGame Review – A New Secure Way to Bet with Items?

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Ever since the downfall of Dota2Lounge there has been a drought for places to bet skins and items that are legitimate and easy to use. Fortunately, the site VPGame has sprung up and allows the betting of CS:GO and Dota 2 items alike on matches. If you want more information on this service then stick with us!

VPGame review

VPGame came into most people’s visions as the old Dota2Lounge came out. Ever since then, the bookie has been exploding with activity; this might partially be due to the fact that this sportsbook has the best user interface. Many of the other sites do not have very good bankrolls or very good interfaces.

VPGame has a very modern design, similar to the old Dota 2 lounge but still a little different. Unfortunately, some translations on the pages are a little bad as the service is based in China but it works for gambling (it’s not completely unintelligible); some entire pages are in Chinese, unfortunately, because it is usually not possible to translate pages.

All buttons do what they say and everything is well-designed (except for the buttons that aren’t in English, of course).

vpgame app

The site is not too compatible with mobile devices but most features will still work – there has recently been a VPGame app released, so if you have a phone the app should make things a lot easier.

vpgame reputation

The bookie is relatively new and so it does not have as much reputation as the old Dota2lounge but it still is very reputable, being the most modern and most reliable site out of all the new match betting house that have sprung up since the death of banned resources. It is well known among the community and provides the best service to bettors.

vpgame support

The site’s support is very responsive, and you can choose from a live chat to email. Keep in mind the livechat requires the QQ app which most people don’t have; unfortunately, this is one of the downfalls of this sportsbook. Email support, however, is still very fast and your questions will be answered in just a few hours. VPGame is dedicated to their community and they strive to provide the best service possible to their customers.

vpgame betting options

As with most modern casinos you can bet on almost anything in a match, like first blood or first match and so forth. The betting page also has a built-in stream, so you don’t need to open a new broadcast just to see the match going on. If you used the old Dota2Lounge, the game pages will be nearly the same; VPGame only modified a few things but the core of the site is still just like old Lounge. If you want a challenge with betting or want to sharpen your skills, then gambling in these more obscure game modes might be for you.

If you don’t like betting on matches there are other ways to gamble here, like tournaments where you can face off against other players for items and money. Very rarely are matches closed or cancelled, unlike the old Dota2 lounge.

Be aware there are occasionally hackers on the site that play to win money; unfortunately most times these cheaters get away with it. If you like to play Dota2 and you want to be challenged by better players and even pros, this gambling gamemode might be for you. You can also bet on these tournaments instead of just being in them, so that is another way to make money from the bookie.

vpgame deposit

Deposits and withdrawals are executed almost immediately, and unlike the old Dota2Lounge, there are more bots in the site so it is possible to bet right before a game closes. We still don’t recommend doing this, however – there is a lot of traffic before a match begins and it’s not guaranteed you will be able to deposit into a game.

There will be a security code that will be in a little box on your screen that you can use to make sure that the trade is legitimately from the VPGame bots. Although there haven’t really been any scam reports recently related, there might be some in the future and we recommend using the security code with the bots if you want to stay safe.

vpgame bonuses

At this point in time there are no big promotions on VPGame; however, they do offer sales on items in their market (using coins, the currency in the game). There are occasionally very big discounts on the market; you can even make money just buying and selling items off of the market, even though this is very difficult as there are bots on the market. The shop is still in development and so there may not be as many items as you may want; we still recommend staying with just items when gambling as this ensures you will get your skins after the match ends.


VPGame is a very reliable sportsbook that unfortunately has bad translations and sometimes unintelligible English, but very reliable bots and a great support system as well as a great market system that is unfortunately still in development. The website is still in its infancy and is still not at the level that Dota 2 lounge or CSGO lounge was at before the ban, but if you want to gamble with items this is the way to go.

May the odds be in your favor and good luck!

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