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You have probably heard of the digital cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. It is completely intractable and unanimous. Because of all these advantages, many people actually use this currency to do some illegal stuff. For example, drugs and guns are often bought with BTC. However, it is also easy to bet with this currency. In this article, we will go over CS:GO Bitcoin Betting.

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Bitcoin? Never heard

First let’s review what BTC is. It is a digital currency that has taken off in its short history. One BTC is worth over nine hundred dollars, and it is often traded in fractions such as .01 or even .001. You store these coins in wallets. It costs about .0002 to send money between wallets, which is a relatively low price to pay for complete anonymity. It is often used for gambling at many online sportsbooks and other illegal actions because of this.

Bitcoin should be used for Counter-Strike betting for many reasons. As I already mentioned, it is completely untraceable so it is useful if you do not want people knowing that you gamble. In addition, it is quick and hassle free. You don’t have to trust a third-party payment processor. Also, it can very easily be converted into your favorite skins or real cash.

There is a ton of demand for the coins so it is very easy to cash out. To use it, simply find an online sportsbook that accepts CS:GO bets and has Bitcoin available as a deposit method. These sites usually don’t require any verification. Then, simply buy some BTC through an exchange like coinbase. Transfer the cryptocurrency into the site by sending it to an address that the service will provide (BTC address, not a real one). You can now bet with and withdraw these coins at your convenience. To cash out your cryptocoins you can use an exchange for a bank deposit. It is super simple and easy!

You might be wondering what CS:GO betting options will you get with Bitcoin sportsbooks. You will get the most extensive options available anywhere! There are many sites that offer live or spread betting, map handicaps and moneyline. You can get almost any bet you want, because of the huge competition in the field. The bookie I use has almost every bet possible, even for the smallest matches. If you like betting on Counter-Strike, Bitcoins will help you find the most options to bet on.

cs go btc betting

Where can I get bitcoins?

Now let us discuss how to get these BTC that you will use to play with. You have many options for this. First, you can use an exchange or you can buy coins with a debit card, credit card, or bank account. You can also use a website called localbitcoins.com. Here you can buy cryptocurrency from other users using various payment options from gift cards to cash.

Once you get these BTC, you will probably wonder if it is safe. The answer to that is yes! It is completely anonymous, untraceable, and if stored safely it is unhackable. It is more safe than PayPal, or even your bank account. Take the time to read some articles on how to properly store Bitcoins, and it is the safest currency out there!

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So I have bitcoins, what’s next?

After you have bought your coins, you need to safely store them. This can be safely done with either an offline wallet for large amounts or an online one for smaller amounts. You can send or receive coins from your wallet using something called an address. This is a string of numbers and letters and is unique to each wallet.

You can simply transfer money to your personal wallet address at the sportsbook for the funds to be available to bet with. When you want to withdraw, obtain your wallet address, and simply fill out the withdrawal form. You will often get your coins within an hour!

You might have noticed that the price of Bitcoin is very volatile and it moves up and down a lot. This is due to the fact that BTC doesn’t have a government backing so it is constantly responding to the changes in the forces of supply and demand. It is relatively stable to either stay at the same price or steadily rise, at least in the short term.

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Can I get my money back?

Lastly, let’s go over ways to convert your Bitcoins to cold, hard money. There are tons of methods you can use to do this. You can use an exchange to get money into your bank account. You can also use localbitcoins.com to get gift cards, cash, bank account deposits, and much more! Cashing out BTC is quite easy!


Thank you for reading this article and sticking around till the end. I hope this article was able to help you understand why Bitcoins are useful for betting on Counter Strike.

Be on the lookout of future articles, and I will see you next time! Good luck!

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