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CS:GO Giveaways – How to Get Free CS:GO Skins?

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What comes to mind when someone tells you that there is a way for you to get free CS:GO skins? Well, to most, it is an uncommon phrase which makes you instantly think that there is some kind of dodgy business going on. This is because a lot of people have learned that nothing in life comes free and in one way or another, you have to pay to get anything. Most of the CS:GO giveaway websites are legitimate but when it comes to raffles in steam groups, that’s where the problem starts because they won’t be losing anything if they scam you.

Types of services

There are three types of CS:GO giveaway services. The first type is where you watch a ‘twitch.tv’ stream and after every couple of minutes, they award you with a small amount of tickets. With those, you can either enter a raffle, the more tickets you deposit, the higher your chances are of winning. The other option you have is to buy CS:GO skins from the market place except the prices are very high so it is much more profitable just to enter giveaways.

The next type of game is where you have to deposit skins into the website. The skins are converted into tokens and then you use them to enter the draw. This is the least popular type of fun because no one wants to spend money on lotteries like that.

The last and most popular type is completely free. To enter the lottery, they will have certain tasks that you have to complete. Such as: putting the service name in your steam username or it could even be as simple as having 200 hours in CS:GO. Although, there are a lot more tasks that are different to the ones listed before.

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The first question you should be asking yourself is whether the website you are on is actually legitimate. Really, there is no proper way to tell whether a raffle is fair or not because most of them don’t include a ‘provably fair’ section on their site. This makes it a lot harder when it comes to choosing the right place to join, but what you can do, is search on google and go on some forums to check whether people are saying that the service is legitimate or not.

Although, this is not always a good way of checking because the owners could have paid some people to write a fake review saying that they won a giveaway and received their prize. You could also just play on sites that are very popular and a lot of youtubers make videos about, but again, that doesn’t prove that they are legitimate. Saying this, there are only a couple of services so the competition is fierce. For this reason, most of the popular games are legitimate and even some of the unknown houses are ‘ok’ to play on.

Is it a scam?

Along with the legitimacy of a CS:GO Giveaway website comes the question of ‘why are these guys willing to share these free skins’. There are a couple of answers to this question. The first type of fun, where you earn tickets and use them to enter raffles, earns a lot of money when you are watching the ‘twitch.tv’ streams. This is because ‘twitch.tv’ actually, pays them to advertise the service and because of this, they earn a huge amount of money.

The second type, which is where you have to deposit your own skins to earn tokens, earns money by you depositing skins. You only have to enter with a small amount of tickets, but there are a lot of slots. That amount is equivalent to more than the skin is actually worth, so they are automatically earning money.

The last type, where you just have to complete small tasks to earn tickets, is the easiest and most popular form of such kind of lottery. The way they make a profit is just through the ad revenue of their site. Most of the free CS:GO skins that they offer are extremely cheap and there are thousands and thousands of slots. This means that people have to continuously revisit the page to check if they won.

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Betting options

Because there are so many slots, it takes a very long time to fill them all up, this causes people to constantly revisit the service again to check whether the raffle has ended. Hence, the websites earn a substantial amount just from ad revenue. Although, there is still another way that giveaway earn money. This is through having some form of CS:GO gambling on board.

Most of the time it is jackpot or coinflip because the admins take commission for them. That commission adds up to a high amount after time and it funds the draws. The raffles attract more people to the game which means that more people are likely to gamble and give commission to the site to fund the free skins and items.


The last step is to find out what type of the service is best suited for you. There are two things that differentiate them from each other, the first thing is the play style, mentioned before, and the other is the design. When it comes to the CS:GO raffles websites, there are only two types of design level. You have the basic page which includes the necessities such as: sufficient tabs to maneuver around the site along with a clear area for depositing, earning tokens and entering draws. Then you have to complete opposite of that, the really high-end design that looks amazing and it is very easy to do what you want. There really is no in between with those kinds of services.


So, the first step to finding the right place for you is to choose what kind of website you want to play. Then you need to find a club that has a design that suits you and the last step is to check whether the site is legitimate or not through the CS:GO community. Then you really can get free skins.

I hope this article helped you guys, see you next time and good luck!

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