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fanobet betting

The design of is absolutely fantastic. It uses a black, red and white color scheme which makes the site look great. It also suits that gamer look which also attracts more people. There are many different signs on the right-hand side of the website along with a large poster along the top of the web page. Some of them are ads, but they go on and off so they aren’t too distracting.

The service is very easy to use as there are tabs to direct you around. You sign in at the top of the website and there are tabs all across the top and the left-hand side. The homepage shows a bunch of upcoming and live matches that you can bet on. The top of the page has a user count and the bottom shows some information such as: registered users, bets in the last 24 hours and the biggest profit in the last 24 hours.

fanobet betting options

Fanobet only has 3 forms of gambling, the first and most popular is esports betting, then there is casino and the last form is live casino. The casino includes slot machines, bomb defusal and roulette. However, it is no ordinary slot machine, they are all themed and include skins from different games.

You can select either CSGO, Dota 2 or LOL as your theme. They also give you the chance to practice for free on each of the slot machines. There are different styles of live casinos and each offer different games: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, hybrid blackjack, keno and bet on numbers.

fanobet odds

The odds that are offered on this website aren’t the best. They show you the odds in decimal numbers which is great to see and they also show you how much profit you will make. When compared to other esports betting sites, Fanobet has worse odds which means that you won’t be making as much profit, although, they aren’t too much lower and there are some services that have even worse odds.

fanobet deposit

Fanobet has many deposit options to suit any person. If you are a Counter Strike player or own CS GO skins, then you can deposit them directly into the account. However, if you don’t own many skins or don’t want to spend your items, there are many ways to deposit with real money. The ways that you can play with real money are: Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard and Payanyway. Neteller and Skrill include a lot of credit and debit cards such as: Mastercard and Visa, so you don’t need anything fancy, like Bitcoin, to make bets.

esports betting fonobet

The website doesn’t include a ‘provably fair’ section which is kind of suspicious, however, the service is quite popular and a lot of people makes bets on it. There are some scam advisors for the site and they all show that the platform is 99 percent legitimate. There are also a lot of forum threads open about this, and most people say that it is legit.

Although, there have been some problems related to web page, but most of them have already been resolved. A lot of rules need to be followed for problems to be avoided and some people just can’t do that. Make sure that you follow the rules so you don’t get yourself into a mess.

gambling cs go skins fanobet

The website is definitely mobile friendly, but it doesn’t have an app that you can download like some other companies. You can swipe from the left of the screen to show all the different tabs and there is also a search button on the right of the screen to make things easier. It is not hard at all to find what you are looking for.

fanobet bonuses

This website has only 1 promotion going on at the moment. It is only for new users that are willing to deposit skins or money into the account. You basically get $25 for free, however, there are a lot of terms and conditions linked with it, so there are a lot of things that you can’t do with your free bet.

free money fanobet

Fanobet also has these things called ‘viral codes’. Once in a while, they will post a picture on reddit. The picture will contain a sentence or phrase with some missing letters, the goal is to fill in the blanks and you can redeem some free money from it. The way you redeem any kind of bonus code is by pressing the ‘my account’ button in the top right hand side corner of the page, and then pressing ‘bonuses’. It will redirect you to a page where you can enter the codes that you have obtained.

There is also a referral system where you can refer other people to earn some extra money. If you sign up with someone else’s link, you get 1 percent cashback on all your bets. If someone signs up with your link, you get 1 percent of their winnings. They still get 100 percent of their winnings as well, but you also get additional 1 percent.

fanobet support bets

Fanobet has a live support chat at the bottom left-hand side of the web page, where you can talk with a customer support manager in real time. There are very few services that include live support, so it is nice to see that this company went the extra mile and added it to their page. There is also a ‘frequently asked questions’ section that shows a huge amount of questions and answers. They are very helpful and you can solve most of your problems by looking through the FAQ.

esports betting skins items cs go

To conclude, Fanobet has a great design and it isn’t hard to use. The multiple gambling forms and many ways to deposit makes the site good for all kinds of people. The amount of bonuses is fantastic and you earn so much money from them. The esports betting odds are the only bad thing that the service has, however, it isn’t a big enough negative to outweigh all the positives. Fanobet truly is a good site to make bets on.

May the odds be in your favor and good luck!

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