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Drakelounge Review – Place Esports Bets with Skinks

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cs go skins betting siteThe design of the looks really great! The list of games you can bet on are on the left side. The panel on the right side is the chatbox. The layout is a clean white with a DragonBall Z background. It is very easy to navigate, and the pages load fast whenever you click on a match you want to check.

You can also switch out to a dark theme with just a single click of a button. The dark theme looks stunning as well with a black overall design.

legit skins bets cs goI went to Google to find information about The community is divided between it being a scam site and half of the community does think that it is legit. One thing I can deduce about this service, they take a long time to reply to support tickets.

People who say it is a scam claimed that they have the platform that rigged to never lose. When you put in money for betting, you have to win with your bet twice to be able to withdraw your winnings. Say you deposit $100 and win $30. The only money you can withdraw is your initial deposit. The $30 winnings you have needs to be wagered twice so that you are able to withdraw it. Looks like the service wants you to wager more and more in hope that one day you will lose everything. is part of DrakeMoon and this has been advocated as a legit betting site by the community. It has the same issue as well that they take a long time to process winnings every time you open a case there.

drakelounge com betting options gamesThere are a lot of games that you can bet on You can place money on the League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2 and CS:GO matches. It is easy to place your wagers here. All you need to do is choose the team, then just choose the amount you want to play with and hit continue. And you are set. They even have a timer countdown on the match you are interested in so that you can catch it live if you want to.

They also have a Fantasy Draft game where you choose your fantasy team and bet on their results in the tournaments they enter. I haven’t tried the Fantasy games yet but they offer a pretty decent prize pool.

drakelounge com oddsThe odds are pretty good on the site. It follows the sportsbooking odds that is common for most gambling platforms and physical casinos. If you follow a team closely and you know how they can perform, you will be able to make a big profit if they play against established squads and win since the odds provided are pretty decent.

drakelounge com bonus free coins promo codeThey have a bonus program which gives you free $1.00 if you enter the affiliate code. They do not have giveaway promotions though, so that differs from other betting sites. If you want to try out DrakeLounge, you can use my code for a free $1.00 balance. The code is sY2J3P.

drakelounge com bonus promocode free money

cs go legit skins betting siteTheir deposit method is CS:GO skins only. You need to log on first with your Steam account then click on the deposit link. Here it will ask you for your trade link from your Steam account. All you need to do is copy your link from Steam then paste it in the box allotted for it. Afterward, it will show you all the available items you can deposit in the site with the dollar amount for it. For now, they only accept CS:GO skins for betting although they feature Dota 2 matches as well.

csgo legit gambling siteThey have a chat box on the right side of the interface where mods and admins sometimes reply. The best way to contact them is thru their Support page where you enter information about the issue you are facing. You will then receive an email from them once they look at your ticket. Based on my research though, they do take a long time replying to customer tickets.

They are pretty active in Twitter and VK as well. You can ask them for support if you DM their Twitter account and they usually reply quicker in their Twitter account as what other users have reported.

drakelounge com legit betting siteThe pages are beautifully optimized for mobile viewing. Not a single panel of the interface is out of place. I logged in using my Samsung Note 4 with the Chrome browser and Safari on my iPhone 6.

Tablet browsing is beautiful as well. It has an added panel of the chat box on the right. I used my Android tablet and my iPad to test the site, and all I can say is that the interface is well built and professionally made.

drakelounge com pros consIf you do not mind waiting for a few hours to see your winnings in your account to show up, then Drakelounge is fine for you. They do pay out as what others have said but they do take time. If you are a patient player, this site is perfect for you.

The only point that is a drawback for this service though is how terrible their customer service is. If you contact them using social media though, you would have an easier time contacting them and getting your issues resolved.

They do have a lot of other games to bet in as well. Matches in Overwatch, Dota 2, Counter Strike and LoL are all available here so there is always a match for you to place your money on.


  • Easy and clear design
  • Pretty decent esports odds
  • Smartphone and Tablet optimized
  • A lot of matches you can bet on such as Overwatch, CS:GO, Dota 2 and LoL
  • Other Game modes like Fantasy Draft


  • Customer support is slow to reply
  • Only accepts CS:GO skins for betting
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