Item Sportsbooks Review – Is it Worth to Place Esport bets on Cybbet?

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Cyber betting has really taken off in recent years and as a direct result, many eSports sportsbooks have popped up. Today we will be reviewing a real money bookie called It has two versions, one is English and one in Russian. They offer odds on many eSports, and we will be analyzing and reviewing this site so you know whether or not to bet on it.

sportsbook comfortable design

First, let’s look at its design and ease of use. I personally find it very user friendly. It’s design is very basic and simple, and while I personally find it unappealing, if you like a simple style this should be a plus for you. It is a very comfortable to navigate and if you like this sort of website, it is a good thing to have. In short, this service is simple yet effective in it’s design and ease of use.

esports bets bitcoin real money item skin

Next, we will discuss what sort of betting options and features are available for you on Cybbet. The best bookies have lots of games from various sports available and this site seems to meet that standard for me at least. It has odds available on every single pro esport match I could find! This abundance of odds available is a very good thing! They have DotA, Starcraft, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Overwatch, and more! Definitely a good bookkeeper in terms of games to bet on.

bookies reputation

Reputation is also an important thing to consider in an eSport sportsbook, so let’s take a look at that. I found mixed results on this. Many of the reputation scanners came up as unknown when searched for Cybbet, but a couple of user run blogs describe it as a reliable service. Because the scanners are often buggy, I will give the blogs the benefit of the doubt and say that the website is pretty trusted.

While I personally have never used it and had heard very little of it before writing this review, I would say that Cybbet is one of the less sketchy bookies out there to bet real money on eSports with. Proceed with caution and common sense and you should be fine.

esports odds

The odds here are simply put, incredible. On some games, they take a juice as low as .01! This service has the best and most competitive odds I have ever seen. I couldn’t find a single bet in which the book took a cut of more than .1. If odds are a priority for you, this book is definitely the way to go. However, it is important to note that they have very low limits at only one hundred US dollars. This is important to keep in mind if you are a high roller. Overall, Cybbet has very competitive odds!

sportsbook bonus promotion

The next category is bonuses and promotions. The bookie actually has almost none of these, and this is due to the low juice on their odds. In most sportsbooks, a lot of the juice goes to help pay the bonuses, promotions, and marketing. Cybbet has very little of this and because of that, they are able to offer industry best odds. So while the lack of bonuses might seem like a huge con, it actually helps the biggest pro.

sportsbook customer service

Customer service is a very important part of any real money operating service. Because a variety of issues can pop up at any time, a good support is necessary for quick and professional resolution of these problems. Cybbet has a live chat and an email to contact them with. I tested both modes out prior to writing this review and the results were very good. The email I sent was taken care of within twenty four hours and was dealt with professionally and politely. The live chat also connected me with a real person within fifteen minutes. The customer support appears to be a good and efficient one.

mobile friendly sportsbook

Mobile friendliness in really important these days with everyone having a smartphone. People want to be able to bet when they are away from their desktop, and a website that is functional on mobile devices is vital to this. Cybbet scores very high marks in this category. I did my entire research on the service on my device and it was smooth, functional, and overall very mobile friendly. Because of their simplistic design, you won’t miss anything on your mobile phone that you would get on the desktop version of the site.

sportsbook deposit

Last but certainly not least, let’s discuss the deposit and withdrawal methods available here. You want to be able to easily deposit and withdraw funds from your site of choice. Cybbet is a real money sportsbook, and deposits are available via PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, even in-game Skins, and withdraws through the same method. Like the whole website, the process is simple and easy.


Cybbet is a simple bookie whose pros and strengths lie in their low odds, reliability, and simplicity. They won’t blow you away with exciting promos but are a good service nonetheless. Cons include a bit less repute and a lack of promotions.

Thanks for reading this review, see you next time! Good luck!


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