is nano bet legit?
Item Sportsbooks Review – Horrible Support and Esports Betting Odds

cs go dota 2 lol starcraft bets siteThe design of Nano Bet takes a little bit of getting used to visually. The moment you enter the home page, it will be set with a very nice CS:GO poster with a dark background. But when you scroll down towards the matches, it changes from a dark to a light background. It is kind of hell on the eyes if this is your first time going here, but when you get adjusted to the contrasts, it looks fine. It is also easy to understand the font in the header as these are set in a fairly large size and is easy to read.

The Ease of use is pretty basic. It follows the standard template of all the eSports betting sites that I have reviewed in the past.

is nano bet legit? has a fairly iffy reputation. If I am going to rate it, it is dismal at best. There are only a few people gambling here which summarizes a lot of things. When I logged in here on the first day, there were 11 users logged in. The succeeding days, the number becomes lower and lower. I think the peak that I saw the chatroom they had was 13 users. That does not bode well for a bookie company such as this.

I searched Google regarding the platform and I was not happy with what I saw. There are a lot of complaints regarding, all pointing towards the lack of customer service and also their withdrawal policy. I will talk about more about the customer service later on but I will touch upon their withdrawal policy right now.

They have a minimum threshold of $3.00 deposited before making a withdrawal. That itself is not bad, however, most of the stuff that they have on their withdrawal page is not available. You sometimes have to wait days before you are able to withdraw the items. That is a good way to lose potential gamblers in your business if you are not able to provide the items for withdrawal immediately. They are also overcharging for a lot of the knives and all of the other cheaper items as well.

They have Twitter and VK social media accounts. The Twitter account was made just a month ago and it currently has 2,631 followers. By the looks of it, these followers might have been bought as there is really nothing substantial in their posts there. The first post was made not even 30 days ago so this looks fishy as where they got the multitude of followers.

nano bet esports match betting serviceThere is nothing really special about this place. is your run of the mill gambling site. This was purposely created just to become a cash cow for the owner, however even with just 4 games, they are still doing a pretty bad job of maintaining the matches.

The games they offer are Dota 2, CS:GO, Hearthstone and Overwatch. Even with just these 4 eSports games, with Hearthstone and Overwatch not having a lot of eSports matches round the clock, this place still misses a lot of majors and minors to feature in their betting lineup.

nano bet oddsThe odds here are horrible. The odds are based on how many players bet on a particular team. Both teams start out at 1.96 with 0 bets on each side and only auto adjusts when someone bets on a side. They do not have heavy odds against favored teams like in other bookies. The odds do not lock after your bet and they continue to change as long as other people are betting on the other team.

This is usually a good way to lose your money as someone with a lot more funds than you can just steamroll you and play the odds between the two teams. Couple that with a low number of users on this platform, and you are sure to not make any profit whenever you are playing here. This is a lose – lose scenario if you are wagering here.

nano bet bonuses promocodes free skinsThey are currently offering a 5% Deposit bonus whenever you are depositing. The 5% they offer is laughable compared to other sites that offer a minimum of 10%. You can also use the code onetime to get a $0.50 free money when signing up. Use this to try out the sportsbook and see if it’s worth playing in here or not.


nano bet depositsThey only have one deposit method and it is through skin deposit. If you are a long time CS:GO gambler, then the steps are second nature to you. In regards to the what they offer for your skins, they kinda seem to low ball the price.

esports csgo dota2 lol stracraft bettingThe customer service is horrible! They are using a ticket system and also a live chat system on this site. Like I said earlier, they have less than 20 users online, but it takes 3 to 4 hours before someone on their live chat answers your questions. The ticket system is not any better.

I asked a question through the ticket system last Tuesday, and up until now, I have not received any reply from them. With a low number of users, they cannot even answer simple questions quickly and effectively.

esports betting tipsAt least there is a portion of this site that is not bad. I do commend for designing a working mobile platform. Their mobile design is even better than the web based version. Everything on it was working, and the color scheme does not hurt the eyes visually like the desktop page. If I am going to commend them, this is the section that they are getting a recommendation from me.

nano bet pros consThis is a bad site to gamble. There are only a few games, a few users to play against and a low selection of matches to bet with. Couple that with the horrible customer service, item availability during withdrawal and the moving odds, this bookie is a no go for me.

I do not recommend anyone to go here on this site. You will just be wasting your time and money if you are going to play here. Horrible customer service, low match selection and a single method of deposit.

• Working mobile page

• Movable odds even after betting
• Horrible customer service
• Low amount of users
• Low amount of matches and games to bet on
• Only accepts skin deposits
• Most of the items are not available for withdrawal
• Low balls deposit value but overcharges for items during withdrawal

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